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How to Write Your Memoirs Without Hurting Your Family

Ideas for Writing a Memoir That Doesn’t Hurt Family Members

You are not alone if you’re wondering how to write your life story without hurting your relatives or even your close family friends. These tips are inspired by a reader who left this comment on my post for memoir writers:

5 Creative Ways to Market and Sell Your Poetry Book

How to Market Your Poetry Book

You wrote a book of poetry; now, how do you sell it? The most important thing is to overcome your resistance to the idea of marketing and selling your book of poems. Most poets and writers don’t love the branding, marketing, publicizing and selling part of book publishing! I get it.

Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle to Writing Your Book

The Reason You Haven’t Written Your Book Yet

Are you tired of beating yourself up for not writing your book? Maybe you have a story you’ve been trying to write for months, or even a chapter you should’ve written years ago. What if not outlining your book is the reason why you’re struggling to write your book? Good news! Here you’ll find the most powerful way to overcome that obstacle.

After Writing an E-Book – Pricing, Marketing, and Landing Pages

What do writers do after writing an eBook? After all, writing eBooks isn’t just about researching, editing, and making money! Successful authors also need to know about pricing, creating landing pages, marketing, and selling their eBooks.

Here’s what one successful writer says about his line of eBooks:

“Since writing my first eBook, I’ve learned better formatting tricks,” says UK-based freelancer Andy Hayes. “Out with the clipart, in with the whitespace. I’ve started to get more comfortable with this medium, and have rediscovered my writer’s voice, relaxed tone, and flow. I’d rather my eBooks read like a story, not like a stuffy brochure. I think my first book was a little too ‘rehearsed’…”

Here, Hayes answers all my questions about what comes after the writing part. If you’re working on an eBook – even if it’s not your first – you’ll find How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as Little as 7 Days helpful.

And, here are several tips on eBook pricing, landing pages, marketing, and selling…Read More »After Writing an E-Book – Pricing, Marketing, and Landing Pages