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Increasing Traffic

Get Blog Traffic – 5 Best Ways to Increase Targeted Traffic

If you’re asking, “How do I get blog traffic?”, you’re not alone! These five best ways to increase targeted traffic are from “copy writing queen” Michelle Salater — and they’ll help you attract more blog readers.

Before her tips, a quip:

“You can’t take something off the Internet – it’s like taking pee out of a pool.” – unknown

Remember that whatever you post on the internet is practically undeletable – so watch your words, fellow scribes! If you’re serious about increasing blog traffic, you must read The Web Content Strategist’s Bible: The Complete Guide To A New And Lucrative Career For Writers Of All Kinds.

And here are five tips for increasing traffic to your blog or website…

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6 Website and Blog Building Tips

These website and blog building tips from established bloggers, writers, and website consultants will help you create a strong online presence as a writer. The better your website or blog is, the happier you’ll be, the more likely you’ll stay motivated to keep blogging, and the more readers you’ll attract. An upward spiral!

Before the tips, a quip from a man who lived 200 years ago:

“When you have nothing to say, say nothing,” said Charles Caleb Colton, an English cleric and writer who died in 1832.

His quip is true in writing, blogging, and life in general, fellow scribes. Don’t gum up your blog or website with words just so you can meet your blogging goals for the week. Same goes for your Twitter tweets or Facebook status updates!

For some great website and blog building tips, click on the cover of Create Your Own Website by Scott Mitchell.  And, read on for six website and blog building tips from established bloggers, writers, and website consultants…Read More »6 Website and Blog Building Tips

Blogging 101 – Key Tips for Web Writing

These Blogging 101 key tips for web writing are from Vancouver technologist and writer Darren Barefoot, who just posted his 5,000th article on his blog. He spoke at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in British Columbia about the fundamentals of blogging – and here’s what I learned!

First, a quip about writing:

“You don’t write because you want to say something; you write because you’ve got to say something” – F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Three keys to good blogging are transparency, authenticity, and conversation (through comments). You need to get and stay real, bloggers….and that doesn’t necessarily mean spilling your guts every day. You can be real about your thoughts on politics or celebrities or apples – as long as you’re honest. For more ideas about blog posts, click on the book cover and read Blogging for Beginners, pictured above. To learn Barefoot’s key tips for blogging, read on…Read More »Blogging 101 – Key Tips for Web Writing