Blog Partnerships – Things to Consider Before Co-Blogging

I’m embarking on two blog partnerships this month, and have learned several important things to consider before co-blogging with another writer or organization. If you’re thinking about blogging with another writer — not guest posting, but starting a new blog together — this advice will give you a few things to chew on!

Before my tips, a quip:

“Find a subject you care about and which you in your heart you feel others should care about,” said Kurt Vonnegut. “It is this genuine caring, not your games with language, which will be the most compelling and seductive element in your style.”

If you’re embarking on a blog partnership, make sure you’re writing about a topic that both you and your co-blogger care about! This is key to starting and sustaining a healthy, long-lasting, successful blog. And if you’re hoping to be a wealthy blogger, click on Internet Riches: The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires.

Blog Partnerships – Things to Consider Before Co-Blogging With Another Writer

Consider your blog partner carefully. Are they an experience web writer or blogger? Do they understand search engine optimization, blog marketing, networking, Twitter for writers, WordPress basics, and writing for online readers? Do they have time to commit to a regular blog post schedule? Are they dependable, and can you envision working with them for years? Before you co-blog with another writer, make sure you’ve at least thought through these questions. Even better: talk about these questions with your potential blog partner.

Figure out what both writers bring to the partnership. What unique skills or talents do you bring to the table? And what about your co-blogger – what does he or she offer? Try and be as specific as possible about your roles. For example, your co-blogger could be responsible for maintaining the blog’s plugins and database backups, while you focus on responding to comments and chatting on forums. The idea is to find and express your unique strengths and capabilities.

Create a blog partnership agreement. Your agreement doesn’t even have to be signed by both parties, as long as it’s been emailed and accepted by both. A blog partnership agreement should describe both bloggers’ duties, the payments both bloggers will make, and the opt-out policy if one blogger needs to break the blog partnership.

Don’t forget about operating costs! If you want to earn money from your blog partnership, you’ll want to put ads on your blog. If you put ads on your blog, you’ll need to line up a web host. I use HostGator, and have always been pleased with their service. I think my blogs run fast enough…though I haven’t tried other web host providers, so I have no basis for comparison. But the point is that there are some operating costs associated with starting and maintaining a blog. You and your co-blogger need to decide who pays for the operating costs, and how that person will be repaid.

Review basic blog building tips. I’ve started five WordPress blogs (three from the Quips and Tips series), and I still review the basic blog building tips before I start a new one! 10 Tips for Starting a New Blog for Writers is one of my favorite articles to review – it reminds me what I learned from starting my first blogs.

Decide on the WordPress or Blogger theme or skin. Deciding the basic layout and structure of your blog can help make or break its appeal to readers. Sit down with your blog partner and decide what are absolute must-haves for your blog (eg, categories running along the top of the page, an “About” box, columns on either side of the main text versus two columns on one side, etc). For help, read Tips for Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog.

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Be prepared to put your time and energy into your new blog. Co-blogging doesn’t mean you’ll do less work. It’s not a free ride – but it does mean your blog has the opportunity to be twice as successful! For that to happen, you and your co-blogger both have to commit a certain amount of time and energy. If you already have a blog (and a job), read 8 Tips for Maintaining More Than One Blog for ideas on keeping your workload manageable.

If you have any thoughts or questions on blog partnerships, please comment below. And, if you’re already a co-blogger, I’d love to hear your best and worst moments!

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4 thoughts on “Blog Partnerships – Things to Consider Before Co-Blogging

  • Laurie PK

    Thanks for your thoughts, George. I think like with any business venture (or undertaking in life!), there’s both risk and reward. And, there’s no guarantees that the partnership will work out successfully in the long term….but that risk shouldn’t stop writers or bloggers from venturing forward together!

    That said, it is important to find someone you mesh well with, someone you can work with and genuinely like and respect.
    .-= Laurie PK´s last blog post ..New Suite101 Writers – How to Stay Motivated to Keep Writing =-.

  • George Angus


    I’ve considered partnerships in the past but have never found just the right combination. I have to admit to a little gun-shyness as well due to horror stories from some folks.

    Best of luck with your partnerships!

    If I do partner, I’ll absolutely refer back to this post before diving in!

    .-= George Angus´s last blog post ..Heal Thyself – New Blog of the Week =-.

  • Laurie PK

    Hmmm….I never thought about an editor! I love working with editors, as they usually change things for the better. I wonder if my Quips and Tips series will ever be big enough to hire an editor…
    .-= Laurie PK´s last blog post ..Blog Partnerships – Things to Consider Before Co-Blogging =-.

  • Brandon Cox

    I co-blog at Fuel Your Blogging, and I must say I really love getting to work with a team. We each have differing strengths and bring them together for a balanced blog. The key for us is having a good editor in charge. Makes it all click!