What Are the Best Writing Websites and Blogs? Why?

I’m compiling a list of the best writing websites and blogs – including the reasons why those sites are great for writers.

So, tell me which writing site you can’t live without, and give me at least one reason why. Is the website motivating, informational, funny, interesting, or quirky?  Is the writer a published author, successful blogger, or your mom? Is it a fancy blog, with pretty colors and flowing script?

Bonus for you: I’ll copy and paste your suggested site/blog and link in a fresh new article, along with your name, occupation, and link to your own blog or website. Free exposure! Good times!

And yes, if you run or write for a writing site, you can list it as one of the best websites or blogs in the world wide web…

Here’s the article:

Best Blogs About Writing – From AW Forums to Writing World

And I welcome more suggestions, so feel free to pipe up…

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