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8 Tips for Maintaining More Than One Blog

These tips for maintaining more than one blog will help you become a more organized, better blogger. Many of these tips are applicable even if you just have one blog – and they’re especially important if you’re considering starting a second or third blog.

Huffington Post Blog TipsIf you haven’t read The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging by the editors of the Huffington Post and Arianna Huffington, get it today. It’s brilliant – it won’t just help you maintain several blogs, it’ll help you see blogging as a business.

Here’s my inspiration for this post: “How you maintain your five blogs and keep them all relevant, ongoing and fun?” asked Joe on How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog. “That’s the real challenge with multiple blogs.” What a great question – and an excellent idea for a blog post!

How to Maintain More Than One Blog

If your first blog isn’t successful, don’t start more blogs just yet. First, read Will My Blog Be Popular and Can I Make Money With It?

And as I said in the comments section below, I’m no longer a fan of building a blog network. It’s too time and energy-consuming. I think it’s better and more profitable to focus on one blog.

Nevertheless, here are my tips for maintaining several blogs…

1. Install plugins at the same time

Instead of installing plugins one at a time, I open all my five WordPress blogs and upload the plugins all at once. This way, I avoid the hassle of trying to remember if I’ve uploaded a particular plugin on a particular blog, what the plugin was called, and if there were specific setup procedures I needed to take care of.

2. Choose a Blogger or WordPress theme that you love

This is surprisingly important! I installed a WordPress theme on See Jane Soar, didn’t really care for it, but didn’t think it mattered. However, when I started to avoid my own blog and stopped caring if my posts were read or commented on, I realized that I had to install a new theme. Never underestimate the importance of using a theme you love — and don’t be afraid to switch them out, even after a few months. WordPress is amazingly versatile.

3. Promote your blog on a schedule

This tip for maintaining more than one blog will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed about increasing your blog readership! In an ideal world, I’d visit infertility forums and websites to promote Quips & Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility on Sundays. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’d post excerpts of Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals on Yahoo Shine. Instead of a vague “I have to promote my blogs!” notion, be organized about how and when you visit other blogs, forums, and social media sites.

4. Blog on schedule

I recently created a blog schedule – and I love it how organized I now am!

8 Tips for Blogging

8 Tips for Maintaining More Than One Blog

I have five blogs and I’m the Psychology Feature Writer for Suite101. On Mondays, I blog for Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals and See Jane Soar. Tuesdays is Quips & Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility and Quips & Tips for Successful Writers. Wednesdays is Suite101 and Goals. Thursdays is Infertility and Writers. Fridays is Goals and See Jane Soar. Saturdays is The Adventurous Writer. On Sundays, I rest.

5. Make sure your blogs fit who you are and what you do

It’s easy for me to keep my Quips & Tips for Successful Writers and The Adventurous Writer (my main website) blog posts relevant and fun, because I’m a full-time freelance writer and blogger. Content falls into my lap daily! A crucial tip for keeping your blog posts relevant and fun is to write about things you are naturally involved with.

6. Update your old blog content

When you have more than one blog, you need twice as many ideas! Learn how to repurpose your old blog content – especially if you have old posts that you’re particularly proud of. Read 5 Tips for Repurposing Old Blog Content for new ideas for old blog posts.

7. Ask readers if they want more information

One of my favorite ways to get ideas for blog posts is to ask readers if they want more info about that particular topic (but I don’t do this often enough. I just forget). I’ve also done this when I answer questions in the comments section.

8. Tie your blogs together

I created blog buttons or widgets that tie four of my blogs together (I haven’t yet created a widget for The Adventurous Writer). This way, each blog has its own personality and style — but each one is part of the big blog picture. For help creating and installing buttons, read 9 Tips for Creating a Blog Button or Widget in WordPress.

Do you have more than one blog – and how is it working for you? If you have any thoughts or questions on maintaining more than one blog, please comment below…

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17 thoughts on “8 Tips for Maintaining More Than One Blog”

  1. In hindsight, I now don’t think it’s a great idea to have more than one blog. I love my Quips and Tips blog series, but don’t have enough time to maintain all of them!

    I think it’s smarter to put all your energy and time into one or two blogs, not a series. Unless you can afford to hire editors and writers….which is a whole different ballgame because it’s management and administration, not writing and blogging.

  2. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Aleah,

    Welcome to Quips & Tips; I hope to see you around these parts more often! 🙂

    .-= Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen´s last blog post ..6 Tips for Running on the Beach – Exercising in Maui =-.

  3. i have more than one blog, and i really dont get the time to update one, much less all of them! thanks for your tips.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Tatiana!

    I definitely see the benefits of having one blog…especially if you have a life 🙂 I think I need to get out more…

    I look forward to seeing how you’re running your personal newspaper kinda thing — souns great!

    .-= Laurie PK´s last blog post ..Quips and Tips From J.K. Rowling =-.

  5. I did have several blogs but now I am down to one. I just post everything there. Its like my own personal newspaper kinda thing.

    So thats how I do it. Obviously always room for improvement.

    But always nice to read up on the “helpful tips”
    much appreciated.
    .-= Tatiana Lensky´s last blog post ..Back to school soon…….. =-.

  6. Sebstián Lalaurette

    I have just one tip for maintaining more than one blog:

    1. Use b2evolution, not WordPress.

    This would solve points 1 and 8 of your list, because they’re due to limitations in the blogging engine you use.

    I’m not affiliated with b2evo, mind you; I just use it. 🙂
    .-= Sebstián Lalaurette´s last blog post ..Pasajes 4, en el Estación Provincial =-.

  7. Hi Gini,

    I wrote a blog post — just for you 🙂 — about promoting your blog. The link is just below; I hope it helps you!

    .-= Laurie PK´s last blog post ..8 (Mostly) Different Tips for Promoting Your Blog =-.

  8. Thank you, Laurie! This was my first visit here and already I have so many tips and ideas to follow up on, I made sure to record them all in a special Whizfolders file I now keep for blogging issues.

    (Whizfolders is a great tool for writers who have lots of ideas and projects to stay on top of. Go to http://www.whizfolders.com if you want to check it out.)

    I have three blogs–two on Blogger.com plus a brand new one on WordPress. Incidentally, they have three distinct purposes so I would never combine them.

    Like you did at first on See Jane Soar, I’m using a theme on my main Blogger site that I don’t care for. It’s just one of the standard Blogger themes and I’ve seen it used elsewhere. But I’m nervous about trying to change out my theme. What if something went wrong and I lost all my content?

    I probably need to research how to back up my Blogger sites. I should know how to do that, but I’ve never been organized enough to figure out things like that. Visiting a blog like yours is part of turning over a new leaf to become a better blogger. Thanks for making it a meaty visit!

    ~~ Milli
    .-= milliverstravels´s last blog post ..Kissing the Lucky Frog =-.

  9. Hi Laurie,

    This is very timely because I’m working with someone who is just getting ready to become a multi-blogger. I’ve been wondering how exactly to advise a good strategy and these tips will help nail it down.

    Honestly, you were one of my first considerations on where to send her to get a sense for multiple blogs – you seem to integrate yours very well.


    .-= Tumblemoose´s last blog post ..Let’s help a friend build momentum =-.

  10. Liane | Blogging Tips

    I find maintaining more than one blog to be conterproductive, not only that you will be faced the burden of distributing your time over several blogs, it can also lead to not reaching the maximum potential of each blog since you have others to focus on into. Of course that’s my standing point. Even seasoned bloggers just maintain one blog and they already have their hands full, how much more if two or more?
    .-= Liane | Blogging Tips´s last blog post ..Optimizing Your Search Engine Results By Establishing Blog Connections =-.

  11. I have two blogs: The Writer Today (www.thewritertoday.com) and Just To Write (www.justtowrite.com). The second one is writing prompts while the first deals with my journey into the writing world and writing resources. I enjoy doing both, but I get more comments on The Writer Today blog than my writing prompt one. I was thinking of incorporating writing prompts into The Writer Today and only have one blog as my focus.

    Thank you for these tips. I appreciate all the information you share.
    .-= Ana V. Rios´s last blog post ..10 Writing Hooks =-.

  12. And if you’re technically inclined, it gets even easier – use WordPress MU. I run 1 server, 1 copy of WPMU, with 5 blogs (each with their own domain) parked on it.

    Makes managing it as simple as possible, as far as themes and plugins go. From there, Google Calendar’s SMS alerts and http://www.blogdesk.org help you organise 🙂

    ~ Wogan
    .-= Wogan´s last blog post ..evolving the web: SEACOM goes live =-.

  13. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I’d love to write an article on promoting your blogs, Gini! I’ll post it within a few days, and let you know when it’s up. The Yahoo Shine thing is especially interesting…


  14. Hi Laurie, I only have one blog, but I’d love to know more about tip #3 – do you have an article (or will you write one) on how to promote your blogs on places like yahoo shine, digg etc.


    .-= Gini Grey´s last blog post ..Boundaries =-.

  15. Great article Laurie,

    I was thinking about how bloggers manage up to 5 blogs without help. As a fellow Suite writer, I know the need to spend time on each article/blog post.

    .-= Cherrine´s last blog post ..Save Money on Summer Clothes =-.

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