People start searching for Halloween ideas and tips in early September – which makes Halloween a good source of steady blog traffic. Writing Halloween articles can also be a good way to find new readers for your magazine, blog or website…but only if you can find interesting things to write about. These eight ideas for blog posts and magazine articles at Halloween won’t keep you in suspense!

Even better, these Halloween writing tips go beyond the same old same old boring scary costumes, craft ideas, and creepy movie reviews. These ideas will prime the old Halloween pump for unusual twists on the usual nightmares. We’ll start with blog posts such as 13 Classic Storybook Character Costumes for Halloween (one of my most popular Halloween articles) and include magazines articles such as 13 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Halloween (which I originally wrote for Reader’s Digest, then modified on October 31 three years later).

Here’s a good tip to start us off: Fill your cup with your own imagination, experiences and memories before you write Halloween articles for other people. If you know how to fill up with good stuff, you’ll write good stuff. “We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled,” says famous author Ray Bradbury. “The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.”

What are you being filled with these days, fellow scribes? Let the best come out in your writing or blogging. Write Halloween articles and blog posts that make October 31 come alive for your readers. Write articles that help them have a Happy Halloween…or at least an interesting few minutes reading your article or blog post.

8 BOO-tiful Ideas to Write About on Halloween

These tips apply to both print magazine articles and blog posts. If you’re querying or trying to sell an article to a print magazine, send your pitch at least four months in advance. You could send a query letter to an online magazine a couple months in advance…but the earlier you pitch, the better.

If you’re super smart, you’ll pitch a series of Halloween articles to an online magazine. You might even pitch a query letter to a print magazine, and offer to follow up with two or three Halloween articles for their digital website.

1. Write about different types of Halloween-themed parties

A list of theme parties for Halloween would be interesting – especially if you find examples of celebrities who threw the party on October 31! Get creative, though. For example, a Zombie-themed Halloween party is kind of an old idea, but it could be on the list if it’s paired with a unique twist (e.g., movies, favorite movie stars, animals, literary characters).

One of my favorite Halloween blog posts is Tips for Throwing a Halloween Costume Exchange Party, on Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals. I love this article idea because it’s so practical – it helps people get rid of their old costumes and find new ones. When you’re looking for ideas for blog posts or magazine articles at Halloween, brainstorm different angles for party ideas. Think of the parties you’ve attended in the past: did anything noteworthy happen? Can you spin that into a blog post or article idea?

2. Blog about specific lifestyles at Halloween

How about eco-friendly foods, local foods, organic foods, or making Halloween treats with natural sources of food coloring? Or, think about the spiritual side of ghouls and goblins: can you come up with a different perspective on Halloween for Christians, Jewish people, or Muslims? When you’re searching for ideas for blog posts or magazine articles at Halloween, think of how different lifestyles are affected.

3. Interview people who have had unusual Halloween experiences

Ideas for Halloween Blog Posts and Magazine Articles
What to Write About on Halloween

Instead of writing an article about the most trendy Halloween costume ideas or cute costumes for dogs, talk to real people about their experiences on October 31. You could write about weird dreams, ghost stories, or freaky situations. Or, you could research and write a blog post about Halloween costumes for big men, tall women, infants or people in wheelchairs.

4. Review bestselling Halloween books, movies, or music

Some people have whole collections of Halloween books, DVDs, or CDs…and what better than to write a blog post or magazine article about them at Halloween? Try to find a different spin, such as Halloween songs that include the word “pumpkin” or movies with weak clowns that aren’t scary. If you want to make money on your blog, include direct links to Halloween books, costumes, movies and products on Amazon.

5. Blog about the lessons you learned on Halloween

If you’re a blogger, you may have already written posts about your first Halloween, your pregnant Halloween, or even the fact that you’ve never participated in Halloween because of your Christian upbringing. But what about the lessons you learned on Halloween? For example, when I was in university I was the president of a club on campus. We organized a Harvest Party on October 31. I had a wee bit too much Halloween punch. Now – 20 years later – I still blush to think of dancing along with “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” If you’re looking for ideas for blog posts or magazine articles at Halloween, think back to the lessons you learned. Share your wisdom.

6. Write an unusually creative list of “Top 10 Halloween” ideas

Top 10s are tried-and-true ideas for blog posts or magazine articles, for any season or topic. For Halloween, you could write about the Top 10 Halloween Decorations, the Top 10 Types of Halloween Candy, or the Top 10 Halloween Blogs. Experienced bloggers say Top 10s are a great way to increase blog readership.

But truth be told, I prefer articles such as What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Personality.

7. Research the how rich people throw Halloween parties

Depending on the audience of the magazine or blog, an expose on what the posh class does on October 31 might be of interest. This could also be a strong source of blog traffic, depending on what the rich and famous are doing on Halloween. You could share how movie stars’ kids spend Halloween, or what Halloween parties are like at wealthy people’s places. Or, you could use your imagination and write something fictional like “The Halloween Party That Cost $55,000” and get crazy with the details!

8. Invite someone to write a Halloween post for your blog

Dig around the most popular websites. Who often writes guest posts, and can you contact them? They might be interested in writing a Halloween article for you. Some writers don’t even have their own blogs; they solely write for online websites or print magazines. You could contact them and ask if they’d write an article for you. Even better, contact someone who runs a Halloween website. Halloween bloggers have lots of of tricks and treats up their sleeves. 🙂

For more ideas on what to write about for Halloween, read 11 Most Popular Types of Magazine Articles – Print & Online.

What have I missed? If you have any thoughts or questions on these ideas for blog posts or magazine articles at Halloween, please comment below!


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12 thoughts on “8 Ideas for Halloween Blog Posts and Magazine Articles”

  1. This article needs to be updated! I need ideas for writing Halloween articles and blog posts. Got anything more recent for this October 31?

  2. Not only is Halloween coming up — people are already buying Halloween costumes! That’s what happens when you go on a writer’s retreat, Alex…you lose track of time 🙂

    Now really is the time to write Halloween articles for your blog or website….
    .-= Laurie PK´s last blog post ..Networking Tips for Successful Writers – How to Get More Writing Jobs =-.

  3. Hi,

    Every year I research the trendiest Halloween costumes. I don’t have a blog, but I read hundreds of blog posts and articles about Halloween.

    Thanks for encouraging people to write about Halloween, because I could use more ideas.

    The Masked Man

  4. Jane, I look forward to your “scary business writing practices” article 🙂

    You’re welcome, Maria.

    Thanks for your input, John.

    If you have any questions or article requests, feel free to post them here.

    .-= Laurie PK´s last blog post ..8 Ideas for Blog Posts or Magazine Articles at Halloween =-.

  5. I like the idea of writing about Halloween lessons you’ve learned. There are too many blogs about Halloween books, costumes, movies. I’d like to read new things from bloggers, not the same stuff over and over.

  6. Thank you Laurie for getting my creative juices flowing. I already have some ideas for a blog article about “scary business writing practices.”

    I appreciate the early notice. So many holiday related material is not published until the holiday, and by then it is too late to make good use of it.

    Jane Dominguez

  7. Yes, I’ve written several articles about Halloween costumes on Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals, and I get traffic all year all. Not huge amounts like I get in September and October, but enough that it’s noticeable!
    .-= Laurie PK´s last blog post ..Tips for College Students – Improving College Study Skills =-.

  8. Ohhh Laurie.

    Many moons ago I worked as a paramedic. There was a trade journal called JEMS and a guy named Mike Smith had a monthly column titled: Tricks of the Trade. It had cool tips for a new way to secure an IV or getting someone on a backboard, that kind of stuff. Well I sent him an article on “Tricks” – practical jokes I had played or had played on me. Dontcha know it made the October issue that year!


    .-= Tumblemoose´s last blog post ..Is Your Big Idea Big Enough For a Book? =-.