6 Tips for Publishing and Marketing Your Book

These tips for publishing and marketing your book are from published author Iris Waichler. This is excellent and necessary writing advice for both new and professional writers!

First, here’s a quip from one of Waichler’s writing colleagues:

“May the grace of knowing how important your message is surround you always,” says Christine Louise Hohlbaum.

If you haven’t bought into your own message, you can’t expect others to! To learn more about one of Waichler’s projects, click on the cover of A Book is Born: 24 Authors Tell All – which was created, edited, and co-authored by Nancy ClearyAnd, read on for Waichler’s tips on marketing and publishing your book.

6 Tips for Publishing and Marketing Your Book

I’m a member of the Wyatt-MacKenzie publishing co-operative.  We were originally 24 stay at home moms with publishing dreams. More recently, two stay at home dads have joined the fold. Together we have won over 20 book awards. Our founding mother and publisher, Nancy Cleary, believed that there are a lot of great authors out there who were not being given a publishing opportunity by the larger publishing houses.

My colleagues and I co-authored A Book is Born with Cleary. We wanted to help other people achieve their publishing dreams. In this book, Cleary includes technical tips, a “secrets to publishing class,” and nuts and bolts information to help you get published. The rest of the book is our feelings, experiences, tips, and wisdom about our individual successful journeys to become published authors. 

Here is a sample of the book: six tips for marketing and publishing your book:

1. Create a platform for yourself.  Write about something you are passionate about that demonstrates what you stand for and who you are.

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2. Have your platform in a place that is easy to read and find.  For example, an audiovideo that links to other sites like your blog and Amazon.  This can be done on a very low cost basis.

3. Make yourself visible.  There are hundreds of places like author sites, blogs, online radio shows, you tube, myspace, where at no cost to you there exists the opportunity to share your expertise, information about you and your book.  Each time you do this you potentially attract more readers and higher sales.

4. Enter book contests.  I entered several author competitions and was lucky enough to win three awards.  It was immediate free publicity that was sent to literally thousands of media sights by the organizations sponsoring the contest.  It also helped me get some later interviews and articles.

5. Ask yourself some questions when deciding who needs to be on the team that will make publishing and marketing your book a reality. How much money can you spend? How many readers do you hope to reach?

6. Write a fantastic pitch. Decide if you can write a pitch to publishers, or pay someone else to do it for you. It can be money well spent! Your pitch must show why your book is unique.  It should be short and relate it to the population you are trying to reach.

For more info on getting your book published, go to A Book is Born.com.  And, to learn more about Iris Waichler author of Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster: A Guide to Educate and Inspire, go to InfertilityRollerCoaster.com.

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