These three ways to earn more money as a freelance writer occurred to me during my massage the other day. I realized that my massage therapist could only earn money while she was actually working. But the best way to get rich is to earn money on something(s) while you do other things. For a writer, this means people paying for your old articles and buying your “old” books while you’re working on new articles and books.

And that’s where repurposing content comes in. “The idea behind repurposing content is that you can use what you know from one part of the magazine-writing universe to open doors at additional titles,” writes Kim Kavin in The Everything Guide to Magazine Writing.

Here’s how to repurpose content for new markets – plus two other ways to earn more money as a freelance writer.

How to Earn More Money as a Freelance Writer: Repurposing Content for New Markets 

What is “repurposing content”? “When you decide to repurpose content, you’re essentially saying that you want to rewrite your stories using all the same (or perhaps slightly updated)…information so that it will appeal to a different readership,” writes Kavin in The Everything Guide to Magazine Writing.

Examples of repurposing content. Kavin’s example involves writing an article on the Arctic polar bears and environment for an environmental magazine. To repurpose that content for a new magazine, you’d find a new market for your material.

New markets for an old polar bear article include:

  • A polar bear article for a children’s magazine
  • A polar bear article for a wildlife or outdoor magazine
  • An article about polar bears and travel cruises for a travel magazine
  • An article about the science behind polar bears for a science or nature magazine
  • An article about how the polar bears have affected the local environment and economy for a local magazine

 Wow! When you look at it that way, the ways to repurpose old content for new markets seems endless!

My slightly twisted examples of repurposing content. I wrote an article on loving your job for Reader’s Digest, which led me to pitch a column idea on unusual jobs in Canada for the same magazine. Then, I pitched an unusual jobs in health to MSN Health (here it is: 10 Ingenious Medical Treatments).

These are slightly twisted examples of repurposing content – they’re more about repurposing content. That is, they’re about taking one idea (loving your job) and multiplying it into several possibilities. 

Do you have any ideas for repurposing old content for new markets? Please comment below!

2 Other Ways to Earn More Money as a Freelance Writer: Blogging & E-Zines

Writing for your own blog. I don’t know much about blogging for money for other people, but I do know that I’m earning money while I sleep! I’m not raking it in by any stretch, but my two blogs (Quips and Tips for Writers, and Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals) are active while I’m doing other things. If you’re a blogger, make sure you’re blogging about something that people want to read about and that readers are searching for (else nobody will find you).

Writing for an online e-zine that doesn’t just pay you once. I love writing for Psychology Suite101 because it’s a consistent trickle of income. My articles don’t earn hundreds or thousands of dollars right away, but over the years each article brings in several dollars (depending on its popularity). Once you have several hundred articles, you have the potential to earn several thousand dollars a year.

Earning more money as a writer is about working smart….not hard. Massage therapists work hard for their money (unless, of course, they sell their own relaxation CD’s or massage DVD’s or books about massage….hmmm, maybe I should suggest that to my massage therapist!).

What are your tips for earning more money as a freelance writer? I can’t have thought of them all here – please share your ideas below!

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  1. Great post! I’ve signed up with Ezine and Affsphere to promote my writing. I just signed up with Associated Content. I’m testing them out. They allow you to post opinion pieces, which is cool. Unfortunately, if you have your work published elsewhere, they will not pay you for it. Still, it’s a great way to market your work.