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June 27, 2010

Writing for Magazines – How to Get Published for New Writers

Writing for magazines is a snap when you tap into the right freelance writing brains! I attended a “how to get published for new writers” workshop, and even though I’ve been freelancing full-time for almost four years, I learned a lot from experienced freelance magazine writer Daniel Wood.

The background: The BC Association of Magazine Writers hosts an annual “Writers Craft Fair” at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I’ve attended as a blogging panelist for two years now; this was the first time I heard Daniel Wood speak. He’s an uber successful freelance writer in Canada, and teaches regular magazine writing classes at Simon Fraser University.

Wood has been freelancing for magazines as well as writing books and teaching creative nonfiction writing since dinosaurs roamed Alberta. His “how to get published for new writers” session was teeming with freelancing tips that I couldn’t wait to share here on Successful Writers!

Before the tips, a quip:

“There is no shortage of information, but there is a shortage of stories. ~ Carol Shields (another great Canadian writer).

Wood hooked us by emphasizing the importance of storytelling. It is crucial. If you struggle to unearth the story nugget in your general idea — or if you can’t come up with feature article ideas — you’ll find helpful hints in Writing for Magazines: A Beginner’s Guide — it’s a great resource for new writers. And, here are Woods’ magazine writing tips…Read More »Writing for Magazines – How to Get Published for New Writers