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September 10, 2009

5 Essential Tips for Better Writing From a Publication Coach

Publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant offers five tips for better writing, which range from writing in “dribs and drabs” to creating a mind map. She also explains why it’s crucial to separate writing from editing — and says this is her most essential tip for better writing!

Here’s what Gray-Grant thinks about how schools teach writing skills:

“School has changed a lot since Sister Mary Rosa taught me to read in the 1960s — but one thing doesn’t seem to have evolved: the teaching of writing,” says Gray-Grant, author of 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better. “Most schools don’t do much of it.”

Schools may not be the best teachers of writing skills – but luckily we have publication coaches, published authors, and successful writers to share their writing tips! If you’re a slow writer and want to speed things up, read How to Write Almost Anything Better and Faster! by Arthur Herzog.

And, here are Gray-Grant’s five essential tips for better writing…Read More »5 Essential Tips for Better Writing From a Publication Coach