These ten fast tips for creative writing are effective and easy. The more creative you are, the more inspired you’ll feel, the more ideas you’ll generate, and the more productive you’ll be! It’s an upward spiral that may require a little extra effort at first – but creativity is a habit for successful writers.

Before the tips, a quip: “I like going from one lighted room to another. Such is my brain to me; lighted rooms,” said Virgina Woolf.

We should all be so lucky! My brain definitely doesn’t feel like lighted rooms. To achieve this feeling and get more info on creative writing, click on The Everything Creative Writing Book by Carol Whiteley. And, read on for ten fast tips for creative writing…

10 Fast Tips for Creative Writing

These writing tips are from Kathryn Lindskoog.

  1. Learn all you can (furnish your mind).
  2. Think hard about interesting things (exercise your mind).
  3. Turn off the television (quiet your mind).
  4. Take walks (refresh your mind).
  5. Save time for contemplation (free your mind).
  6. Associate with creative people (stimulate your mind).
  7. Notice your dreams (respect your mind).
  8. Keep a personal journal (tune in to your mind).
  9. Be quick to question authority (alert your mind).
  10. Trust God (surrender your mind).

I love that these tips for creative writers cover everything from your mind to your body to your soul! Truly successful writers need to balance their whole selves.

Research Report: The Effect of Socializing on Your Creativity

For all you introverted writers out there – and that definitely includes me – did you know that socializing makes you smarter?

10 Fast Tips for Creative Writing

10 Fast Tips for Creative Writing

Two separate University of Michigan experiments revealed that talking to others exercises your mind. “Short-term social interaction lasting for just 10 minutes boosted participants’ intellectual performance as much as engaging in so-called ‘intellectual’ activities for the same amount of time,” says psychologist Oscar Ybarra. His research shows that talking can improve memory and thinking skills, which means that visiting with a friend or neighbor may be as helpful as doing a crossword puzzle.

So, if you’re reluctant to socialize, remember that it’s not only good for your writer’s mind – it’s great for generating new ideas and increasing your writing productivity, too.

If you need help on the other end — you need more motivation to write and less motivation to socialize — read 10 Tips for Increasing Self-Discipline and Motivation to Write.

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  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I definitely agree that socializing and discussing your ideas can enhance your creativity! Iron sharpens iron, right? 🙂