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When You Can’t Quit Smoking But Want to Get Pregnant – 5 Tips

If you’ve done any research on getting pregnant, you know that cigarettes are BAD for your baby! But what do you do when you can’t quit smoking and you really want to get pregnant?

You read these tips, that’s what! I’m an ex-smoker who loved her cigarettes, especially with coffee and wine. But now that I don’t smoke, I love my freedom from that addiction even more.

Quitting smoking is brutal, and not just because your body is addicted to the nicotine. Here’s what movie star Michelle Pfeiffer said about smoking:

“I used to smoke two packs a day and I just hate being a nonsmoker. But, I will never consider myself a nonsmoker because I always find smokers the most interesting people at the table.”

You may always be a smoker at heart – just not in action. The most important thing to remember is that you want to get pregnant, and cigarettes are so bad for your little helpless baby. Picture her clean pink lungs – why would you want to blow smoke into them?

If you haven’t tried the Nicorette Mini Lozenges in your attempts to quit smoking, then it’s time to give ’em a go. They worked for my brother in law!

And, here are five tips on quitting smoking when you’re trying to conceive a baby…

When You Can’t Quit Smoking But Want to Get Pregnant – 5 Tips

“It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.” ~ Mark Twain.

Expect the worst – and spend time with ex-smokers who quit smoking

You’re probably already aware of the withdrawal symptoms: anxiety, irritability, trouble sleeping or focusing, depression, or headaches. But – these symptoms of quitting smoking will ease up after five weeks, so hang in there!

When I quit smoking, I spent a lot of time with ex-smokers who knew what I was going through. It helped to hear how hard it was for them to quit. If you want to get pregnant, it might be helpful to spend time with babies and toddlers. See how healthy, fresh, and clean they are. Keep reminding yourself that you don’t want to harm your baby’s health by inhaling cigarette smoke.

And remember that smoking damages male fertility, too. Women aren’t the only ones who need to quit smoking because they want to get pregnant.

Consider nicotine replacement therapies

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription for NicoDerm Nicotine Patches; they provide a stream of nicotine to reduce the withdrawal effects of quitting smoking. If you’re tried NicoDerm and it didn’t work, your doctor can recommend a different nicotine patch, gum, or lozenge – or even prescribe a medication.

I didn’t use NicoDerm to quit smoking, but my brother-in-law did. He said he couldn’t have given up cigarettes if it wasn’t for the Patch.

Quit one thing at a time: cigarettes now, sugar later

One of the best tips for quitting smoking – or any harmful habit – is to focus on giving up cigarettes. That is, don’t try to lose weight or increase your fitness levels at the same time as you’re trying to quit, or you’ll get overwhelmed. If you feel overwhelmed, you’re more likely to pick up the cigarettes again.

That said, however, I did start jogging at the same time as I quit smoking. I think it helped — but if I had to quit all over again, I’d pick a fitness program that’s more fun than running! I’d take Zumba or yoga, or try Dragon boat racing.

Rub your belly – make wanting to get pregnant stronger than craving cigarettes

If you’re quitting smoking because you want to get pregnant, visualize your baby or pregnancy. When the worst cravings hit, rub your belly or your back. Picture your tiny baby in your womb – or your healthy pink infant in your arms.

Vision boards are fun, easy ways to visualize getting pregnant. Read 5 Tips for Creating a Vision Board for Fertility to learn how!

Consider alternative or holistic therapies to quit smoking

Acupuncture, hypnosis, aromatherapy, and meditation can help you give up cigarettes when you’re trying to get pregnant. Complementary or holistic therapies may help you deal with the nasty cravings and withdrawal effects of quitting smoking, and help you focus on the healthy, wholesome goal of getting pregnant.

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Will these tips for quitting smoking help you kick cigarettes and focus on your desire to get pregnant? Comments welcome below…

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