When You Can’t Have Kids – Options for Infertile Couples

Thinking about the options when you can’t have kids is disappointing and sad. But if you’re an infertile couple, you might find hope and inspiration in this list of ideas.

When You Can't Have Kids Never to Be a Mother: A Guide for All Women Who Didn’t, or Couldn’t, Have Children by Linda Hunt Anton offers 10 steps to healing the heartache. You’ll find support for leading a fulfilling, happy life without children.

It’s important to grieve your loss when you can’t have kids. “The difficulty of IVF (in vitro fertilization) or of any fertility issues is the hope and the shattered hope, the dream that it might happen this time and then it doesn’t happen,” says Brooke Shields.

The difficulties of in vitro fertilization also include the cost of infertility treatments, social stigma, and marital conflict…IVF is a tough row to hoe, but it’s definitely an option for infertile couples. Another possibility is naturopathic medicine, such as acupuncture or herbal remedies.

These possibilities for couples who can’t get pregnant biologically may help you realize that there’s more to getting pregnant than having your “own” kids. Here are six options for infertile couples…

When You Can’t Have Kids

Ask for Help Having Kids From Your Family

I read a story in a national women’s magazine – it could’ve been Chatelaine – about a woman whose sister carried her child. This woman couldn’t conceive a child, so the fertility specialists united her egg with her husband’s sperm in the lab, and placed it in the sister’s womb. The sister had a healthy pregnancy – and gave the baby to the husband and wife. The sister already had three kids of her own. In fact, her husband had actually refused to go along with the whole idea at first. But, after he was involved in a serious car accident, he agreed. This infertility treatment worked for them.

Research Infertility Treatments at Fertility Clinics

Do you have the time, money, and energy to pursue treatments for infertility? We did, but decided to “go on hiatus” after six months of relatively stressful sperm injections (via intrauterine inseminations — it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t a vacation in Hawaii, either). Maybe we’ll try again, and maybe not. Before you sign on with a fertility center, make sure you visit at least three and talk to the doctors, nurses, and support staff. You have to feel comfortable and relaxed at your fertility clinic, or your stress level will skyrocket.

We ended up at UBC’s Center for Reproductive Health (in Vancouver); it cost half as much as the private fertility clinic. But their rates practically doubled after our first six month, giving us another reason to take a break from trying to get pregnant. If money is an obstacle for you, read 6 Things to Consider About Fertility Loans.

Try Naturopathic Medicine – Yoga or Acupuncture for Fertility

We’re trying acupuncture for infertility and a Chinese herbal tea (prescribed by a naturopathic doctor) to increase sperm counts and motility rates. This, too, can be expensive – so do your research! Naturopaths vary in many ways, and it’s important to find one you can afford and who you feel comfortable with. Acupuncture for fertility has helped some couples get pregnant.

Think About Fostering Kids

Opening your home to children who can’t live with their biological parents is a marvelous thing to do when you can’t have kids. There are thousands of kids who need a good home for a short time; you could make a serious impact by opening your arms and inviting them in to your life. When you’re researching how to be a foster parent, don’t just look on the internet or in books. Talk to current and past foster parents, and find out what they liked most and least. Talk to current and past foster children, and see what kinds of kids need homes.

Consider Adoption When You Can’t Have Kids

There is a ton of information on the internet about adopting a baby or older child when you can’t get pregnant. Private adoptions, government-subsidized adoption clinics, family adoptions, overseas adoptions…there are dozens of ways to start a new family. When you can’t have kids, talk to adoptive parents and adopted children (both adult and young ones). Adoption can be expensive, and I’ve read that many couples go into huge debt while adopting (and while trying to get pregnant through a fertility clinic). Read The Benefits and Drawbacks of Adopting a Child.

options for infertile couples

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Focus on Your Life Purpose

I would love to have a child, but I’d be okay if I never do. I wouldn’t choose to be childless, but I won’t allow infertility to make me bitter, sad, or angry. Part of my attitude stems from my goals and dreams outside the realm of family and children. If you have a purpose, then you’ll be less likely to let infertility destroy your marriage or life. An important option for infertile couples is to step back, look around, and figure out how you can make your life meaningful, productive, and happy.

If you’ve lost babies, read my tips on coping with miscarriage.

Are you struggling to accept that you can’t have kids? I welcome your comments below…

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7 thoughts on “When You Can’t Have Kids – Options for Infertile Couples”

  1. My wife and I did have a child, but the child died before it was delivered. My wife has two children from a previous marriage, but I don’t have any children of my own. I love her two older children, but its not the same as being a true father to them. There will always be a divide there.
    So we have been a victim of cirumstance ever since the loss of our child.
    Adoption is extremely complex and costly. I’ve recovered from a traumatic injury and I think that would discredit me as an adoptive parent as they look at medical history and the like.
    Surrogacy is an option, but sometimes we have been on board with this, other times we have not.

    I have a clean background, and I have worked with children. This alone is not enough to qualify for adoption.

    Maybe the only option left for me is to just leave it in God’s hands, and have faith that I will be carried through this. I have prayed for a child, and I felt God’s presence. Whatever the answer is, its good because He is always good.

    Trying ways to raise children has become a big mountain for me. Other people must be in a better situation because they don’t seem to struggle as much as I do.

    But you know, being a Father would give me the opportunity to think of another human life, and not just myself. If I remain fatherless, I won’t have anybody to leave my legacy and estate too. The line will die with me.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I don’t have a list of adoption places, but that would be a great article for me to write! Here in Canada, there are both government and private adoption agencies. I think it’s very difficult to adopt a healthy infant through the government, and very expensive to adopt a baby through a private agency. It was disheartening when we looked into adoption. I always prayed that someone would just drop off a baby at our door, and we would love it! But that never happened.

    You might try searching the internet for adoption agencies in your city and state or province. Then, search for international adoption agencies. Be very careful – make sure you check out the adoption agency thoroughly before getting in too deep! That would be another good article for me to write.

    I wish you all the best,

  3. Dear Elke,

    It sounds like there is no chance of you having kids with your boyfriend. You have lots of time to have children — biologically speaking — but your boyfriend can’t give them to you. If you stay with him and never have your own children, will you resent him? If you break up with him, will you lose the love of your life? These are serious decisions that need to be carefully considered.

    Have you and he talked about adoption?

  4. Hi my name is Elke im going to be 30 and wood love to have kids but my boy friend cant have enny more kids it is rilly hard for me to think that i will never have kids and i cant stop thinking of what my life wood be if i did i wood be so happy Vic my boy friend of 8 years he has a 26 year old son and i wood love to have the same love and happens that i see win he looks at his son and so badly wish i cood have the same filings

    Thanks Elke