How to Understand the Results of Your Sperm Test

What do the results of your sperm test mean? A typical semen analysis might include the terms “sluggish sperm” and “diminished sperm motility” and “normal forward sperm progression” – but don’t let those sperm test results alarm you. What are the worst results of a semen analysis? Not seeing any sperm at all, which is what happened to my husband and me! And it turned out not to be so bad after all. Read What to Do When Your Husband Has Azoospermia (azoospermia means no sperm).

Did you know that most couples check the female partner’s fertility before even considering the fact that male fertility may be a problem? Low fertility levels happen to both men and women, but women tend to examine their reproductive health before men do. This is ironic because male fertility tests are much easier, less expensive, and less invasive than female fertility tests. It’s important for men to check their sperm count and health with a semen analysis – even with an informal, preliminary sperm test at home.

In the past, it often assumed to be a female fertility problem that prevented a couple from conceiving a baby. Most people automatically assume that a woman’s reproductive health is reason a couple can’t get pregnant. This may be partly to protect the male ego, which has often been assumed to be fragile. Further, the male psyche equates fertility with virility and “manliness.” In many cultures not being biologically able to father a child leads to embarrassment, shame, and even economic instability for the whole family.

Studies today, however, show that at least 30% of infertility is because of a medical or health problem with the man. So, the fact that you’re interested in getting a sperm test and interpreting the results of your semen analysis is a positive step forward in your journey to getting pregnant and starting a family!

The reason a sperm test and semen analysis is so important is because the vast majority of men have no way of knowing their fertility levels. Unless, of course, they accidentally father a child before they’re planning a pregnancy. Some fertility doctors say that when a couple is having trouble getting pregnant, the must always be tested first. Fertility health tests for women are far more complicated, invasive and expensive. It is much simpler to find out if the man has a problem with his semen – which the results of a semen analysis can quickly and accurately do.

A semen analysis (sperm test) is the most important fertility test for couples

A sperm test for men is the first step to finding out why you can’t get pregnant. Remember that your body makes new sperm every 3 months, which means you need to keep testing your count, motility, and health.

home sperm test for male fertility

The SpermCheck home test for male fertility is an easy-to-use at-home test for determining the concentration of sperm in semen. You’ll know within minutes whether your sperm count is within the “normal” range. A positive result indicates that your sperm count is above 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen. A negative result indicates that the count is below the 20 million sperm per milliliter threshold, and further testing by your doctor may be warranted. Low sperm count is one of the main causes of fertility issues in couples experiencing difficulty in conceiving.

A store-bought “semen analysis” is an inexpensive way to test your sperm count, motility, and concentration. However, the fact that a semen analysis is so inexpensive can be misleading. Many patients and (even doctors) assume that a home semen analysis must be an easy test to do because it’s cheap. This is why you can get an inexpensive semen analysis done at a neighborhood lab, or even buy a male fertility test through an online store like Amazon.

Home male fertility test kits can help men who are curious about their fertility levels. The best home sperm tests also measure the concentration of motile cells – not just the total number of sperm cells. Why? Because if you as a man are producing 100 million sperm and they are all dead or not swimming, then it’s useless to know you have a “normal sperm concentration.” That’s why a semen analysis is crucial to understanding your male fertility levels. You need to assess sperm that are moving, because those are the sperm that will fertilize an egg during normal conception.

What Happens When You Get a Semen Analysis in a Medical Clinic

The man will supply a sperm sample, either at home or in the doctor’s office or laboratory. The semen needs to be analyzed within a few hours of leaving the man’s body, or the sperm test won’t be accurate. If he finds it awkward or embarrassing to procure the sperm sample himself, his partner can help bring forth the sample. Magazines or videos are also an option – but many couples find that it brings them closer to produce the sperm sample together.

What Are Doctors Looking for in a Sperm Test?

Sperm morphology or physical abnormalities – to fertilize an egg, his sperm cells need to be at least 30% normal (normal shape and size of sperm head). Not all sperm is normal, and not all sperm needs to be normal. A man with just half normal sperm cells can get a woman pregnant.

Total volume – if he doesn’t produce enough semen (less than 2.5 milliliters), his seminal ducts may be blocked or he may not be making enough sperm. Semen volume of 2 to 5 milliliters is considered normal.

Sperm count – the semen analysis will reveal how many sperm he produces, which will help doctors figure out if male infertility is the cause of the woman not getting pregnant. A normal sperm count ranges from 40 to 300 million sperm per milliliter. Sperm counts below 10 million are poor (oligospermia); no sperm count is azoospermia. If sperm count is an issue, read foods that increase sperm count, production, and motility.

Sperm motility and velocity – sperm motility is the number of active sperm cells (50% should be actively swimming forwards), while sperm velocity is how well the sperm moves.

Liquefaction – doctors also test whether sperm coagulates after about 20 minutes (normal sperm does this). If the semen doesn’t coagulate properly, then there may be a problem with the seminal vesicles.

What is a Sperm Made of?

“A normal sperm has three sections: a head, a midpiece, and a tail,” writes Sharon Perkins and Jackie Meyers-Thompson in Infertility For Dummies (a great resource for couples who want to get pregnant!). “All three parts need to be normal for a sperm to be considered normal, according to the strict Kruger morphology, a system for evaluating sperm…”

Since male infertility accounts for about 33% of not getting pregnant for couples, it’s important to get a semen analysis done if you can’t get pregnant. A man’s sperm count, motility, or production is very important to pregnancy. Here’s a description of the three parts of a sperm, plus information on what sperm test results mean…

Though sperm are teeny tiny, laboratory technicians can see their details under a microscope (which is what will happen during a semen analysis or sperm test).

  • The head of a sperm contains all the genetic material, so a sperm with an abnormal head can’t fertilize an egg.
  • The midpiece of a sperm contains fructose, which is the energy it needs to move rapidly.
  • The tail of a sperm is necessary for propulsion. Sperm with no tail, two tails, or coiled tails are abnormal, and won’t help with getting pregnant.

“Most laboratories can do a ‘screening’ semen analysis,” writes Sharon Perkins and Jackie Meyers-Thompson in Infertility For Dummies. “However, the determination of morphology (proportion of ‘normal’ forms)…takes a high level of expertise, and is generally only available at a bona fide fertility program.”

What Does Your Semen Analysis Mean?

Okay, you’ve received the results of your sperm test…and you have no idea what sperm volume, concentration, motility, or morphology really means! Have no fear: the following parameters are from the World Health Organization (WHO) – a reliable source of medical information.

sperm test results
How to Understand the Results of Your Semen Analysis

Normal sperm volume (amount) is 1.5 to 5 ml, or about a teaspoon.

Normal sperm concentration should be greater than 20 million sperm/ml, or a total of greater than 40 million per ejaculate.

Normal sperm motility means that more than 40% of the sperm should be moving (swim forward, mates!).

Normal sperm morphology means that more than about 30% of sperm should be normally shaped, as determined by the lab technician. If the lab uses the more strict Kruger criteria, normal sperm morphology should be 14%.

Normal sperm forward progression is at least 2, on a scale of 1 to 4 (this part of the sperm test measures how many sperm are moving forward).

Sperm white blood cells should be no more than 0 to 5 per high-power field. More could indicate infection.

Sperm hyperviscosity means that the semen should gel promptly, but should liquefy within 30 minutes after the sample is taken.

Sperm Ph should be alkaline, to protect sperm from the acidic environment of the woman’s va-jay-jay.

If you’re worried about the health of your sperm, read Foods to Help You Recover Sperm Health, Count, and Motility.

Your sperm will vary

Fertility doctors recommend doing at least two sperm tests, about three months apart. Why? Because men are constantly producing sperm, so your semen analysis results can change from month to month. So if you’ve done a home fertility test for sperm (or are preparing to do a semen analysis through a clinic or laboratory), remember that semen samples can vary from month to month – or even day to day. On average, it takes 72 days for sperm to develop.

Other factors that affect a semen analysis or sperm test results include illness, prescription medication, other drugs (even over-the-counter cold medicine), and unusual happens in your body and life. It takes three months for sperm to “settle down” from atypical influences. So, if you experienced anything unusual in three months before the sperm test or semen analysis, then your results may not be indicative of normal sperm count, motility, or production.

And that, my friends, is why you need to talk to a fertility doctor or urologist. Simply knowing the results of your semen analysis isn’t enough.

How to Improve Your Sperm Count and Motility

Here are two supplements that might improve the results of your semen analysis:

The Sperm Count Boost for Men is a non-prescription dietary supplement designed to be taken with FertilAid for Men. Sperm CountBoost is not a standalone product; it must be taken along with FertilAid for Men (which I listed just below).

Sperm Count Boost for Men

CountBoost is formulated for men who are trying to achieve a pregnancy – and who are specifically having problems with low sperm count. The World Health Organization defines “low sperm count” containing fewer than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen ejaculate.

If your semen analysis results show a low or poor sperm count, you may consider adding CountBoost for Men to your daily regimen in order to more aggressively address the sperm count issue. One bottle contains 60 capsules (a 1 month supply).

FertilAid SpermCount Boost for Men is a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral formula that has been clinically demonstrated to increase the total number of sperm a man produces. 

Foods to Help You Recover Sperm Health, Count, and Motility

FertilAid for Men has been clinically proven in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to increase the total number of motile sperm a man produces. It’s is the bestselling male fertility supplement in the US because it’s doctor-designed to help naturally optimize a man’s reproductive health and increase his chances of conceiving. This dietary supplement features a patented science-based formula, containing key amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

I hope this helps you understand – even just a little – your sperm test and semen analysis! You may feel disappointed to discover that the results of your semen analysis aren’t clear. Remember that accurately reading and understanding the results of a semen analysis requires the expertise of a trained doctor. A fertility test that checks sperm at home is a good first step to determining why you can’t get pregnant, but it’s only the beginning. For a thorough understanding of your semen analysis results, it is crucial to go to a reliable laboratory that specializes in sperm testing. Semen testing and reporting is very subjective and depends upon the skill of the technician in the lab and the doctor in the medical clinic.

Your comments – big and little – are welcome below. If you need help reading or understanding the results of your semen analysis, talk to a urologist, fertility doctor, or family physician.

For more male fertility tips, read What Causes Unexplained Infertility in Men? Damaged DNA in Sperm.


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150 thoughts on “How to Understand the Results of Your Sperm Test”

  1. My husband sperm test shows Normal at 1% does this means that he can not get a woman pregnant? I don’t understand the semen analysis. The motility is good and volume is great, but this one is at 1%. Can you please help.

  2. Low sperm count was one of the problem my husband suffered for three years, the doctor gave him Gonal-F subcutaneous and clomiphene citrate which was not working. We’re still struggling with low male fertility levels 🙁

  3. It’s best not to drink alcohol before your semen analysis. You should also tell your doctor about any medications or herbal supplements you’re taking. And don’t use lubricants when you collect your sample because they can affect how easily your sperm can move around.

  4. My husband and i have been trying for a year plus… Below is his semen analysis
    Volume : 5.0ml
    Color : Milky white
    Viscosity : hyperviscid
    Normal forms : 60%
    Morphology Abnormal forms : 40%
    Active : 10%
    Sluggish : 20%
    Dead : 70%
    Total count : 8.0 ×10^6 Cells/ml
    Microscopy : Pus cells : 2 – 4/HPF, Epithelial cells : + others nil
    Remarks : Normal count

    Please can we achieve pregnancy with this result? Am worried about the dead sperm cells
    Thanks… Please reply

  5. Sir, My test report shows sperm count 8 million/ml. Motile sperm 0%. How can I improve my healthy sperm count and motile sperm?

  6. My semen report volume-3.0 ph-7.5 colour-Grey Opacity-transcluscent liquefaction-complete within 1 hour viscosity-low Immotile-40 Crystal-missing Aggregation-none RBC -none WBC-4-6 Morhology-75 sperm count-42.6 total count in ejaculation-130.2 semen vitality-40

  7. My semen report
    Count concentration 120 million /ml
    Dead 30 semi sluggish 10 sluggish 05
    Fully motile 55 pus cell 6-8 HPF red cell 0-1/HPF
    Epith cell A few
    Acrosmal cap. Present 60%
    Abnormal head seen 5%
    Mid pieces. Seen 70%
    Tails. Seen 75%
    Appearance. Dirty whitish
    Volume 4.5ml
    Consistency. Thick
    Ph. 7.8

  8. Here’s my husbands results, and I can’t figure out if they are good or not! Do we have a high chance of conceiving?? Reversal was 2 years ago, this test was 9mos.

    Liquification >50
    Viscosity 0
    Color grey
    Volume 2.1
    PH 8.3
    Count 1: 110
    Count 2: 115
    Concentration 112.5
    Total sperm count 236.25
    Motility 32
    Progression score: 2
    Total motile sperm 75.6
    Agglutination 1
    Round cells <1

    For my husband. We’ve been trying to conceive for 2 years. Can someone explain these results to me??

  9. Hai it’s for my husband

    Volume : 1.O ml >=1.5 ml(95%c1:1.4-1.7)
    Colour. :. Opaque Grey
    PH : 8.0 >=7.2
    viscosity. : normal
    Dropping test :freedy dropping
    Sperm concentration :195 millions/mL>15(95%ci:12:16
    Total sperm number :195. Millions /Ejacu>39(95%cI:31-34)
    Progressively motile (PR) :50%
    Non progressively motile (NP) :10%
    Non motile. : 40%

  10. Dear Dr
    My semen result are as follow

    Morphology=35%(abnormal forms)
    Motility=65%(active motile sperm)
    Sperm Count=70.0 X10^6 sperm cells/mm^3
    Epithelial cells = +
    Viscosity = slightly viscoid
    Volume= 3mls

    How good is this for pregnancy?

  11. I done semen analysis. My report Rapid progressive motility 35%, Sluggish/slow motility 10%, Non-progressive motility 10% and Immotile 45%. is it ok for baby

  12. have don semen test now am 32 years old could you please refer my semen analysis report below and tell me what it means please is urgent
    quantity 2.5 ml
    colour whitish gray
    time of liquefaction 25 minuts
    chemical examination
    reaction alkaline
    microscopic examination
    total sperm count 15million
    active motile 40%
    sluggish motile 15%
    non motile 45%
    normal 70%
    abnormal 30%
    pus cells 7-8
    epi cells 1-2

  13. dear doctor
    HI doctor Please reply for my semen test.
    i am 29 please i need to know exactly about this result information and what i have to do for the next medical treatment information.
    thanks .
    ahmed osman .
    from Melbourne.

    volume : 2 ml
    motility : L 16
    sperm concentration : 28×10*6/ml
    forward progression :L 12%
    live spermatozoa: 68%
    morphology (%normal) :6%

  14. HI doctor Please reply for my semen test
    volume : 5.0 ML
    Colour : GRay,opaque
    viscosity : Normal
    Liquefaction : 30 min at 37°
    Agglutination: none
    Sperum count :68 mill/ml
    Motile sperms : 15.79%
    Progressive sperms : 14.0%
    Round Cells : 0.44 mill/ml
    Rapid progressive 4.91%
    Slow progressive 9.12%
    Non progressive 1.75%
    Immotile 84.21%

  15. Hi<
    Please find below report and let me know .

    volume : 2.0 ML
    Colour : GREYISH WHITE
    viscosity : Normal
    Liquification : 5 min
    Reaction : Alakline
    Sperum count : 46 millions
    Active Motile : 40%
    Suggish Motile :15%
    Non Motile : 45%
    Normal Cells : 55%
    Abnormal Cells : 45%

    Head Pieces : 10%
    Midle Pieces : 05%
    Tail Pieces : 05%
    Immeture pieces : 15%
    Cytoplasmic : 10%

    Other findings : 6 – 8 PUSCELLS ; 4–6 E.P CELLS, E.P CASTS PRESENT

    Please suggest me on above results. Thanks i n Advance.

  16. hello,
    my tests results are
    color- opaque
    volume- 1ml
    reaction- alkaline
    viscosity- present
    motility- 60%
    Total spermatozoa count- (0-1 ) HPF
    does it mean the permanent family planning?

  17. Hi I am 29 years old could you please refer my semen analysis report below and tell me what it means:

    QUANTITY 3.0 ML 1.5 – 5.0 ML
    TOTAL SPERM COUNT 58.0 Millions/mL
    NON-MOTILE 35 %
    PUS CELLS 02 – 03 /HPF
    Method : Microscopy

  18. HI Please reply for my semen test

    Colour Whitish
    Amount (ml) 4.8
    Reaction Alkaline
    Liquification Normal
    Viscosity Normal

    Actively Motile 00 %
    Moderately Motile 10 %
    Sluggish Motile 20 %
    Non-Motile 70 %

    Total Count(million/ml) 12
    Fructose Positive

    1. Hi doctor, please reply for my husband’s semen test

      Quantity :About 2.0 ml
      Colour :Whitish
      Microscopic Examination
      Total count:55 million/ml
      Motility :60% actively motile
      :25%sluggishly motile
      :15% non motile
      Morphology :20% show giant head, double head or distorted in appearance.
      Epithelial cells :4-5/HPF
      Pus cells :6-7/HPF
      Comment :Normozoospermia

  19. hello doctor
    pH semen 8.0
    appearance creamy
    volume 1.5ml
    viscosity normal
    liquefaction 50 min
    clot absent
    motility actively 35%
    sluggish. 5%
    motility inactive 60%
    sperm morphology normal 90%
    sperm morphology abnormal 10%
    sperm morphology agglutination
    pus cell semen 2-4
    Red blood cell semen 0-1
    gram reaction1 gram positive
    sperm cell count 18.0 Millon/ml
    pathogen isolated staphylococus

  20. Hi,
    i am Arun(29years) and i done my semen analysis, and result come like this.



    PUS CELL-3-5/HPF
    Now we are trying for a baby, so plz suggest this result is good for me.
    Thanks in Advance.

  21. Hello Ali,

    I can’t give you more information about your semen analysis, but I just wrote an article on improving male fertility for men who have abnormal sperm test results.

    7 Ways to Get Healthy Sperm if You Have Abnormal Sperm Morphology

    If you haven’t seen a fertility doctor or urologist in person yet, I encourage you to book an appointment as soon as possible. It’s important to get information that is specific to your body, and to learn how to improve your sperm health based on your own genetics, lifestyle, and fertility levels.

    May you start a family quickly and easily, and may your sperm health and may your fertility levels become strong and true.


  22. hi : please give me an advice about my semen analysis .
    age: 25 , appearance whitish grey ,
    volume 3.0 ml ,
    consistency thick , PH 7.4
    count/concentration 145 million/ml ,
    pus cells 6-8/HPF , red cells nill , Epithelial cells A few
    %age motility:
    immotile 25 ,
    non progressive 05 ,
    slowly progressive 05 ,
    rapidly progressive 65.
    %age sperm morphlogy:
    Acrosomal cap 70 , abnormal heads 05 , mid pieces 75 , tails 80.

  23. If you recently had a semen analysis or sperm test done at home or in the laboratory, it’s super important to have a technician or doctor interpret the results for you. Reading and understanding the results of the semen analysis can be complicated and confusing, and there are several different factors that can affect your results.

    Doing an at-home male fertility test for your sperm is a good first step towards figuring out how healthy your male fertility levels are, but you really need to see a urologist or fertility doctor in person before you can get an accurate diagnosis of why you aren’t getting pregnant.

    I’m sorry I don’t have more answers for you, but I really encourage you to see a doctor in person so you can get advice specific to your own body and health.

  24. My hubby reports of semen is this tell me about this
    Physical examination
    Vol 5ml
    Reaction acedic
    Viscosity thick
    Liquidity 25 mts
    Microscopic examination
    Active 4%
    Sluggish 5%
    Dead 91%
    T.count 25million/ml
    Pus cell 4-6/HPF

  25. Pls help me I don’t understand this result of my semen analysis. Volume -3. 0, colour – creamy, viscoslty-semitenacious, count-45 percent, motility 50 percen, dead -30per, sluggish 20 perc

  26. Hey Dr. Please tell the test results of my husband report. Volume.4.0ml colour gryish.consistency thick .reaction ph 8.0. Time of liquification 30 min
    Total sperm count 110 million. Leucocytes 10-15/hpf. R.b.c. 1_2/ hpf
    Motile 1$t hour 70%. Sluggish motile 10% non motile 20%. Motile 3rd hour 60%. Sluggish motile hrs 15% non motile 3rd hour 05%
    Normal form 70%. Abnormal 30%…..

  27. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    The only way to get an accurate, professional reading of your semen analysis results is to take them to a doctor. The internet is a good source of general information about how to understand the results of your semen analysis, but it can’t tell you what is wrong with your sperm.

    It’s possible that nothing is wrong with your sperm count, motility, or production! But only a doctor can tell you that…which is why you need to book an appointment with a urologist or fertility doctor today.

  28. Sir my semen analysis test is:
    total sperm count 73 million
    Liquefaction 30 minutes
    viscosity Normal
    Appearance Normal
    active Motile 10%
    Sluggish Motile 10%
    Non motile 80%
    volume 7.0 ml
    ph alkaline
    Normal Forms 70%
    Abnormal forms 30 %
    WBC 6-8/hpf

    kindly advice me, what can i do for wife get pregnant ?

  29. Hi,
    I am Sanju. I have done my semen analysis test which is as under:-
    Qty-3 ml, colour- whitish, seminal, alkaline, total sperm count -126 millions/ml, total motile- 80%, actively motile-75%, sluggishly motile-05%, non motile-20%, pus cells 1-3/HPF, Epithelial cells-02/HPF.

    Please let me know that my report is normal or not

  30. sir this is my semen routine examinations . volume 1.0 ml
    color grey white .
    pH 8.0
    viscosity semi viscous
    Liquefaction time 30 minutes
    total Count 35 Mill/ml 65-150
    Actively motile 10%
    Sluggishly motile 20%
    Non Motile 70%
    Normal 30%
    Abnormal 70%
    Inflammatory cells 3-4

  31. My result of sperm analysis
    Micro volume 5ml
    Colour milk like fluid
    Viscosity poor
    Micro motility 0%
    Sperm count nil
    I need help

  32. I ‘m 37 and trying to conceive with my partner. Are the number good or Bad?
    My number are.

    Volume 4.5
    Concentration 23
    Motile 53
    Progression 2
    pH 6.4
    Viscosity Normal
    % Normal Morphology 4
    Total Motile Sperm 55

  33. sir pls advise me on my semens result
    TIME RECIEVE 09:27

    NON-MOTILE: 60%

    ABNORMAL: 50%


    CELL COUNT: 187/10/6

  34. Hello Sir,

    Yesterday I had undergone with semen analysis and below are the results :-

    Quantity: 1.5 ml
    Color : White
    Reaction: Alkaline
    Active Motile : 60%
    Sluggish Motile : 20%
    Non Motile : 20%
    Sperm Count : 80 millions per ml
    Pus Cells : 2-3 hpf
    RBC : 0-1 hpf

    Kindly suggest if the reports are fine in getting me pregnant.

  35. Hello Sir, I am 35 yr old, my recent semen analysis showed that:

    concentration-131 m/ml
    Normal forms-2%
    sperm deformity index-2.28
    Teratozoospermic index-2.32

    Please let me if there is any concern for pregnancy and if ant treatment required.

  36. IS there any chance of permanency. After getting/ treatment of 30 days Fertilox and Gonadil – F
    My Sperm Test is

    Quantity : 3 ml (Previous was 2ml )
    Color : Grayish white
    Viscosity: Slightly viscous
    Liquefaction : Complete within 20 minutes.
    Reaction: Alkaline

    Sperm Count : 35 mlion/cmm (Previous test was 40)
    Motility : 40 (Previous 45)
    Sluggish: 25 (Previous 30)
    Nomotile : 35 (Previous 25)

    Morphology: 55 (Previous same)
    LEUCOCYTES: 6-8 PH (Previous 4-6)

  37. Could you please me as below semen test report is normal or abnormal

    Component Results
    Component Value Ref Range & Units Status
    ANALYSIS TIME, SEMEN 09:00 Final
    53 >=4 % Final
    WBC COUNT, SEMEN 0 =1.5 mL Final
    SPERM COUNT, SEMEN 62 >=15 million/mL Final
    Decreased motility may be due to either non-viable sperm or non-motile sperm.
    SPERM MOTILITY, 1+ AND 2+ 9 (L) >=40 % Final
    SPERM MOTILITY, 3+ 11 % Final
    SPERM MOTILITY, 4+ 43 >=32 % Final
    TOTAL MOTILE SPERM COUNT 134 >=39 million/Spec Final

    SPERMATOZOA, MORPHOLOGY 20 >=5 % strict normal Final
    SPERM WITH NORMAL CHROMATIN 83 >=69 % normal Final

  38. Volume : 4 ml
    pH: 8

    Rapid Progression: 15%
    Slow Progression: 15%
    Non-Progression Motility: 20%
    Immotile: 50%

    Count / ml: 50 million

    Normal: 50%
    Abnormal: 50%
    Pus Cell: 2-4
    Red Blood Cell: 2-4

  39. My semen report
    colour – white
    p.h – 8.0
    quantity – 4.0 ml
    viscosity – high
    liquefication – delayed liquefication
    active sperms – 10%
    Sliggish sperms – 05%
    Dead sperms – 85%
    Total sperms count – 5 million / ml

  40. Semen analysis test report plz sir tel me advise Physical examination color: white grey, volume: 5ml, pH: 8 liquification time:30min, total count: 85mil/ml, WBC(PUS Cells): 1-2 /HPF, rapidly motile: 50%, sluggishly motile:20%, non motile:30%, normal: 70%, abnormal: 30%

  41. These are my husband’s semen analysis results. Is there any possible chance we can perhaps conceive naturally? Thanks, Kate

    Volume – 4.0 ml
    Concentration – 9
    % Motile – 50
    Progression – 1+
    pH – 7.6
    Viscosity – Normal
    % Normal Morphology – 2
    Round Cells – 0
    Total Motile Sperm – 18

  42. syed shabhir hussain


    Please give suggession on my sperm report
    volume 2 ml
    appearance ; Clear
    viscosity : Mildy viscous
    Total count : 30 million/ml
    actively motile 20-25%
    suggishly motile 20-30%
    immobile 30-40
    pus cells 1-2 / hpf
    rbc :nil
    Epithelial cells : nil

    please give me your suggession

  43. Dear sir,
    Volume 1.5
    Colour opaque grey
    Reaction alkaline
    Ph 8.0
    Total sperm count 48
    Active motile 50
    Sluggish motile 30
    Please check my report if any problem regarding my result please let me now what to do.

  44. Please advise on the below if my semen is good.
    Volume : 1.0 ml
    Reaction : Alkaline
    Viscosity : Viscous
    Liquefaction time : 45min
    Motility :
    Non progressive : 10%
    Non motile : 45%
    Morphology :
    Normal : 55%
    Abnormal : 45%

  45. What does my semen analysis report mean?
    Volume 4.0
    PH 8.0
    Sperm Density 32

    PR 20
    NP 15
    IM 65

    Ideal forms 78

    Leucocytes 0-1
    Germinal Cells 1-2
    Seman fructose – Present

    Please suggest

  46. Volume.5ml. colour – pearly while
    Liquificatiin time. – prolonged
    Chemical examination – ph 8.9
    Sperm count 45 millions / ml
    Activity motile 29%–sluggishly motile 30%— nonmotile 50%

  47. here is my sperm analysis report, can you tell that is it normal or need to concern with a doctor.

    Liquefaction Time: 30 min
    Appearance : Grey White
    Consistency: Normal
    Volume : 3.5 ml
    pH: 8
    Rapid Progression: 35%
    Slow Progression: 05%
    Non-Progression Motility: 10%
    Immotile: 50%
    Agglutination: Positive
    Count / ml: 149 million
    Normal: 39%
    Abnormal: 61%
    Pus Cell: 10-12
    Epithelial Cells: Nil
    Miscellaneous: Nil

  48. Please help interprete if semen is normal
    Vol – 5.0 mls
    Color -opalesent
    Viscosity – viscous
    Liquifaction – normal
    Total count – 40 million/ml
    Total motility – 40% . active 35%, sluggish 5%
    dead – 60%
    linearity – B
    Survival time – normal

    Normal form – 95%
    Abnormal form – 5%
    Pus cells – (++++ )
    red blood cell – nill

  49. I believe anything under 20million sperm per mil is considered low sperm count and may encounter difficulties trying to conceive.. but I am no doctor.. just a nurse : )

  50. Hey,
    My semem analysis test report
    Day of abstinence 3days
    Volume 2.5 ml
    Ph 7.8
    Viscosity 30 min
    Total sperm count 65 mi/ml
    Active forms 50%
    Dead forms 20%
    Sluggishly motile 30%
    Normal form70%
    Abnormal form 30%
    Pus cells 1-3 hpf

    please suggest me what problem in my report

  51. my semen analysis report r following .progressive motility zero,non progressive 40%,non motile60%, abnormal forms 20% what is means pls.explain…..

  52. my semen analysis result is bellow ,
    active , 45%
    sluggish 15%
    Dead : 40%
    account : 3 ml
    color : Gray white
    so i have need your advice
    i have 30 years old
    i married 5 years ago

  53. my husband timed produced 7.56,timed examin 8.27,vol 5.0ml,ph 8.0,colour creamy brow,pus cel 2-4,redcell.1-2/hpf,,motility-,sluggish 2%active40,dormant cell40,normal morphology50,cell count21×106,abnormal head40,abnomal tails10

  54. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thank you for being here, and sharing the results of your sperm test and semen analysis. It can be confusing to try to determine if you can father a baby based on the motility, count, viscosity, etc – and that’s why a urologist or fertility doctor is the person you need to talk to!

    The only way to find out what your sperm test results mean is to talk to a urologist in person. Don’t rely on the internet for results or an explanation of your semen analysis. The information in this article about sperm test results are for basic guidelines only, and not for personal health advice.

    Book an appointment with your urologist, and find out what the results of your semen analysis mean to you. Then, you’ll be able to get treatment – and maybe even get pregnant and have a baby!

  55. Dear friends,
    I ‘ve taken sperm test yesterday. I am 27 years old. I am about to get married, so wanted to make sure iam fertile and everythings is normal with my semen.
    Analysis says,
    Count – 55 million / cc
    75% – actively motile
    15% – sluggishly motile
    10% – non motile

    Moderatly viscous
    Liquification completely with 20 min

    Thats all..
    What does this mean.. Should i be worried about anything?

    Thank you so much for your valuble time and comments.

  56. Hi can you please tell me how many sperm I need for pregnancy, my semen analysis says I have a total sperm count of 48.

  57. The only way to find out with certainty what your sperm test results mean is to talk to a urologist in person. Don’t rely on the internet for conclusive results of your semen analysis. The information in this article about sperm test results are for basic guidelines only, and not for personal medical advice.

    Book an appointment with your urologist, and find out what the results of your semen analysis mean to you. Then, you’ll be able to get treatment – and maybe even get pregnant and have a baby!

  58. husband sperm count is 1.0ml.greyish white.
    what does that.can i get normally pregnant.or we have to do test tube.we 2 nd hlf year married couple?plz suggest me iam very worried

  59. My husband did a semen analysis and the reslts are as followed volme 1.8 l sperm count is 99.8 motility immediately 60 1 hr 40 and 2 hr 30 what does this mean how low is the motility compared to normal and what can we do about this?

  60. Dear Sir,
    My semen anaylisis is below. please guid me . My age is 27, i am married since 2 years.

    Total Count 13 Millions
    Active =19%
    Dead Sperms= 60%

  61. sir.
    my self an well educated peson after 2 years of my marrirge i coundcted my semen test and the ruslt are as fowllo.
    colour= gray opeque. viscosity=+.
    valume= 2 ml liquifation time 20 min.
    fructose= negative.
    ph = Alkaline
    sperm count= NIL.
    so sir is there any tritment to solve this problem and if it is then what is that and how can you help me

  62. Thank you for being here – it takes alot of courage to share the results of your sperm test, and ask for help with a semen analysis! I wish I could offer you more information, but I can’t give medical or health advice.

    I encourage you to see another urologist or fertility doctor for a second sperm test, to see if the two sets of results are consistent. Remember that men’s bodies are making fresh new sperm constantly. I think every 3 months, a new batch is made. So your sperm test today would give different results than a semen analysis in 3 months from now.

    Talk to your doctor, get a second opinion. I also encourage you to talk with your wife about different options for having a baby. Visit a fertility clinic, and learn about treatments such as in vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination. Stay open to all the possibilities!

    I will keep you in my prayers, that your body develops healthy strong sperm, and that you and your partner are able to conceive a baby quickly.


  63. Before 6 months i found thst my sperm count is 2.5 mil so i made a surgery for varicocele but after 3 month from the surgery the count was zero …. The analysis show that fsh and lh hormon have large number so i took a medicine to solve this problem of ampoles of ciditestone and choriomon .
    the result now increased 175000 for sperm concentration
    but zero motolity
    is there any hope to get my wife pregnant .. what should i do?

  64. Semen analysis test report plz sir tel me advise Physical examination color: white grey, volume: 5ml, pH: 8 liquification time:30min, total count: 85mil/ml, WBC(PUS Cells): 1-2 /HPF, rapidly motile: 50%, sluggishly motile:20%, non motile:30%, normal: 70%, abnormal: 30%

  65. Quantity 1.5ml , sperm count – 36mil/cc. Active motile- 25%, sluggish- 40%, dead sperms- 35%, pus cells – 5 to 6. Morphology – swollen neck +. Fructose test – +be. This result is OK to have a baby.

  66. Sir my semen analysis test is:
    total sperm count 45 million
    active 70%
    Slugish 15%
    Non motile 15%
    pus cell 1-2/hpf
    rbc nill
    volume 3 ml
    ph alkaline
    do i have enough sperm to get my wife pregnent?

  67. 14 million sperm cell/ml
    motility 50% showed active linear progression, 20% showed sluggish non linear movement and 30%appeared dead
    morphology 85% normal spermatozoa /15%abnormal spermatozoa
    volume 4.5ml
    consistency complete liquefaction
    colour creamish
    can this pregnant a woman

  68. sir,
    my semen is thin. I have one daughter. now I want one son. how can I make my semen healthy. my semen is thin.
    in semen analysis report .
    60% are active and 40 % are sluggish. give me suggestion that how can make healthy semen..

  69. Hello Amir,

    To get medicine to help improve your sperm, you need to talk to a urologist or fertility doctor. Ask for help figuring out what your sperm test results mean, and how a semen analysis can help you and your wife get pregnant. The internet is not a great place to get personal medical information – it’s good for general facts about sperm tests results and semen analysis, but not personal health advice.


  70. My marriage since 1997 after the marriage 1 1/2 year one child daughter has born no any child did not born and not pregnancy my report semen routin examinatino
    Total Quantity: 1.0 ml Colour Greyish white
    Visosity: semi viscous pH: 7.50 Total count 40 000 000 pre ml
    Actively Motile 25% Sluggishly Motile 35% Dead 40%
    Inflammatory cells: No Inflammatory cells.
    Abnormal Spermatozoae: 10% abnormal spermatozoae
    Please select medicine to give me

  71. Here’s information about a new male fertility test, called Trak.

    Men contribute to 50% of infertility cases and most of the time sperm count can be significantly increased through a variety of lifestyle and medical interventions. Trak is a revolutionary new platform that allows you to monitor the affect of various activities you are doing to boost sperm count and give you the best chance of getting pregnant each month.

    How Trak works

    1. Order Trak :The Trak starter kit comes with an engine, 6 disposable test props, collection cups and “Don’t Cook Your Balls – A man’s guide to reproductive and sexual health”

    2. Abstain for 2-3 days: Once Trak arrives, abstain from ejaculating for 2-3 days. This allows the body time to replenish sperm stores and gives a more accurate baseline result.

    3. Run test: Follow the simple instructions included with the kit to run the Trak test and record the result in the Trak booklet. Repeat the test after 2-3 days and record your result. Sperm counts vary day to day so it is important to test more than once per cycle to get an average.

    4. Take steps to improve fertility: Keep a record of things that you are doing to improve sperm production. Supplements, exercise, etc. Please see Don’t Cook Your Balls for a full list of things you can do.

    5. Try to make a baby: Have sex twice a week during non-fertile times and every other day during fertile window to maximize chances of conception. If possible, try to keep it fun and spontaneous as this can actually improve the number and quality of sperm in the ejaculate and boost odds of pregnancy. Regular sex also increases sperm production.

    6. Trak fertility: Test at least once a month, preferably during her period so that testing doesn’t interfere with baby making. It often takes at least 2 months to see improvements in sperm count. The more sperm you have the better your chances of conception. Average sperm count is around 50 million/mL. Chances of conception increase with more sperm up to 100 million/mL. If you are consistently below 20 million and are unable to boost count on your own, please seek out a urologist who specializes in male fertility as you may have a medical condition that is impairing sperm production.

    I don’t think this sperm test is available yet, though, and I don’t know how much it costs.

  72. I’m sorry, but I can’t interpret your semen analysis – it’s important for you to see a urologist to get in-person help with your sperm test results. A doctor can help you figure out if your sperm is healthy enough to conceive, and if it isn’t, then a doctor can help you get healthier sperm.

    Take your semen analysis to a urologist or fertility doctor, and ask him or her to help you read it.

    I wish you all the best in having a family,

  73. Dear sir ,
    i had married 5 years and i made a semen analysis as follows
    Colour -Grayish
    Consistency- Thick fluid
    Reaction = Alkaline
    Odour -Musty
    Liquafaction=Completed within 30minutes of ejaculation.
    Spermatozoae=A)Total amount-50millions/ml.b.motility-1Approx 20%Are sluggishly motile&Rest are dead within 30mintues of ejaculation.2.Approx 10%Are Very sluggishly motile & rest are dead within 30mintues of ejaculation.
    1.Head,neck and tail can be reconised of the mostomes. Some ones(4%) skow macrocephalic.absence of head, neck tail degenerated sperm seen HPF

    pus cells 8-12/HPF
    Fat globuls=(++)

    plz help me in explain my test result
    thank you all and i hope you good health

  74. New research from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health says that stress degrades sperm quality. Men who feel stressed have fewer sperm, slower sperm, and sluggish sperm — which may diminish fertility.

    Psychological stress affects a man’s sperm concentration, appearance, and ability to fertilize an egg. The results of this research study are published online in the journal Fertility and Sterility. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, infertility affects men and women equally, and semen quality is a key indicator of male fertility.

    “Men who feel stressed are more likely to have lower concentrations of sperm in their ejaculate, and the sperm they have are more likely to be misshapen or have impaired motility,” says senior author Pam Factor-Litvak, PhD, associate professor of Epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health. “These deficits could be associated with fertility problems.”

    The researchers studied 193 men, ages 38 to 49, enrolled in the Study of the Environment and Reproduction at the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan in Oakland, California, between 2005 and 2008. The men completed tests to measure work and life stress on subjective scale (how they felt overall) and objective scale (life events behind the stress). They also provided semen samples. Technicians at the University of California, Davis, used standard methods employed in fertility testing to assess the samples for semen concentration, and sperm appearance and motility.

    Measured subjectively or objectively, life stress degraded semen quality, even after accounting for men’s concerns about their fertility, their history of reproductive health problems, or their other health issues. Workplace stress was not a factor, however the researchers say it may still affect reproductive health since men with job strain had diminished levels of testosterone. Being without a job did not improve matters. Unemployed men had sperm of lower quality than employed men, regardless of how stressed they were.

    It is not fully understood how stress affects semen quality. It may trigger the release of steroid hormones called glucocorticoids, which in turn could blunt levels of testosterone and sperm production. Another possibility is oxidative stress, which has been shown to affect semen quality and fertility.

    “Stress has long been identified as having an influence on health. Our research suggests that men’s reproductive health may also be affected by their social environment,” says Teresa Janevic, PhD, the study’s first author and an assistant professor at the Rutgers School of Public Health.

    While several previous studies have examined the link between stress and semen quality, the current paper is the first to look at subjective and objective measures of stress and find associations with semen concentration, and sperm appearance and motility.

    So if you’re stressed about your sperm test results, try to find ways to de-stress before you do another semen analysis!

  75. If the results of your sperm test or semen analysis are confusing or worrisome, please make an appointment with a fertility doctor or urologist. It’s really important to get an in-person medical examination, so you know what you’re dealing with!

  76. MY husband take semens test dead cells are 70-75%
    and active cell 25-30% so doctors told to give q gold tablet its correct treatment and its takes how long.
    and please suggest what kind of food,vegetables we can eat
    Thank you,

  77. Thanks for your comments on increasing sperm count for men. Tooth flossing is surprisingly important! So is seeing a urologist if you think you have male fertility issues.

  78. That is some really great advice – thank you. I had never heard about the tooth flossing before, but that makes a lot of sense. One other thing I heard was the importance of rinsing after flossing – swallowing the stuff from your teeth can be really bad!
    Dealing with stress and eating healthy foods are really important in fertility – generally the better you look after yourself, the better your fertility.

  79. Hello,

    What do your doctors say about your sperm test results? That’s the first and best place to get a semen analysis, so you can talk about your health and medical history as well.


  80. dear sir ,
    i had married in 26/1/2013 and i made a semen analysis as follows
    quantity 2.5 cc
    viscosity normal
    reaction alkaline
    liquifaction 40
    count 18 million/ml
    active 35%
    sluggish 30%
    non- motile 35 %
    pus cells 10-12
    R.B.CS nil
    spermatogenic cells +
    abnormal 40 %
    agglutination nil

    plz help me in explain my test result
    thank you all and i hope you good health

  81. sir,my semen analysis report plz tell me I want to be father.

    total sparm concentration 121million/ml
    %progresessive motility 65%
    sluggish motility 20%
    normal morphology 63%
    tfsc 60.2million/ml msc78.6 million/ml
    smi-320,pus cell(0-1/hpe)present,rbc-nil

  82. Hello Nawaz, I wish I could tell you what your sperm test results really mean! Unfortunately, I’m not a doctor.

    Have you had your test results checked by a urologist or fertility doctor?

  83. What does your doctor or urologist say about the sperm test or semen analysis? The best person to tell you if you can get pregnant is your doctor! I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but you need to talk to your doctor in person for the best results.

  84. 2.5 ml/20m, prgrsvl motile 20%, slugsly 35% , non motile 45%, morophology 65% what it means realy? Waiting ur reply…

  85. Ask a urologist or fertility doctor to help you understand the results of your semen analysis. He or she can offer more information than you can get online! An in-person exam is very, very important.

  86. 3 yrs back during my sperm analysis doctor found abnormal head sperm and i took medicine for 3 months. After that i got my wife pregnant. Now if i want to have second child do i need to take the medicine again or that treatment is one time enough? please experts can reply..!!

  87. Dear Samantha,

    My heart goes out to you, as my husband had a very similar sperm test. No sperm at all. It was devastating.

    I do not know if there are certain times of the day that sperm are more abundant and lively, and other times that they are not. I know that a man creates a new “batch” of sperm every 3 months or so, so it is worth getting another sperm test in 3 months or so.

    My husband got a genetic test done, which is free in Canada. It revealed that his azoospermia (no sperm) is the result of genetics, and he will never create sperm (apart from a miracle from God!).

    It takes a long time to absorb this, and learn how to live happily without creating a baby together.

    Are you ready to look at other options for starting a family together? If so, I can share what we considered, and what we are doing now.


  88. Hello! My husband and I just got his semen analysis test results back. They told us the test is abnormal. I am just wondering – is there a certain time of the day where the sperm is actually there, when at other times it is not?. We’ve been trying to have a baby for a year and a half now. He just went in and got tested in January. A baby has always been my biggest dream. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. I am very upset with the outcome of this test. I am sure that with the test being abnormal – and there isn’t any sperm motility that means my husband is sterile? He will be re-testing on the 8th of March.

    This is what his test reads:

    Semen Appearance: gray-opalescene
    Semen Volume: 2.0 >>> 2.0 ML
    Sperm P.H.: 8.5 H 7.2-8.0
    Sperm Viscosity: NORMAL
    Sperm Motility: None Seen.
    Sperm Count: None seen. Sperm count normals: 20 million.

    Can you please help me?

  89. I agree with Hayley’s comment: if you are having male fertility problems such as low sperm count, you need to talk to your doctor. Your health is too important to risk getting advice on the internet, but someone who doesn’t know your medical history.

  90. Hi,
    I am 41 old, and i am getting more worry with my wife and i did semen test 2times and the results was as follow:-

    quantity: 7 ml
    viscosity: normal
    reaction: alkaline
    liquifaction: within 30 mins
    sperm count: 80000000/ml
    motility(%): 1st 2nd
    active(%) 7, 0 sluggish(%)50 (%)57
    pus cells 15-20 H.P.F
    R.B.Cs Nil H.P.F
    Abnormal Forms 30%
    others Becteria:++

  91. Hello Doctor,
    I am Md. Sazzad Hossain, 29 years old. I go married in January 6, 2012. My semen test result is as follows:
    Total spermatozoa count=50 million/ml
    Sperm motility:
    Actively Motile=35%
    Feebly motile=10%
    Non Motile (Dead)=55%

    Sperm morphology:
    Pus cells=5-8 /HPF

    In this situation what shall i do to be a father?

  92. Hello.
    This is the test result of my semen i really need to know if there are any problems.So I need your help.

    Volume: 1.0 ml
    Color: Greyish White
    Odour: Aeromatic
    Liquification: 30 mint
    ph: Alkaline 7.5
    Sperm Count: 06 Million/ml
    Actively Motile: 20%
    Sluggishly Motile: 30%
    non Motile: 50%
    After 1 Hour: 20% 30% 50%
    After 2 Hour: 20% 30% 50%
    Abnormal form: 02% large head,02% large head & tail,Occasional-Amorphous

    PUS cells: 0-1 /h.p.f
    Epithelial cells: +
    Bacteria: +

    sir,kindly suggest me i can pregnant to my wife or not
    Please, get back to me as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance

  93. Please help me to read the following semen analysis:
    Volume .9 ml
    Appearance OPALESCENT
    Viscosity/liquifaction Normal
    Total sperms collection 03 millions/ml
    Active motility 08%
    Normal morphologies 11%
    Sperms motility index (smi) 15
    Motile sperm concentration (msc) .4 millions/ml
    Functional sperms concentration (fsc) .2 millions/ml
    Plus cells 10-15 HPF
    Red cells nil HPF

    Are there any abnormalities shown?
    Thank you in advance.
    With best regards


  94. My semen report is following
    sperm count-8000 nos
    motility -nil
    Please help me to get good treatment

  95. hi this is my husband’s semen analysis report. plz help me analyze:

    sperm count : 45 million/ml

    actively motile: 30%
    slugglish : 20%
    Dead : 50%

    others: pus cells :2-4/hpf

    plz help me analyze. can i get pregnant?

  96. hi this is my husband’s semen analysis report. plz help me analyze:

    viscosity: normal, reaction : alkaline, color : whitish.

    sperm count : 35 million/ml

    actively mobile: 15%
    slugglishly motile : 25%
    non-motile: 60%
    abnormal forms : 45%

    others: pus cells :0-1/hpf, rbc : nil, spermatogenic cells :4-6/hpf, sperm agglutination: absent.

    plz help me analyze. can i get pregnant?

  97. volume-0.5ml
    Sperm count-35ml
    Non motile-70%
    Abnormal Morphology-15%
    pus cell-3-4/HPF


    Godbless u

  98. Hello.
    This is the test result of my husband and i really need to know if there are any problems.So I need your help.

    Days of absence : 2
    Volume = 1.0ml
    Motility = 51.5millions
    Rapidly progressive = 51%
    Immotile = 49%
    Concentration = 101millions/ml
    Morphology = 2%

    Can I become Pregnant having 2% morphology sperm count of my husband
    or suggest me to increase the morphology count

  99. we have been ttc for 7yrs .my husband june results are as follow morphology 40,motility 45,sperm count 18 million,wbc 3,ph akaline and my hsg result is that one of my womb is blocked.looking forward for your reply.thanks

  100. What are my chances of getting my GF pregnant?

    Volume = 1.0
    Motility = 40%
    Rapidly progressive = 30%
    Sluggish = 10%
    Immotile = 60%
    Concentration = 28.8m
    Morphology = 90%

  101. This is my husband recent analysis is it ok? Consistency _ Nomal. Lignifactin_Complete. Volum 2.0mls. Viscosity Nomal. Motility 80% slugish 18% death2% count 14ml

  102. A urologist, gynecologist, or fertility doctor has to tell you what the chances of conception are, based on your sperm test results. Getting pregnant may be more complicated because of your sperm – but the doctor needs to be the one to help you decipher what your test results mean.

    Getting pregnant depends on what other factors are involved (eg, your age, your wife’s age, overall health, other sperm or ovary issues, lifestyle, etc).

  103. This is my result
    Active cells : 40 percent
    Dead Cells : 60 percent
    Morpholology : 70 percent
    Progression : 80 percent
    Ph : Alkaline
    Count : 18million
    Total : 54 million
    …..Do I have a chance with this test?

  104. Hello,

    I have noted below my Semen analysis report and like to know is it ok for father a child and how good is it? cooperation in this regard is highly appreciated.thank you.

    Syed S Ahmed.

    Volume: 2.0 ml
    Appearance : Dirty White
    Liquefaction : Completely liquefied after incubation at 37 degree celcius for 30 minutes.
    PH : Alkaline
    Sperm Count : 50 million/ml
    Sperm motility : Activeli motile 15%, Feebly Motile 25% and non Motile 60% .Motility within one hour of ejaculation.
    Sperm Morphology : 28% sperms abnormal :(abnormality of head/tail/body)
    Sperm Clumping : Absent
    Leukocytes : 3-4 / HPF
    Epithelial Cells : 2-3 HPF
    Germ Cells :present
    fructose : present.
    Opinion: normozoosspermia with decreased motility.

    Syed S Ahmed, 48 years and 3 Months.

    Syed s ahmed, 48 years 3 months.

  105. Hi there,

    I am 32 old, and i am getting more worry with my wife and i did semen test three times and the results was as follow:-

    quantity: 3.5 ml
    viscosity: normal
    reaction: alkaline
    liquifaction: within 30 mins
    sperm count: 30000000/ml
    motility(%): 1st 2nd 3rd
    active(%) 55 45 40
    sluggish(%) 25 30 35
    non-motile(%) 20 25 25
    pus cells 15-20 H.P.F
    R.B.Cs Nil H.P.F
    Abnormal Forms 30%
    others Becteria:++

    I hope that you can give us the result of this test, is ok or not

    Best regards

  106. Hello.
    This is the test result of my husband and i really need to know if there are any problems.So I need your help.

    Volume: 6 ml
    Color: White
    concentration: normal
    ph: 8
    number: 70 000 000/ml

    1/2 hr: 78%
    3 hrs: 68%
    6 hrs: 63%
    morphology of spermatozoides: 40% of form abnormal
    leucocytes: absent
    hematies: Absent

    Thank you for the info provided in this website. I really liked it.
    Please, get back to me as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance

  107. Dear sir,

    Pl check My Semananalysis and report send my mail id

    Macro examination:

    1. Colour : Opaque – Grey
    2. Reaction : Alkaline
    3. Volume : 1.0
    4. Viscosity : Normal
    5. Motility : 50 %
    6. Total Sperms count : 20 Million/ Cumm
    7. Active Sperms : 30 %
    8. Sluggish Sperms : 20 %
    9. Dead Sperms : 50 %
    10 Pus Cells : 2-4 / HPF
    11.Red Blood Cells : 0-1 / HPF
    12 Epithelial Cells : 1-3 / HPF


    1. HIV I & II : Negative (-ve)
    2. V.D.R.L : Non Reactive

  108. Dear Would you plese tell me that either this is normal report

    Time of liquefaction 30min
    viscosity thick
    quantity 3ml
    color greyish
    trasparancy opeque
    total count 60mil/ml
    motile 60%
    deadh 35%
    slugish 30%
    pus cell 10-12
    abnormal 60%

  109. Me and my wife have been trying to have a child for the last 10 years; we have done IVF 6 times and nothing seems to work. Recently I underwent another semen analysis and the results are really worrying me; please helm understand them;

    Colour: whitish grey
    Ph: 8.3
    Volume: 2.0ml
    Viscousity: 30mm
    Liquefaction: poor

    Count: 3.0 million/ml
    Total: 6 million

    Motility: 0%

    Percentage normal forms: 6%
    Small/absent acrosomes: 23%
    Tapered/elongated forms: 2%

    Leucocytes: present(+)
    squamous epithelial: present (+)
    erythrocytes: not observed

  110. semen report
    color ; grey
    reaction ; alkaline volume ;0.5 ml viscosity ; viscous

    total sperm count ; 32 milli/cmm
    motile ;35
    sluggish ; 45%
    immotle ; 20 %

    other cells puscells ; 1- 2/hpf epicells; nil rcb’s ; nil

  111. plz cheek my sperm report

    VOLUME 2.5
    O dour MUSTY
    Liquefaction 15 Mint
    Sperm 110 millions/ml
    Normal Motility 40%
    sullegish MOTILITY 15%
    Morphology 70%
    Pus cells 1-2

  112. Hello! This is my boyfriends sperm test results…please help me analyze 😉

    Motility – 64
    Rapidly Progressive – 44
    Sluggish – 20
    Immotile – 36
    I gather he is at 64% motility…36% immotile right?
    Concentration – 108.5
    Total Motile – 208.3
    Normal Morphology – 9%
    WHO Criteria
    Mid-piece defect – 87%
    Tail-piece defect – 4%
    So…his morpholgy is at 9%?? So does that mean 9% have a chance of penetrating the egg? This is confusing ;( Help!

  113. Love this site. I had to use IVF to try to conceive but had a miscarriage after a couple of weeks. Every Mom has a Journey towards becoming a Mom at Last. If that journey took you through Surrogacy, Adoption, or In-Vitro Fertilization, Mom at Last is the place to find information, success stories, & inspirational quotes. Visit our Mom Community today at Every Mom has a Journey…so let’s connect & celebrate it!

  114. Well well well.. I have kind of the same problem, I was searching and reading reviews about something could help me, I’ve been married for 5 years and i don’t have a child yet, so I read something about a product called Fertilaid it have a very good reviews so i bought a 1 month supplement for me and my wife and we will see this month if something happen, do some researches it may help you.

  115. Hello Mary,

    Only a urologist, gynecologist, or fertility doctor can tell you what the chances of conception are, based on those sperm test results. Getting pregnant is more than having a good semen analysis and a successful tubal ligation reversal…it really depends on what other factors are involved (eg, age of both you and your husband, lifestyle, overall health, other sperm or ovary issues, etc).

    I wish you all the best in getting pregnant!


  116. My husbands volume was 1.0 and sperm morphology 26. I’m looking into getting a tubaligation reversal. Is he capable of conceiving with these results?????

  117. Hi Yaseen,

    What did your doctor say about your sperm test results? Reviving sluggish sperm may depend on the cause. Did you get your semen analysis from a urologist or a fertility doctor? If not, you should talk to one as soon as possible.


  118. Hi dear Richard!

    My sperm motility is 5 % only. 60% sluggish motile sperms are found. How can i make it better?


  119. Hi Richard,

    Did you get the number results of your sperm test? I’m not sure how to help you read your semen analysis, without knowing what results you have. Could you post more information?

    A better idea is to take your sperm test results to a doctor, and get him or her to interpret them for you.

    Good luck – I hope your sperm test results are good!


  120. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen


    Thanks for your comment — I’m glad you like Quips & Tips!

    I hope your testosterone test went well, and especially hope that you don’t feel guilty about anything…especially cancer! Even if your past actions are affecting your ability to get your wife pregnant today, you still can’t blame yourself. You made your choices in the past, and if you knew it might affect your fertility today, then you may have made different choices. But we don’t know how our actions will affect us in the future…we make the best decisions we can in our lives. And, we have to accept our pasts even if we made mistakes.

    All that to say, I hope you don’t feel guilty about developing cancer!

    Wishing you all the best,

  121. Hey Laurie, great website by the way. Up to this point I fear that I will be riding the infertility coaster soon. There seems to be some issues with my FSH and LH levels. I already know where that can lead to. I’ll be take a full testorone test today so looking forward to good results on that. I guess from there my wife and I we’ll see where we go from there. I just seem to be guilty of myself mainly because I developed cancer during my young adult life. 37 going strong but remain hopeful.
    Thank you.

  122. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Sam,

    The best way to get information on an at-home test for male fertility is by reading the instructions for specific tests. I can’t recommend any specific test, but think that PreConceive Plus is a popular sperm test for semen analysis.

    Good luck; I hope you get her pregnant soon!