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I Want to Get Pregnant in the New Year! Help Getting Pregnant

Do you want to get pregnant in the new year? Many couples need help getting pregnant – so here’s a list of fertility tests, ovulation monitors, fertility supplements, and all manner ‘o things to help you conceive a baby.

I want to get pregnant in 2011, and I’ve been taking folic acid for a couple of years now. It’s very important for a strong pregnancy and healthy fetal development – and it’s a B vitamin, so I’m pretty sure it helps improve my mood! Folic acid has been shown to decrease the risk of birth defects like spina bifida or other neural tube defects.

Doctors recommend that women increase their intake of folic acid even before trying to conceive. If you’re not taking it yet, make sure natural prenatal vitamins are part of your routine.

And, here are several tips for getting pregnant…

I Want to Get Pregnant in the New Year! Help Getting Pregnant

Fertility Monitors. Fertility Monitors like Clearblue or Ovacue are digital electronic devices that predict your most fertile time of month. They also provide you with a personalized ovulation calendar based on your body’s own unique hormone fluctuations. A fertility monitor can help you keep track of your ovulation, which can make getting pregnant easier.

Ovulation Tests. An ovulation test is a urine predictor kit used to identify the luteinizing (LH) hormone surge that shows that ovulation is about to occur. The best time to get pregnant is when the egg is released (when you’re ovulating). Ovulation tests come in both test strip and midstream formats. Both Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests and the Wondfo Ovulation Combo are ideal for pinpointing the fertile time in your ovulation cycle.

Ovulation Microscopes. An ovulation microscope is a saliva monitor that is used to identify the estrogen surge. When your estrogen increases, it’s an indication that you’re about to ovulate – which means it’s time to try to get pregnant! Fairhaven Health has an effective ovulation microscope, called the Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope.

PreSeed Lubricants. Pre-seed, sometimes known as ProSeed, is a sperm friendly lubricant that is used to provide lubrication for couples who are trying to get pregnant. A fertility lubricant is also good if you’re doing infertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and taking Clomid because it helps with dryness issues. Pre-Seed personal lubricant is better than traditional lubes (which sometimes contain spermicide — the last thing you need if you want to get pregnant!).

FertilAid for Men and Women. FertilAid is a natural herbal fertility treatment, similar to Fertility Blend, which can help increase fertility for both men and women. This natural herbal supplement is used as an alternative to fertility treatments, drugs, or pills. There are FertilAid fertility supplements for both women and men that contain safe herbs and vitamins – great if you want to get pregnant in the new year!

Basal Thermometer (or Ovulation Thermometer). A basal thermometer is a digital or glass thermometer used to help chart fertility. This practice is often called BBT (or basal body temperature) fertility charting. The Digital Basal Thermometer provides temperature readings, which can help you figure out when you’re ovulating.

Sperm Tests for Men. It’s not just women who need help getting pregnant! A sperm test is a male fertility test that is used to screen for low sperm count and/or motility. We carry a variety of different home sperm test kits, as well as other products pertaining to the male reproductive system to increase sperm count and motility. SpermCheck Fertility and Micra Sperm Test are at home tests for sperm count and motility.

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