Here are some unusual stories of getting pregnant, to inspire you if you’re worried that you can’t conceive a baby! Keep the faith, fellow moms-to-be, even if you’re coping with infertility…your turn will come soon…

Before these unusual pregnancy stories, here are Celine Dion’s plans to get pregnant:

“We’ll give it a try after my tour,” Dion told Oprah Winfrey. “Hopefully, we [will be] parents again. If not, that’s fine. We have our miracle baby.”

That’s such a great attitude about conceiving a child! Dion seems like she’d be happy either way, which is so healthy. For a different perspective of getting pregnant, read Pregnancy Sucks: What to do When Your Miracle Makes Your Miserable by Joanne Kimes and Sanford Tisherman.

And, here are some unusual stories of getting pregnant…

Unusual Stories of Getting Pregnant

Pregnant on safari in Africa. “I was on my honeymoon in Africa (on a truck safari with a dozen other people) when I discovered I was pregnant,” says Heather Gibbs Flett, creator of and author of The Rookie Mom’s Handbook. “Working backwards, our son was a souvenir from earlier in the honeymoon when we were in Dubrovnik, Croatia. When the tour folks found out – and couldn’t expose us to malaria by keeping us on board – they dropped us off on the side of the road in Tsumeb, Namibia and we had to roadtrip our way home.”

Successful ovulation kit. “I’m 39, and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 2 years,” says Melanie Heywood, founder and CEO of “First we just left it to chance after I went off the pill (I was on for about 20 years) and after about a year, I got pregnant this past February. I had a miscarriage in April…and in the summer we started trying again. I tried doing the ovulation kits but it would never tell me that I was ever ovulating–very frustrating! I ended up finding a Clearblue Fertility Monitor on Amazon, and after reading the success folks had with it, purchased it. Basically you do testing for LH levels for about 10 days straight–but it’s supposedly more accurate than just ‘peeing on the stick’.

The first month/cycle that we tried this, it worked!! It told me when I was in high ovulation and peak ovulation modes, and of course, well, I had to pester my husband for that week…and I’m now 9 weeks pregnant! I was really amazed by this product. It was my last effort before consulting a fertility specialist, and certainly saved us a lot of money and time! I guess timing really is everything.”

Getting pregnant naturally after 12 years of unsuccessful fertility treatments. A friend of mine – Sandy – loves telling her story: My husband and I had infertility treatments for 12 years. I had three miscarriages. I turned 40, and we gave up and moved to a new house in a rural setting. A year later, I was pregnant with twin boys! Her doctors and ultrasound technicians were stunned that she was pregnant – they’d all given up. But, Sandy is now the mother of twelve year old twin boys — and the teller of an unusual story of getting pregnant.

Adoption, then a surprise pregnancy.  “Over four years I suffered four complicated miscarriages (three natural conceptions, one IVF), one very traumatic failed adoption, one attempt at surrogacy that crashed and burned at the 11th hour….and now I have two children six months apart,” says Joanna Brody, owner of Brody Public Relations. “My son is adopted, and my biological daughter, born six months later, was conceived naturally after we completely gave up on having any children! I am completely convinced that my son was destined to be with us. My husband is half Filipino and so is my son’s birthmom. So both of our children – adopted and biological – are one quarter Filipino. And – regarding my biological daughter – I conceived her at the age of 43 and gave birth to her at 44 – a miracle in and of itself!”

Finally finding a donor. “I decided after taking the regular intrauterine insemination/in vitro fertilization route (my IVF cycle was cancelled) to go down the donor egg road,” says life coach Andrea Cinnamond. “It was a very trying time.  The decision to go with donor eggs was not a difficult decision for me, but I had challenges after that.  I had a donor not produce eggs because she had infertility issues she didn’t know about, I had a donor who found she couldn’t give herself shots, I had another donor get so sick (before she started with anything IVF-like – just got sick on her own) and had to be hospitalized and was not allowed after that to ever donate eggs.  But once I had a donor, everything went perfectly – it was just getting a donor! I had my twin boys (who are 18 months old now) at 47 years old.  My OB was so impressed – he told me I was born to have twins!”

If you’re worried about fertility, read How Fear of Infertility Treatments Affects Getting Pregnant.

Pregnant by accident, then can’t get pregnant at all! “My husband and I conceived my daughter in very unusual circumstances,” says Lia. “He was in the military, we hadn’t seen each other in months, but somehow managed to  have a brief layover in San Antonio, Texas. I had been on birth control for 5 years, and we used a backup method – and we still managed to get pregnant!  Now, we have been trying to plan another pregnancy to no avail.  We are seriously considering going back to San Antonio!”

Got a hysterosalpingogram. In 2004, right before my husband and I got hitched, I went off the pill. After three long of me charting my every move, we were still unable to conceive. I had one misfire (it was so early they didn’t even call it a miscarriage), but other than that, we had no luck at all. Finally, right before my 35th birthday, my doctor performed a Hysterosalpingogram, told me to wait three months, then if nothing happened, he would refer me to a fertility specialist. So two months go by, and no baby. By that time I was really sad and frustrated, so I made an appointment with the specialist. At that meeting (when unbeknownst to me I was pregnant) the specialist says, I want to see your blood work on day three of your next period. Well as it turns out – day three never came! The fun part came a few weeks later when I was due for another fertility consultation. The doctor was reviewing my chart and asks where my blood work results are. I said I don’t have them,  because I think I am pregnant! He immediately performed an internal ultrasound and we were able to hear the heartbeat at 5 weeks! He said that was one of the easiest pregnancies he had ever been associated with! Moral of the story: ask your doctor for a hysterosalpingogram. They say it “clears out” your fallopian tubes; whatever it does, it helped us conceive after years of trying. – Sperry M.

A blast from the past. My husband and I always joke about this one turned out…We tried for many, many months to get pregnant and made it a point to have sex every night no matter what. When a terrible storm caused us to lose power for a week, we weren’t sure how our routine would go when we moved in with my parents. As a good southern girl, I was never allowed to have boys upstairs in my room.  My husband was the first.  My room was unchanged from my adolescence and it was very awkward even sitting on the bed with him.  My parents were just down the hall.  Anyhoo, I can always be talked into ‘it’ and my husband looked at me and said – I think we just made a baby.  I said – get out of my room! – we were laughing like crazy and my dad shouted from down the hall – keep it down in there! When I got sick after smelling coffee the next month, I just knew he had knocked me up that night in my old room.   Riordan is 9 now and my parents recently retired and moved, but thinking of making a baby in my pink room with the stuffed animals and Billy Idol posters makes me smile. – Susie Shina.

Visit another country for fertility treatments. During our first year of marriage, my husband and I discovered that we were not conceiving a child “the old-fashioned way. My doctor first recommended some testing and then we went through a series of IUIs, none of which were successful.  After discovering male factor infertility, my husband had the surgery for a varicocele vein in one of his testicles and it still did not make subsequent IUIs successful.  Our next step was ICSI, but the cost of fertility treatments made us think twice and regroup before proceeding any further.  I emailed a friend in Germany and mentioned that it would cost us over $15,000 for infertility treatments, she told us to go there.  We did, and spent only about $4000, though we were still not successful in conceiving.  We then went online to try to find a place that would work better and found the Fertinova clinic in Helsinki, Finland. – Barbara Shantz.

This time, we succeeded in conceiving our FIRST set of twins.  Though it was below freezing the entire time we were in Helsinki, we still had a fabulous vacation when we weren’t at the clinic for the various parts of the ICSI.  We even got to take a ferry across the frozen Baltic Sea to spend a day in Tallinn, Estonia.  And the ICSI cost only $2500!    Our daughters, Greta and Cora, were born October 29, 2004, and we were overwhelmed and excited at the same time.  We decided to try again in 2007.  Since we already had two children, the travel logistics and cost made us decide to stay home this time, in Huntsville, Alabama.  We had the egg retrieval and embryo creation performed by Dr. Harper at Huntsville Reproductive Medicine and had an ICSI in August 2007, but were again unsuccessful.  We had three frozen embryos left, so we decided to have them all transferred and give up if this ICSI didn’t work.  Well, it did!  We ended up having a second set of twins, this set two boys, Franklin and Carlton, who were born June 30, 2008.  I had my tubes tied during the second c-section.  It’s really sad to do that after the difficulties we faced in conceiving, but knowing our luck it would just *happen* 10 or 15 years down the road!  Four kids within four years is certainly enough for us!

stories of getting pregnant

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  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Yay! Thank you for sharing your story, Chantel and Kellie 🙂

    And, Vivienne, thank you for your comment — you made my day!

  2. Hi everyone my name is Chantel i have been with my partner for 10 years we was trying for a baby for 7 of them but then i never got pregnant asuming it was a problem with myself due to having endometriosis i went to see the doctor who refered use to the hospital but all tests come back fine due to the stress me and my partner took a break but carried on sleeping together i then descovered i was 8 weeks pregnant shock was the first theing i felt and did 3 tests to make shore all the time my partner and his mother was talking about it saying it cant be his as it never happened in the whole time we were together im now faceing the pregnancy alone as he is demanding a Dna test to prove it is his he is now under the doctor as he dont see it possible for me to get pregnant and wants his sperm tested i hoped Dreamed and Prayed i then went to a tarot reader who told me i would have a new begining to look forward to he was right my dream had come true but now im facing it alone. the stress was no longer in the relationship of trying for a baby and things happen when you least expext them to. well im looking forward to meeting my bundle of joy in january and cant wait i have waited so long so dont never give up Hope of one day being a parent.

  3. What great stories. After four years of trying to conceive with no luck, a psychic told me that I would have one baby, then a set of twins, and then another single baby. I thought she was crazy, to say the least. But, now here I am with my daughter, twin boys and another one on the way!