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Trusting God When You Can’t Get Pregnant

If you’re having problems getting pregnant, you may have a difficult time trusting God. When you can’t get pregnant, you feel scared, lonely, and anxious about the future. These thoughts on trusting God when you’re not getting pregnant will help you find peace and even joy.

Trusting God When You Can’t Get PregnantWaiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting by Catherine Claire Larson is a devotional journal that invites women to embrace the spiritual journey that awaits as they prepare for the high and holy calling of motherhood. It may be a leap of faith to get a book about pregnancy, but … isn’t that what God expects from us? Waiting in Wonder will guide you the weeks of pregnancy. It includes devotions designed to encourage, strengthen, and inspire you through your pregnancy. Each devotion includes Scripture and journaling space for writing personal thoughts, prayers, dreams, even love letters to the growing baby.

In Keeping the Faith When You’re Trying to Get Pregnant, I encourage you to balance taking action with trusting God when you can’t get pregnant. Throughout the Bible believers had to take steps and leaps of faith! It’s a leap of faith to even try to conceive a baby…and my prayer is that you find help and hope in these tips for trusting God when you can’t get pregnant.

First, a parable about trust and dangling from a tree.

Jack’s Parable

A man named Jack was walking along a steep cliff one day when he accidentally got too close to the edge and fell. On the way down he grabbed a branch, which temporarily stopped his fall. He looked down and to his horror saw that the canyon fell straight down for more than a thousand feet. He couldn’t hang onto the branch forever, and there was no way for him to climb up the steep wall of the cliff.

So Jack began yelling for help, hoping that someone passing by would hear him and lower a rope or something. “HELP! HELP! Is anyone up there? “HELP!” He yelled for a long time, but no one heard him. He was about to give up when he heard a voice.

“Jack, Jack. Can you hear me?”

“Yes, yes! I can hear you. I’m down here!”

“I can see you, Jack. Are you all right?”

“Yes, but who are you, and where are you?

“I am the Lord, Jack. I’m everywhere.”

“The Lord? You mean, GOD?”

“That’s Me.”

trusting God parable cant get pregnant

“Jack’s Parable” image by t1na

“God, please help me! I promise if, you’ll get me down from here, I’ll stop sinning. I’ll be a really good person. I’ll serve You for the rest of my life.”

“Easy on the promises, Jack. Let’s get you off from there, then we can talk.”

“Now, here’s what I want you to do. Listen carefully.”

“I’ll do anything, Lord. Just tell me what to do.”

“Okay. Let go of the branch.”


“I said, let go of the branch. Just trust Me. Let go.”

There was a long silence.

Finally Jack yelled, “HELP! HELP! IS ANYONE ELSE UP THERE?”


Trusting God When You Can’t Get Pregnant

If you want to trust God with your life and future family, but you don’t know where to start, read How to Find a Church. Going to church isn’t mandatory for believers, but it can help your spiritual life grow in leaps and bounds.

Know that He loves you

The most important tip for trusting God when you’re not getting pregnant is to believe He loves you fully, deeply, and wildly. He knows every hair on your head, and delights in you! You are His child, and He wants the very best for you. Do you believe me? If God hasn’t shown you his love, then ask Him right now how He feels about you. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow His spirit to show you how He feels about you.

Accept His timing, for it is perfect

Maybe you haven’t gotten pregnant yet because you’re not ready to be a mother, or your husband isn’t ready to be a father. Maybe you have some financial problems that need to be sorted – or maybe you have emotional, spiritual, or family issues that you need to settle. You don’t know why you haven’t gotten pregnant yet…but God does. He knows, and He coordinating your pregnancy and family for your good.

That said, however, trusting God when you can’t get pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t take action! Read How to Pray for a Baby for ideas on how to prayerfully ask God for the desires of your heart.

Balance action with prayer

What are some practical actions you can take to increase your chances of pregnancy? There is nothing wrong with doing practical things that help you conceive! God blessed you with intelligence and an internet full of tips on how to get pregnant, ways to increase your fertility, ideas for improving your egg and sperm health, etc. Use the medical information and scientific facts that are available. Do your research on fertility and getting pregnant, AND focus on trusting God when you can’t get pregnant. Ask Him to show you if you’ve been missing anything. If you haven’t seen a fertility doctor, gynecologist, or urologist, consider booking an appointment today.

Accept whatever comes your way

cant get pregnant trusting God

“Trusting God When You Can’t Get Pregnant” image by beyondsalvage

Acceptance and surrender will help you increase your faith. Trusting God when you can’t get pregnant isn’t just about accepting the fact that it’s taking a long time to conceive…trusting God is also about accepting that maybe you won’t have your own biological baby. Pray for the desires of your heart, but be open to His will for your life. Pray, and accept. Pray, and surrender. Pray, and trust.

If you’re truly a believer in Jesus Christ, you know that God is working all things together for your good. Be open to the idea that God may have different ways for you to have a family.

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a year or more, read Reasons You Can’t Get Pregnant – A Fertility Checklist. You need to trust Him, and take care of your health.

I welcome your thoughts on trusting God when you can’t get pregnant. I can’t offer advice or counseling, but it may help you to share what you’re going through.

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My prayer is that you find peace, joy, and faith as you seek to trust God.

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