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Tired of Trying to Get Pregnant? 10 Ways to Fight Infertility Fatigue

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for more than a year (or more than five years!), you may be dealing with “infertility fatigue.” These tips for re-energizing when you’re tired of trying to get pregnant may lift your spirits and give you the energy you need to keep plugging away (so to speak).

“They go through all of this [infertility treatments] without any guarantee that they will have a child at the end of the process,” says Sandy Destrampe, Executive Director of the Children’s Hope Network. “The process takes a financial, physical and emotional toll.”

It’s not just infertility treatments that take a toll on a couple’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health! Trying to get pregnant can be just as fatiguing and disappointing. If you’re familiar with the What to Expect When You’re Expecting series of books, you might find What to Expect Before You’re Expecting helpful. And, here are ten ways to energize your mind, body, and soul when you’re trying to conceive a baby…

Tired of Trying to Get Pregnant? 10 Ways to Fight Infertility Fatigue

1. Check for other medical problems. Are you in good physical health overall? Fatigue can be a common symptom of thyroid problems, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, or other medical problems. If you’ve been exhausted for weeks or years, ask your doctor for a physical checkup. It’s a good idea to rule out other possible medical conditions that could be causing infertility depression or fatigue, or even hindering your chances of getting pregnant.

2. Check your iron levels. A simple, effective way to feel more alert and energized is to make sure you’re getting enough iron! Even if you don’t have a full-fledged iron deficiency, a slight dip can make life – and trying to get pregnant – hard to take. Eat fish, eggs, chicken, fortified cereals, and beans to increase your energy levels.

3. Vary your routine with your partner. A great way to stay interested in trying to get pregnant is to do something different. Instead of trying to get pregnant in the bedroom, switch it up! Fool around in the kitchen, bathtub, or a tent in the backyard. Be creative, and inject a little fun into your love life. If your love life is suffering, read up on increasing physical intimacy levels when you’re trying to get pregnant.

4. Avoid simple carbohydrates. The sugar in soft drinks, chips, rice crisps, chocolate, and anything white and processed causes your blood sugar levels to spike. Plus, white, processed foods are not good foods to eat to increase fertility levels! It may seem like you’re increasing your energy levels and fighting fatigue when you eat sugar, but your body then releases insulin, which makes you feel tired.

5. Eat lots of complex carbohydrates. Food that breaks down slowly will help you feel energized all day – which can increase your chances of getting pregnant by keeping your libido and energy levels high! Healthy low-fat granola bars, bagels, and muesli are complex carbs that release energy slowly, which helps fight fatigue and increases feelings of alertness. For more tips on fertility foods, read How Full-Fat Dairy Products Affects Fertility.

6. Maintain a healthy body fat ratio or Body Mass Index. You don’t have to be slim to get pregnant; in fact, if you’re too skinny you may feel tired, drained, and listless – and your periods may not be regular. But if you’re overweight, you’ll get tired when you climb a flight of stairs (much less expend energy trying to get pregnant!). To stay energized and keep your fertility levels healthy, maintain a good body fat ratio for your body.

7. Avoid extremes; seek balance in your life. The more spiritual, emotional, social, and physical balance you have in your life, the more stable your body, mind, and soul will be. And the more stability you have in life, the better your relationships will be…and the less infertility fatigue you’ll feel. Don’t just focus on getting pregnant; focus on enjoying your spouse regardless if you conceive a baby.

8. Go to bed at the same time every night. Make sure you get eight hours of sleep — unless, of course, your body only needs six or seven. Keep your sleep schedule consistent. When you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s not a great time to vary your sleep routine! Also, sleeping may seem like an obvious way to fight fatigue, but it can lead to increased drowsiness. See tip number ten for a better way to increase your energy and fertility levels.

9. Experiment with aromatherapy. Some naturopaths say that peppermint and jasmine essential oils are energizing, and lift moods naturally. Scent therapy or aromatherapy is most effective when you shake a few drops of an energizing scent on a handkerchief, and sniff for a minute or two. Try it – it could become an effective way to fight infertility fatigue and stay energized for a weekend of getting pregnant! If you’re curious about holistic health and pregnancy, read 6 Natural Fertility Tips – How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant.

10. Get moving, get active, get exercise. The more oxygen that runs through your veins, brain, and muscles, the more energized you’ll feel. Walking – even if it’s just around the block after lunch or dinner – is one way to feel alert and energized. The more physically active you are, the less fatigue you’ll feel. Exercise releases hormones that make you feel alive, refreshed, and energized all day. To build a better relationship with your partner, exercise together (besides the “trying to get pregnant” type of exercise!).

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  1. Great article! As long as there are eggs, there is hope. Ovarian pool declines at much faster rate than we’d like to admit. Today, most women are overestimating their fertility chances. Also, there are many things women could do in months before conception in order to improve egg quality: quit smoking, bring your BMI to recommended level, eat organic, nutritious, and fresh food in addition to living a generally healthy, stress-reduced lifestyle, adapt to supplementation strategy specifically targeting egg health, and most of all allow enough time to achieve results. Here is one related text http://www.paleo-mama.com/get-pregnant-35/pregnant-at-40-egg-quality-at-forty-and-above/

  2. Hi well i will try these tips and i will tell everyone if it worked. i believe it will work for me because there are some symtoms same as mine. u will hear from me again. thanx for all these tips.

  3. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comments! Fighting infertility fatigue is difficult — some months are definitely worse than others…and sometimes taking a break when you’re trying to get pregnant can be a big help.

  4. I’m a mother myself and can completley relate to this blogger and post. When I was pregnant, I had was really scared and just didn’t know what to do at times.

  5. Surrogacy From The Heart

    WOW, you’re not kidding about the exhustion. These are great tips, and I found it interesting that most of them weren’t related to getting pregnant. You’re right though, you have to be geared up for it. tks Jess