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Getting Pregnant Tips – Not Just Fertility Foods

These tips for getting pregnant aren’t just about nutrition and supplements! Eating properly can help you conceive, but often you need to do more than eat the right foods.

If you’ve been trying to conceive a baby for several months, you might want to invest in a Clearblue Fertility Starter Kit– it’ll help you figure out your most fertile times of the month, which will help you get pregnant faster.

And, think about your vaccinations or flu shots:

“As you are contemplating pregnancy – either with or without the assistance of fertility treatments – it is important to maximize your health so that you can improve your chances of having a safe and healthy pregnancy,” say the folks at the Texas Fertility Center. “One thing to consider is how protected you are against a variety of forms of illness for which there are vaccinations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have established standard recommendations for vaccinations in women contemplating pregnancy.”

Talk to your ob-gyn, doctor, or fertility specialist about vaccinations if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Here are five tips on getting pregnant fast and easy…

Tips for Getting Pregnant – Beyond Fertility Foods

If you’re looking for tips on improving male or female fertility, read Fertility Help – 10 Tips for Fertility and Getting Pregnant.

These tips are more about your mindset and attitude…

Be consistent in your plans to get pregnant

Try to do one thing every day to increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy. This can mean reading about healthy pregnancies, exercising, cleansing your body of toxins, cutting back on caffeine, quitting smoking, learning your body’s ovulation and menstrual cycles, and acting as if you’re already pregnant! Live healthy and clean life, for your unborn baby.

Stop those unhealthy habits! Pretend you’re already pregnant

Stress, overeating or undereating, caffeine, and poor sleep habits are not tips on how to get pregnant! Devote your time and energy to preparing your body to conceive a baby. Avoid things that distract you from your goal of getting pregnant. For instance, long soaks in hot tubs and not flossing regularly can affect a man’s sperm production and count (getting pregnant isn’t just about eating fertility foods!).

Figure out your motivation for getting pregnant

A 13 year old girl recently asked how to get pregnant; she’s lonely and wants someone to love. That’s not the right reason for getting pregnant, or the right age to conceive a baby! But it’s not just teenagers who may be motivated for the wrong reasons.

If you want a baby because your husband or relatives are pressuring you to start a family or your mom had three kids before she was 25 years old and is ready to be a grandmother, then maybe you’re not motivated for the right reasons. What really counts is what you want.

Create a master plan for conceiving a baby

To achieve your goals — and getting pregnant is a goal! — come up with a master plan and schedule to make it a part of your life. Learn about your menstrual cycle, signs of ovulation, most fertile days, foods that improve fertility, and how often to have sex to get pregnant. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a year, it’s time to talk to your doctor. That’s part of your master plan!

Don’t let your desire to get pregnant rule your life

If you are doggedly determined to get pregnant or have a baby a year from now, then your marriage, relationships, work, social life, and even health may suffer. Find a healthy balance between researching, say, the right fertility foods and tips on how to get pregnant with other interesting life goals.

For more getting pregnant tips, read Food and Fertility – The Effect of Carbs, Fats, Proteins, and Dairy

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  1. Dear Mel,

    I’m so sorry I missed your comment! I hope your surgery went well, and that your surgeon and/or doctor gave you tips on how to get pregnant….

    Let me know how everything went!


  2. hey there,

    im awaiting surgery for blocked left tube and to remove adhesions etc form endometriosis. we hope to try for baby after. how soon could we try from or will i just go on how i feel? and can i start doing anything now to improve chances? really excited, have been with hubbie for 7 years and we are finally ready to try 🙂

  3. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Mary! I agree – it IS so important to create a pregnancy plan, expecially if you’re trying to get pregnant.