6 Tips to Improve Fertility Through Acupuncture

If you’re frustrated because you can’t get pregnant, read these tips for improving fertility through acupuncture treatments. They’re from traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, Rianna Poskin.

Acupuncture for Fertility
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“When we’re willing to listen to our bodies and begin trusting ourselves as much as we trust outer authorities, all the rules change,” says Dr Christiane Northrup. “And so does our biology.  Statistics no longer apply to us.  We enter the realm of miracles and undreamed-of possibilities.”

Dr Northrup is the author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing. It’s a fabulous resource for women who want to reconnect with their bodies.

And, here are Rianna Poskin’s tips for improving fertility levels through acupuncture…

6 Tips to Improve Fertility Through Acupuncture

Research has proven that acupuncture is a valid treatment, and can improve the chances of fertility success. These tips will help improve the usefulness of your acupuncture treatments and make you more fertile.

1. Educate yourself about acupuncture and fertility levels. Have some fun doing research! Read about couples who have had success using traditional Chinese medicine for fertility. Understand what is being suggested. If you understand and believe what you are doing, you are much more powerful — and your acupuncture treatments will increase your fertility levels. Speaking of educating yourself: Acupuncture for Fertility and Your Chances of Pregnancy is my most recent article on acupuncture therapy for getting pregnant.

2. Choose a practitioner who will treat you like an individual. You are an individual unlike any other human being. When you find a practitioner who understands the ancient theories and practices, he/she will treat the root causes of your problem. Consider two women who are having trouble conceiving: both are considered infertile but have different symptoms. When the practitioner understands and treats the underlying causes of their symptoms, the best results will be obtained. We are all made differently, and therefore we must be treated differently.

6 Tips to Improve Fertility Through Acupuncture
“6 Tips to Improve Fertility Through Acupuncture” image via Pixabay, CC license

3. Eat well — your diet can improve your chances of success. Your diet can help with your treatment, so ask your practitioner what foods and drinks will help you. What you put into your body determines the composition of your body, your essence. Eat foods that have amazing colours and flavours, and those characteristics will be transformed into you — and the success of your acupuncture treatments will improve.

4. Exercise your body and mind. When both your mind and body get regular exercise you will be healthier. In addition to a regular exercise program, take a few moments every day to focus on you, to relax. Identify what you really want and focus on it. The clearer you can see it, the stronger will be the belief and your subconscious will reinforce it. Remember there is nothing stronger than a peaceful mind.

5. Relax — acupuncture is more likely to increase fertility if you’re positive and calm. You have probably heard someone say, “Stop trying. Just let it happen. That’s what worked for me.” The stress and anxiety can contribute to the problem. Enjoy what you are doing. Take pleasure in the miracle that is about to happen – and the success of your acupuncture treatments will improve. When a negative thought about your fertility enters your mind, understand where it came from and then throw it out. Replace it with a positive thought.

When you think, “I’m never going to conceive,” replace it with, “Okay, so far that’s been true, but that can change and when it does, I will enjoy that miracle.” A friend of mine once told me to stop believing in miracles…instead, learn to expect them.

If you’re thinking about acupuncture for improving fertility because you’re stressed that you haven’t gotten pregnant yet, read 4 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Trying to Conceive.

And if you have any thoughts on acupuncture to improve fertility, please comment below.

Rianna Poskin is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, who works with Soulstice Chinese Medicine and Health Centre in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.

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