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Getting Pregnant With the Law of Attraction

I recently read The Secret to see if the Law of Attraction offers tips on getting pregnant. Since The Secret is all about attracting what you want out of life, and I want to get pregnant, I figured I had nothing to lose!

getting pregnant law of attractionIf you want to learn more about the law of attraction, read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This book contains wisdom from modern-day teachers — men and women who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness. By applying the knowledge of The Secret, they bring to light compelling stories of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what many would regard as impossible.

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind,” says William James.

Truth be told, I’m not 100% sure that changing the attitude of my mind can change my husband’s sperm count, motility, and production, but I’m open to trying different things. My faith in God overrules everything else, though. If you’re a believer, read How to Pray for a Baby.

Getting Pregnant and the Law of Attraction

These tips for getting pregnancy with the law of attraction are broken down into three categories: visualization, affirmations, and a positive attitude. Here’s a summary of how the three main forces of the law of attraction (visualizations, affirmations, and a positive attitude) can help with getting pregnant…


Visualization can send vibrations from you into the Universe, and will in turn attract similar vibrations. If you visualize your goal of getting pregnant consistently, with a high level of emotion and belief, your vibrations will lead to a series of circumstances, people, events, or inspired actions that will eventually lead to pregnancy.

Even if you don’t believe visualization will help increase your chances of getting pregnant, you may still benefit from other aspects of this practice. For instance, visualization will help you stay focused on your goal and not do things that could jeopardize a possible pregnancy.

Affirmations for getting pregnant

law of attraction for pregnancy

The Law of Attraction and Tips on Getting Pregnant

Affirmations involve repeating what you want in your life. “I am pregnant with a healthy baby” is an affirmation. So is “I have three beautiful children with my husband.” The law of attraction for getting pregnant would involve repeatedly saying your affirmations either out loud or in your head.

The Secret states that continually repeating something to yourself will eventually make that thing a reality. When you repeat your affirmation to get pregnant, you’re sending vibrations into the Universe that will bring your pregnancy goals to life!

A positive attitude and pregnancy

A positive attitude brings about a positive mental and emotional state, which attracts vibrations that lead to conception, getting pregnant, and carrying a healthy baby to term. The positive vibrations in the law of attraction attract coincidences, opportunities, and people who are in line with your desire to have a baby. Even if a positive attitude doesn’t help you get pregnant, it will help you enjoy life, baby-making, and even fertility treatments more. A positive attitude involves being grateful for what you do have in your life, such as your spouse, family, job, friends, or overall health.

“What you resist, you attract, because you are powerfully focused on it with emotion. To change anything, go within and emit a new signal with your thoughts and feelings.” ~ Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret.

For more tips on getting pregnant, read 10 Things That Help You Get Pregnant.

Do you think the law of attraction offers valid tips on getting pregnant? I welcome your thoughts and questions below!

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I wish you all the best as you try to get pregnant. May you connect with God, and trust Him to bring a baby into your life at the right time.

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8 thoughts on “Getting Pregnant With the Law of Attraction”

  1. Interesting tips for getting pregnant by visualization and the law of attraction. Thank you. I can picture my wife and I pregnant 🙂

  2. im trying to get pregnant with my first baby with law of attraction im using the focus wheel tactic though its simplified law of attraction and it takes some diagramming and positive thinking and energy i know ill get pregnant when the universe gets my request you just have to ask , believe and receive theirs nothing too extreme if you believe in the law of attraction is real it will happen eventually i will get pregnant within a couple months im not worried a bit becacuse i know and believe and i know it will happen

  3. Hi. i just want to share my experience about the law of attraction and affirmation. It happened in year of 2010. I was an overweight woman. I am consider as a short woman with the weight of 80 kg ( this is not appropriate weight compare to my height ). I was struggle to walk or breathing. I always felt depresion everytime i see my self in the miror. I have been visited doctors and they all advice to do liposuction procedur. This is not cheap anyway. My brother in law gave me a Secret book. I like to read that book and began my experiment whether this method is true or not. I dont do so many changes. What i do is i start buying a dress with Small size and i believe oneday i can wear it. Then i put poster or picture of my idol celebrity in my wall bedroom. Every morning when i woke up i will see that picture and imagine i am as slim and beautiful as her. Not very long only in just 2 months i lose my weight so much without i realized. I can wear all my S size dress which i bought and the most good thing is i look much younger than my real age. And in some immigration office which i go for traveling i will have a problem with my passport, because they see the photo in the passport was completely different with my real face. Even they do test to my face line like they asked me to do some of expression in my face to see whether it is me or not. In my heart i just LOL . So friends the first thing you must do is to believe, visualized and say in your heart that you can be anything you want.

  4. This is a toughie. I have practised The Secret and visualized so hard that I could smell the baby power, hear the crinkle of the diaper and feel the soft baby hair. I keep doing everything I can to mentally make this is as real as I can and when my period comes, it’s devastating. I know that my husband and I will be parents someohow so I have shifted my focus on the baby and not the conception, even though I want pregnancy so much!

  5. Laurie, because you are claiming you have serious health issues that stop you from conceiving a baby, you have just created your beleive in that. Therefore….you are telling the universe you cannot have a baby. And that means when you tried the law of attraction, it did not work because in the back of your mind and deep down, you did not really believe with faith. Try again and it will happen!

  6. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comment, Samantha. I tried visualization when I was trying to get pregnant, too, and I didn’t get pregnant, either! But, we have serious health issues that stop us from conceiving a baby — and no amount of “law of attraction” advice will overcome that.

    But, I do believe the Secret and the Law of Attraction can help certain women get pregnant, depending on what was stopping them.