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Things to Consider When You’re Single and Want a Baby

Are you ready to be a single mother? These suggestions are inspired by one of my Blossom readers. “I want a baby so badly,” Lisa says. “But I’m single. What do I do?” In Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide, Mikki Morrissette addresses the most common questions and concerns of women who want to have a baby but are […]

Surrogate Mothers and Parents – Tips for Surrogacy Parenthood

Infertile couples may find surrogacy parenthood is the best way to conceive a baby. These tips for surrogate mothers and parents (usually couples coping with infertility) are from a woman with a great deal of experience as a surrogate mom… Before the tips, a quip about raising kids: “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother,” said Oprah […]

5 Steps to Being a Foster Parent

These steps for being a foster parent may help you decide if this is a way to build your family! Here’s an interview with Laurie Tyrrell, who is a Foster Parent Liaison. She not only works with prospective foster and adoptive families, she’s also a foster parent herself. To learn more about being a foster parent, read The Foster Parenting Toolbox by Lana Temple-Plotz, […]