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Hope for Pregnant Cancer Patients Getting Chemo

New research shows that some types of chemotherapy for pregnant cancer patients doesn’t hurt the baby. Here’s a summary of the study, plus hope for women getting chemo while pregnant. If a pregnant woman ever needs pampering, it’s when she’s fighting cancer! A Little Something for Mama-to-Be Organic Pregnancy Gift Set contains five gifts to pamper and encourage women who are […]

Why You Should Get a Flu Shot if You’re Trying to Conceive

Whether you’re pregnant or trying to conceive a baby, you should consider getting a flu shot. Research shows pregnant women and unborn babies are at increased risk for flu complications during pregnancy if mom hasn’t had a flu shot. “Getting a flu shot should be a routine part of prenatal care,” said Edward McCabe, MD, March of Dimes chief medical […]

Easter Fertility Tips – Are You Ready to Get Pregnant?

Easter and fertility are intertwined: eggs, bunnies, new life. If you’re ready to get pregnant, check out these Easter fertility tips. Maybe you’ll conceive a baby at Easter, and maybe you’ll give birth at Christmas! You can always hope, and try… Before the tips, a quip: “The joyful news that He is risen does not change the contemporary world.  Still […]

Planning for a Baby? 5 Tips for Women Ready Get Pregnant

If you’re planning for a baby and ready to get pregnant, you can make life easier with these simple ways to prepare your body. These are the most basic tips for women ready to get pregnant — who are still enjoying the act of conceiving a baby! Before the tips, a quip: “Love is all fun and games until someone loses […]

How to Know if You’re Too Old to Get Pregnant

Think your maternal clock has ticked past its prime? These questions will help you know if you’re too old to get pregnant and have a baby. If you’re over 40 and considering having a child, you know you have special things to think about. These tips will help you through that process. “The problem is we always thought we could […]