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How to Stop Infertility From Being the Worst Thing in Your Life

How do you cope with the disappointment, pain, and grief of infertility? There are no easy answers or quick tips for stopping infertility from being the worst thing you’ll ever experience – but here you’ll find what works for me. First, read this comment from a woman who went through her own infertility roller coaster before accepting that she’ll never be […]

4 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Trying to Conceive

These tips on stressing less when you’re trying to conceive are from the founder of Circle and Bloom, Joanne Verkuilen. She has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and had a difficult time getting pregnant. But not only did Joanne conceive, she went on to start a fertility website that helps other women who are trying to conceive! She also writes articles […]

Increasing Pregnancy Chances – Tips for Overcoming Infertility Stress

Even if infertility stress doesn’t decrease your pregnancy chances, it sure takes the fun out of trying to get pregnant! These tips for overcoming the stress of fertility treatments, ovulation monitoring, temperature charting, and scheduled romps in the hay are from doctors and research studies. Before the tips, a quip: “I gained 60 pounds, and I’m proud of it,” said […]

Stress and Infertility – Ways to Reduce Anxiety to Increase Fertility

Reducing stress isn’t a fertility cure, but it can increase your chances of getting pregnant! Here, infertility acupuncturist Kristen Burris explains how stress and infertility are connected, and offers over 20 ways to reduce anxiety. Burris offers these tips for getting pregnant in response to a reader’s question on Does Career Stress Lead to Infertility in Women?, here on Quips […]

How Work Stress Affects Female Fertility

The stress of pursuing a career affects a woman’s hormones, which in turn affects her fertility levels. Here are the specific ways work stress affects female fertility, from research from the University of Utah. It explains why career women may find it more difficult to get pregnant. First, a quip from Helen Gurley Brown about women at work: “Nearly every […]

Stress and Fertility Levels – How Life Stressors Are Related to Infertility

Stress and fertility levels are related; in fact, life’s normal stressors can lead to both male and female infertility. Here’s how stress affects fertility levels, and how you can reduce the stress in your life. The best way to determine if a situation is stressful is whether you feel out of control, says Pierce Howard, PhD, author of The Owner’s Manual for […]