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Not Getting Pregnant – Adventures in Infertility

If you’re not getting pregnant as fast as you hoped, check out Kathleen Puls Andrade’s adventures in infertility for a break from the same old struggles. Her perspective of infertility is totally different — and includes humor and wackiness!

If you feel hopeless and scared, click on the book I Am More Than My Infertility by Marina Lombardo and Linda Parker — it’s a great way to look at life in general and infertility specifically. “This book offers hope and the inspiration of ‘tomorrow’ rather than being stagnant in ‘today'” says Mark Trolice, MD, Founder of Fertile Dreams.

And, read Inspirational Quotations for Couples Coping With Infertility for help staying grounded in hope and inspiration for tomorrow. Okay, here’s Andrade’s perspective on not getting pregnant and having adventures in infertility…Read More »Not Getting Pregnant – Adventures in Infertility

Coping With Years of Infertility – How to Deal With Not Getting Pregnant

Everyone deals with not getting pregnant in different ways. Here, writer and administrator Lori LeRoy shares how she and her husband are coping with Living With Infertility. They’re a couple who focus on finding humor, researching unusual infertility stories, and writing about their struggles with getting pregnant. Lori shares about her book, whether she’s considering adopting, and her perspective of the lighter side of infertility.

“The way my husband and I have coped with all of this nonsense [four years of unsuccessful fertility treatments] is through humor,” says Lori. “Instead of shedding tears, we have decided laugh as much as possible – better for our moods and for our relationship.”

Lori LeRoy is a Public Relations and Marketing Director, infertility humor finder and aspiring author in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here’s how she’s coping with not getting pregnant; if you’re not dealing well with infertility, click Coping With Infertility: Clinically Proven Ways of Managing the Emotional Roller Coaster for help.Read More »Coping With Years of Infertility – How to Deal With Not Getting Pregnant