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Depressed About Not Getting Pregnant?

It’s not just women who get depressed about not getting pregnant! These tips are inspired by a husband’s comment on my article about infertility depression. If you’ve tried everything to conceive and feel depressed about not getting pregnant, read A Baby at Last! The Couple’s Complete Guide to Getting Pregnant – From Cutting-Edge Treatments to Commonsense Wisdom. I guarantee you’ll learn […]

When You’re Not Getting Pregnant and You Want a Baby

If you’re not getting pregnant and really want a baby, these tips may help you cope. They’re from Iris Waichler, an author and social worker, and they’ll help you deal with not getting pregnant. Her book — Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster: A Guide to Educate And Inspire — is really helpful for women who can’t get pregnant. And, here […]

Emotional Health Tips for When You’re Not Getting Pregnant

The stress of not getting pregnant – or coping with fertility problems – can create a downward spiral. These emotional health tips will awaken your creativity and have a positive effect on your mood and perhaps even your fertility… If you know you’ll never get pregnant, read Silent Sorority: A Barren Woman Gets Busy, Angry, Lost and Found.  You’ll see you’re not alone, […]

Not Getting Pregnant – Adventures in Infertility

If you’re not getting pregnant as fast as you hoped, check out Kathleen Puls Andrade’s adventures in infertility for a break from the same old struggles. Her perspective of infertility is totally different — and includes humor and wackiness! If you feel hopeless and scared, click on the book I Am More Than My Infertility by Marina Lombardo and Linda Parker — it’s a great […]

How Work Stress Affects Female Fertility

The stress of pursuing a career affects a woman’s hormones, which in turn affects her fertility levels. Here are the specific ways work stress affects female fertility, from research from the University of Utah. It explains why career women may find it more difficult to get pregnant. First, a quip from Helen Gurley Brown about women at work: “Nearly every […]

Coping With Years of Infertility – How to Deal With Not Getting Pregnant

Everyone deals with not getting pregnant in different ways. Here, writer and administrator Lori LeRoy shares how she and her husband are coping with Living With Infertility. They’re a couple who focus on finding humor, researching unusual infertility stories, and writing about their struggles with getting pregnant. Lori shares about her book, whether she’s considering adopting, and her perspective of the lighter side […]