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The Best Ways to Get Pregnant – Infertility Solutions

The best ways to get pregnant don’t just include predicting ovulation and eating fertility foods! These infertility solutions range from fertility tests to infertility specialists.

“How often have you heard that a menstrual cycle usually occurs on Day 14?” writes Toni Weschler in Taking Charge of Your Fertility. “This is a myth, pure and simple. And yet it is so accepted that it’s sadly responsible for countless unplanned pregnancies. Furthermore, it has prevented many couples who have desired a pregnancy from attaining one.”

The best way to get pregnant is to learn about your body — and your partner’s body. Step one is to read books like Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health. Step two is to talk to your doctor.

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Improve Fertility – 5 Natural Tips for Improving Fertility

To improve fertility, you don’t necessarily need supplements! These natural tips for improving fertility will help you get pregnant by putting you in touch with your body.

Here, Niels Lauersen, MD, and Colette Bouchez from the fertility website GettingPregnantNow.com describe how to improve fertility naturally…

“If you’re having trouble getting pregnant but not yet ready for fertility treatments,” say Lauersen and Bouchez, “there are things you can try on your own to encourage a faster conception.”

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