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How to Help Your Husband Deal With the Shock of Male Infertility 

A diagnosis of azoospermia – no sperm, a type of male factor infertility – isn’t just shocking for a man, it’s a blow to his masculinity and ego. Some men pride themselves on their virility and ability to father children. “Thank you for your She Blossoms blog; specifically, the articles on male infertility,” writes Nan on What to Do When […]

7 Ways to Get Healthy Sperm if You Have Abnormal Sperm Morphology

Yes, you can get pregnant even if you have misshapen or abnormal sperm morphology! These natural tips on how to get healthy sperm are inspired by a reader’s question about the results of his abnormal semen analysis. “My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for three years,” said Orville on How to Increase Male Fertility and Keep Sperm Healthy. “I […]

What to Do When Your Husband Has Azoospermia

Finding out your husband has an azoospermia diagnosis is shocking and sad, especially since female fertility problems are often more expected than male infertility issues. These tips will help you cope with your husband’s diagnosis of azoospermia, and give you hope for moving forward. If you’re searching for male infertility products, look into Baby ASAP for Men: Premium Male Fertility Supplement. […]

How to Cope With Your Husband’s Secret Vasectomy

When your husband has a vasectomy without telling you, you’ll feel a variety of painful emotions. Here’s how to cope with your emotions, and tips for responding to your husband’s decision. I wrote this article in response to a reader’s question… “I’m 35, married to my 52 yr. old husband who had a vasectomy after having three children in a […]

10 Things You Never Knew Male Sex Organs

Here are the things you never knew about a man’s sexual organs, including how fast semen goes. These facts about male sex organs are from sex therapist and author Dr Trina Read. Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible is Dr Read’s awesome book about intimacy after marriage. For example, here are Dr Read’s thoughts on intimacy versus […]

How Prescription Drugs and Medications Affect Male Fertility

Various types of prescription drugs – including medications such as antidepressants – can harm male fertility levels. This summary of the possible effects of medications on male fertility includes several tips for improving sperm health… “Everyone knows taking anabolic steroids and other recreational drugs will negatively impact health, but there is rarely a discussion of how male fertility can be affected,” […]