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How to Deal With Financial Stress During Fertility Treatments

When you’re undergoing fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or embryo implantation, you’re not just anxious about getting pregnant…you’re also stressed about money! How do you deal with financial stress during fertility treatments? These tips for dealing with the anxiety that comes with having to pay to get pregnant will improve your health, lift your spirits, and fill you with hope.

Stress and Infertility – Ways to Reduce Anxiety to Increase Fertility

Reducing stress isn’t a fertility cure, but it can increase your chances of getting pregnant! Here, infertility acupuncturist Kristen Burris explains how stress and infertility are connected, and offers over 20 ways to reduce anxiety.

Burris offers these tips for getting pregnant in response to a reader’s question on Does Career Stress Lead to Infertility in Women?, here on Quips & Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility. Here’s what the reader said:

“We’ve been married for four years and trying to get pregnant for three. I’ve been meeting the gynecologists for two years and undergone a lot of fertility tests and treatments, but still here I am with no baby. To combat the infertility, I worked from home [to reduce stress], but nothing has clicked so far. I am planning to completely get rid of the office work so that I can stay peaceful…any suggestions for me?”

Below is Burris’ response, plus an explanation of how stress and infertility interact. For more information on getting pregnant, click Making a Baby: Everything You Need to Know to Get Pregnant.Read More »Stress and Infertility – Ways to Reduce Anxiety to Increase Fertility

Stress Doesn’t Hinder IVF Success Rates

In vitro fertilization (IVF) success rates aren’t affected by stress, say researchers who have recently completed the largest study on the connection between anxiety, depression, and IVF rates.

“This message can be reassuring,” says lead researcher Dr. Bea Lintsen of Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center in the Netherlands. “The chance of pregnancy seems not be influenced by anxiety or depression.”

For more info on IVF for couples coping with infertility, click on In Vitro Fertilization: A Practical Approach by David K. Gardner. And, read on for what experts say on how stress affects IVF success rates…Read More »Stress Doesn’t Hinder IVF Success Rates

Stress and Fertility Levels – How Life Stressors Are Related to Infertility

Stress and fertility levels are related; in fact, life’s normal stressors can lead to both male and female infertility. Here’s how stress affects fertility levels, and how you can reduce the stress in your life.

The best way to determine if a situation is stressful is whether you feel out of control, says Pierce Howard, PhD, author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain. The more out of control you feel, the higher your stress level is. And, your perception of an event or situation as is crucial to determining its actual effect as a stressor.

It’s not a pretty spiral: infertility is stressful, and stress leads to infertility. First, you need to become aware of the connection between stress and infertility…and then you need to learn to deal with stress so it doesn’t keep affecting your fertility levels!  To get as physically and emotionally healthy as possible, read Conquering Infertility: Dr. Alice Domar’s Mind/Body Guide to Enhancing Fertility and Coping with Infertility.

And, here is how life stress is related to infertility…Read More »Stress and Fertility Levels – How Life Stressors Are Related to Infertility