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6 Foods That Will Boost Your Sperm Health, Count and Motility

Learning how to recover sperm can be as simple as discovering what foods increase your sperm count, production, and motility. Remember, though, that increasing and recovering sperm depends on your overall health, genetics, and lifestyle! It’s not as easy as simply eating magnesium-rich foods or avoiding hot tubs. Improving male fertility can be complex, depending on the reason your sperm cells aren’t functioning at optimal levels.

Improve Fertility – 5 Natural Tips for Improving Fertility

To improve fertility, you don’t necessarily need supplements! These natural tips for improving fertility will help you get pregnant by putting you in touch with your body.

Here, Niels Lauersen, MD, and Colette Bouchez from the fertility website describe how to improve fertility naturally…

“If you’re having trouble getting pregnant but not yet ready for fertility treatments,” say Lauersen and Bouchez, “there are things you can try on your own to encourage a faster conception.”

Lauersen and Bouchez are the authors of Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Right Now. These tips are just a small taste of all the natural ways to improve fertility in their book!Read More »Improve Fertility – 5 Natural Tips for Improving Fertility