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Sperm Production – What Men Need to Know About Healthy Sperm

Since sperm production is vital to male fertility and pregnancy, men need to know about healthy sperm. Here’s how male fertility affects pregnancy chances; these fertility tips are from Donald P. Evenson, Ph.D., HCLD, of the American Fertility Association.

First, the good news:

“Some alcohol is beneficial [for healthy sperm]” says Dr Evenson. “Especially dark red wines. So a glass a day may be positive [for sperm production]. However, dark grape juice may be substituted.”

And remember that too much alcohol isn’t good for men’s fertility levels, so stick to a glass of dark red wine a few times a week. It’s always good to check with your doctor first, though. If you’re trying to get pregnant and think you’re not producing sperm, read Overcoming Male Infertility.

And, here are several fascinating fertility tips from Dr Evenson — all related to healthy sperm production, quality, and count.

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