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What to Do When Your Husband Has Azoospermia

Finding out your husband has an azoospermia diagnosis is shocking and sad, especially since female fertility problems are often more expected than male infertility issues. These tips will help you cope with your husband’s diagnosis of azoospermia, and give you hope for moving forward. If you’re searching for male infertility products, look into Baby ASAP for Men: Premium Male Fertility Supplement. […]

Low Sperm Count? How to Make Healthy Sperm

So often asked: “I have low sperm count. How do I make healthy sperm to conceive a baby?” here on Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility. Knowing if you have low sperm count is important — and home fertility tests like SpermCheck Fertility can be very helpful. This test for a low sperm count is easy to use […]

4 Well-Known Ways to Increase Male Fertility and Keep Sperm Healthy

Male fertility plays a huge role in getting pregnant – and you have more control than you realize about how to keep your sperm healthy. These tips on how to increase male fertility will help you keep your sperm healthy – because if you don’t have healthy swimmers, you won’t get pregnant. “There are many exceptional options to naturally increase sperm count, […]

Sperm Production – What Men Need to Know About Healthy Sperm

Since sperm production is vital to male fertility and pregnancy, men need to know about healthy sperm. Here’s how male fertility affects pregnancy chances; these fertility tips are from Donald P. Evenson, Ph.D., HCLD, of the American Fertility Association. First, the good news: “Some alcohol is beneficial [for healthy sperm]” says Dr Evenson. “Especially dark red wines. So a glass […]