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10 Things You Need to Know About Adopting a Baby

If you’re searching for “how to adopt a baby”, you are one of 10,000 people who are looking for infant adoption this month! Here’s the basic foundation of what you need to know about infant adoption in the United States and Canada. I spent weeks researching tips for adopting babies when my husband and I found out we can’t have kids […]

5 Steps to Being a Foster Parent

These steps for being a foster parent may help you decide if this is a way to build your family! Here’s an interview with Laurie Tyrrell, who is a Foster Parent Liaison. She not only works with prospective foster and adoptive families, she’s also a foster parent herself. To learn more about being a foster parent, read The Foster Parenting Toolbox by Lana Temple-Plotz, […]

How Adopted Children Are Treated Differently Than Biological Kids

Parents treat adopted children differently than biological children, according to the comments on this article and research on adoption! Parenting styles, methods of discipline, and even mealtimes are different for adopted children. “[When you’re adopted], you suddenly have twice as many people to blame for all your problems.” – Alison Larkin – an adoptee and author. Hopefully you’re past the […]