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How to Increase Low Sperm Count

It’s taking you a long time to get pregnant because you’re focusing on sex and ovulation. You need to start learning how to increase low sperm count – in addition to timing intercourse so it happens during her fertile window. If you don’t have a clue how high or low your sperm count is, get Micra Sperm Test – At Home […]

What to Eat to Get Pregnant

In this article, I summarize two recent research studies on eating to get pregnant. One is about fertility and nutrition; the other is about foods that lower blood pressure. Women who watch their weight and closely follow a Mediterranean-style diet high in vegetables, vegetable oils, fish and beans may increase their chance of becoming pregnant, according to dietitians at Loyola […]

Eating Disorders and Getting Pregnant

Is it possible that your “unexplained infertility” is because of an eating disorder? Getting pregnant takes about a year on average, but if you have an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa, your fertility will be affected. Here’s what research from the University of Helsinki says about eating disorders and getting pregnant: Women with eating disorders are less […]

Do Antioxidants Increase Fertility?

A common question about getting pregnant is whether antioxidants increase fertility in women and men. The research will surprise you! In A Surprising Cause of Infertility in Women – Antioxidants, research suggests that antioxidants don’t increase female fertility. In fact, they may decrease fertility in women. A snippet from that article: “Research shows that antioxidants improve health and slow the […]

How to Get Pregnant – 5 Most Important Tips From the NIH

Here are the most important tips for getting pregnant from the National Institute of Health. Some women get pregnant fast, while others have to read and search for tips on how to get pregnant for years before the sperm and the egg unite. And of course, don’t forget your pregnancy tests! I love the hope and excitement that peeing on […]

How to Achieve Your Goal of Getting Pregnant

In Yinstill Reproductive Wellness’ 10 steps to pregnancy, the first is goal setting. Here are a few tips on setting and achieving your goal of getting pregnant. Dr Spence Pentland says: “Take, for example, a woman with PCOS: Ideally, our main goal is to see three healthy regular menstrual cycles before trying to conceive. When the recommended plan and lifestyle […]