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“Should I Take Fertility Supplements to Get Pregnant?”

You want to get pregnant and start your family as soon as possible…but it’s taking forever. You’re considering taking fertility supplements to improve your health and get pregnant faster…but are supplements safe? Will they improve your health, or will they interact negatively with your prescription medications?

Gifts and Ideas for a Girl Getting Her First Period

How to Deal With Financial Stress During Fertility Treatments

When you’re undergoing fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or embryo implantation, you’re not just anxious about getting pregnant…you’re also stressed about money! How do you deal with financial stress during fertility treatments? These tips for dealing with the anxiety that comes with having to pay to get pregnant will improve your health, lift your spirits, and fill you with hope.

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What if Fertility Treatments Don’t Work?

If you’re undergoing infertility treatments, you need to balance hope and faith with the possibility that fertility treatments won’t work. In 5 Reasons In Vitro Fertilization Fails to Result in Pregnancy, I describe possibilities for failed fertility treatments. A new study shows that there is… Read More »What if Fertility Treatments Don’t Work?

Fertility Treatments – 8 Ways to Treat Infertility and Get Pregnant

Researching fertility treatments can be exhausting! Here are eight ways to treat infertility and get pregnant — brief summaries of options for couples who are having trouble conceiving a baby. If you’re considering fertility treatments, you might want to avoid alternative therapies such as acupuncture… Read More »Fertility Treatments – 8 Ways to Treat Infertility and Get Pregnant