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How Prescription Drugs and Medications Affect Male Fertility

Various types of prescription drugs – including medications such as antidepressants – can harm male fertility levels. This summary of the possible effects of medications on male fertility includes several tips for improving sperm health…

“Everyone knows taking anabolic steroids and other recreational drugs will negatively impact health, but there is rarely a discussion of how male fertility can be affected,” says Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs of the Fertility Centers of Illinois. “To achieve optimum fertility, men should refrain from drug and substance abuse and also be informed of the possible side effects of everyday prescription medications.”

Here, Dr Jacobs describes how drugs can harm male fertility, and offers quick tips for preserving healthy sperm. For more information about male fertility, read The Testosterone Factor: A Practical Guide to Improving Vitality and Virility, Naturally.Read More »How Prescription Drugs and Medications Affect Male Fertility