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How Much Does IVF Cost? From $900 to $19,000

The cost of IVF treatments depends on the type of infertility procedures and fertility drugs. Here’s a summary of the average cost of IVF for couples undergoing fertility treatments – including clinic visits, fertility medication, and miscellaneous expenses such as travel, parking, food, and other expenses related to fertility care. The bad news is that an IVF cycle costs almost […]

How to Buy Fertility Medications on the Internet – Safely

Buying fertility medications online can be cheaper than in person. Here’s how to SAFELY buy fertility medications on the internet – I compiled a list of FDA-approved tips to help you avoid scams and dangerous drugs. FertiliTea: A Natural Fertility Tea Blend is a fertility supplement, not a fertility medication. FertiliTea is an all-natural tea designed to enhance fertility – it contains ingredients […]

How Clomid – a Fertility Drug – Helps You Get Pregnant

Here’s a clear, simple explanation of how the fertility drug clomid helps you get pregnant. It’s not the most fun fertility drug, but it can help you conceive a baby. First, though – if you’re trying to get pregnant, don’t forget the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test. It’ll help you know as quick as possible if you’re pregnant. Don’t give […]

Infertility Support – 6 Tips for Finding Fertility Information Online

You can find good infertility information in fertility clinics and books — and even the internet! These tips for finding fertility information online will help you recognize the most effective and helpful infertility blogs, fertility websites, and pregnancy forums. “People are well aware that infertility is a very painful situation and some may try to take advantage of people coping with this situation,” writes Iris […]

How Prescription Drugs and Medications Affect Male Fertility

Various types of prescription drugs – including medications such as antidepressants – can harm male fertility levels. This summary of the possible effects of medications on male fertility includes several tips for improving sperm health… “Everyone knows taking anabolic steroids and other recreational drugs will negatively impact health, but there is rarely a discussion of how male fertility can be affected,” […]

Prescription Drug Treatments for Female Infertility – Tips for Getting Pregnant

If you haven’t been able to get pregnant for a year (or longer, if you’re like me!), you may be thinking about possible fertility problems. Here are four prescription drug treatments for female infertility; my next article will cover four surgical treatments for fertility problems for women. Before the tips, here’s what Dr Miriam Stoppard says about getting pregnant: “If […]