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Should You See a Fertility Specialist? 5 Signs It’s Time

fertility specialistsSome women wonder if they should see a fertility specialist if they can’t get pregnant. It’s time to find a infertility doctor or fertility specialist when you see certain tell-tale signs — and they’re not too difficult to spot!

A new book on fertility offers this helpful health – and financial – advice:

“Unless your ob-gyn specializes in infertility, works closely with a urologist specializing in infertility, and has established that your diagnosis is straightforward and treatment is not complex, you run the risk of spending money on incomplete or inappropriate diagnostic tests and treatment that may deplete your finances before you are even referred to a fertility specialist (who may require that both of you repeat the very same tests!).”

Constance Hoenk Shapiro, MSW, PhD, is the author of When You’re Not Expecting: An Infertility Survival Guide. In the book, she describes nine signs it’s time to see a fertility specialist. I’ve listed five signs below. If you can’t get pregnant and are wondering about fertility treatments, you need to read this book! It offers emotional and medical support, and includes chapters about recovering from pregnancy loss and knowing when to stop getting fertility treatments.

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