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23 Best Vegetables to Eat for a Normal Menstrual Cycle

Many – but not all – veggies can increase your energy and balance your hormones. Here are the best vegetables to eat for a normal menstrual cycle; they’re healthy, delicious, inexpensive, and versatile. You can eat them raw or cooked, grilled or sautéd, stir fried or baked (my favorite vegetables are baked yams and kimchi – but not cooked together!). […]

How to Stop Feeling Hopeless When You’re TTC

You’ve been trying to conceive (TTC) for months or even years, and feelings of hopelessness are starting to creep in. Here are six powerful ways to stop feeling hopeless when you’re TTC. In Hope for Women Who Want to Get Pregnant, I share The Parable of the Maiden’s Horse. The moral of the story is that you may never know […]

Hope for Women Who Want to Get Pregnant

Conceiving a baby happens fast for some, while others find themselves saying “I want to get pregnant” for months, sometimes years. Here’s hope for women who want to get pregnant, inspired by The Parable of the Maiden’s Horse. The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test is a good place to start if you’re hoping to get pregnant, but haven’t done any formal testing. An […]

How to Achieve Your Goal of Getting Pregnant

In Yinstill Reproductive Wellness’ 10 steps to pregnancy, the first is goal setting. Here are a few tips on setting and achieving your goal of getting pregnant. Dr Spence Pentland says: “Take, for example, a woman with PCOS: Ideally, our main goal is to see three healthy regular menstrual cycles before trying to conceive. When the recommended plan and lifestyle […]

How a Woman’s Job Affects Her Ability to Conceive a Baby

Research shows that a woman’s work affects fertility and her ability to conceive a baby – especially for nurses, flight attendants, and shift workers. Here’s what Fred W. Turek, biology professor and director of Northwestern’s Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology, says about female conception and working: “Our results have important implications for the reproductive health of female shift workers, […]

3 Fertility Tests to Help Women Know if They Can Conceive

Can you conceive a baby? Here are three fertility tests women get to find out if they can get pregnant: uterotubogram or hysterosalpingogram (hsg), an endometrial biopsy, and a laparoscopy. If you can’t get pregnant and already have tried a few basic fertility tests or the basic fertility tests to find out if you can get pregnant, you might want to […]