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emotional issues of infertility

How to Live With Infertility as a Woman Over 40

Living With Infertility? 5 Tips for Women Over 40

Living with infertility requires grit and grace — especially for women over 40 who believed they’d have children one day. What do you need to enter the second half of life as an infertile woman? How do you live happily with infertility when you always planned to have a family?

Not Getting Pregnant? Understand the Emotional Issues of Infertility

Not getting pregnant brings up different emotional issues of infertility for men and women. Here, a fertility specialist discusses how men and women process infertility issues differently, and offers tips for dealing with the “trying to conceive” process.

First, here are a few emotions that not getting pregnant often triggers:

“When you can’t get pregnant, you swim in a mix of emotions,” write Julie Vargo and Maureen Regan in A Few Good Eggs. “You feel insecure (how the hell did this happen to me?), inferior (if I can’t have a baby, I must not be enough of a woman), scared (how am I going to get out of this mess?), mad (how the hell did this happen to me?), and frustrated (what does that mean?).”

Insecurity, inferiority, fear, anger, and frustration are commonly felt by both men and women who are dealing with the emotional issues of infertility. Reading books like A Few Good Eggs can help couples cope. And, here is embryologist Stacie Hill’s advice on understanding how infertility affects men and women differently….Read More »Not Getting Pregnant? Understand the Emotional Issues of Infertility