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6 Problems That Prevent Pregnancy

Not getting pregnant is a top priority for some women, and figuring out the problems that prevent pregnancy is extremely important to others. Here are six reasons you’re not getting pregnant, ranging from environmental toxins to blocked fallopian tubes. The Easy@Home 50 Ovulation (LH) and 20 Pregnancy (HCG) Tests will help you overcome the usual problems preventing pregnancy. The ovulation tests gives […]

Bee Pollen to Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy

Bee pollen is a natural ingredient that may increase your chances of getting pregnant. Here’s what the research shows about pregnancy and bee pollen, plus other natural ingredients for improving fertility. Dr. Danielle’s Bee Well Royal Jelly are veggie capsules that don’t contain fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. They’re formulated by a naturopathic physician and biochemist, and have been positively reviewed by […]

What to Do When You Tried Everything to Get Pregnant

If everything is normal and you can’t get pregnant – you get your period every month – your feelings may range from disappointment to fear. Here’s what to do when you’ve tried everything but you can’t get pregnant. I assume you’ve already tried Restoring Fertility by Dr Brandon Horn and Dr Wendy Yu, since you searched for “everything is normal […]

How to Get Pregnant When You Have Irregular Periods

Getting pregnant when you have irregular periods is a bit more challenging than if you were regular – but it’s still possible! It depends on why your periods are irregular. Tracking your periods with the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test Kit is without a doubt the best way to get pregnant when your periods aren’t regular. The following tips range from step […]

I’m Scared I’ll Never Get Pregnant – Coping With Fertility Fears

If you’re scared you’ll never get pregnant, you’re not alone! These tips for coping with fertility fears will strengthen and support you as you continue your journey to get pregnant. So many Quips and Tips readers share their fears here, and most of them aren’t sure exactly what they’re afraid of. That is, they haven’t gotten any fertility tests or […]

Ovulation Predictors – How to Plan the Best Time to Get Pregnant

Predicting the time you ovulate is the best way to plan a pregnancy, and ovulation predictor kits are the best way to figure out when your body is most fertile! Here’s a description of fertility charting and different types of ovulation predictor kits and tools… Before the tips, a quip: “There are three reasons for breast-feeding:  the milk is always […]