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Choosing Not to Try Fertility Treatments

Lillian and Dave Brummet don’t regret their decision not to try fertility treatments. They’ve gone beyond coping with infertility to writing books, hosting radio shows, and changing how people treat Mother Earth. Lillian and Dave Brummet will inspire you, even if you’re disappointed or depressed that you’re not getting pregnant naturally.

“We have a different way of looking at things, I guess,” says Lillian Brummet. “One has a choice, fight your life or accept it; embrace it and go forward. Not everyone is meant to be a parent. Every one of us has a legacy to leave behind – let’s not be deceived – procreation is not always a legacy.” 

For more info on two of their books, click on Trash Talk: An Inspirational Guide to Saving Time and Money Through Better Waste and Resource Management, or Towards Understanding: A Collection of 120 Poems on Society, The Environment and Overcoming Trauma. And, read on for Lillian Brummet’s info on not getting pregnant naturally and choosing not to try fertility treatments.Read More »Choosing Not to Try Fertility Treatments