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Hope for Pregnant Cancer Patients Getting Chemo

New research shows that some types of chemotherapy for pregnant cancer patients doesn’t hurt the baby. Here’s a summary of the study, plus hope for women getting chemo while pregnant. If a pregnant woman ever needs pampering, it’s when she’s fighting cancer! A Little Something for Mama-to-Be Organic Pregnancy Gift Set contains five gifts to pamper and encourage women who are […]

How to Prepare for Pregnancy

Getting pregnant takes preparation for most couples, so you need to know what “preparing for pregnancy” means. These tips are inspired by The Parable of the Mountain Climber – they’ll help you set your emotional and mental equilibrium – because a stable mind, heart, and spirit is what you need when you’re trying to conceive. An online article can’t tell […]

About Getting Pregnant – 13 Things You Need to Know

If you’re concerned or curious about getting pregnant, here are 13 simple things you need to know about ovulation, fertile days, eggs, sperm, and home pregnancy tests. Conceive Plus Fertility-Friendly Personal Lubricant for Couples is a popular item for couples who are trying to conceive. Some lubricants have toxic or harmful elements that kill sperm, so make sure you choose your […]

Alcohol and Fertility – How Drinking Affects Getting Pregnant

Fertility doctors told me drinking alcohol can affect getting pregnant; they encouraged both me and my husband to stop drinking wine, beer and spirits when we were trying to conceive. But research on fertility and alcohol does not support the idea that a woman should not drink alcohol when trying to conceive. From my research on alcohol and fertility, I’ve learned that […]

Fertility App to Help Women Get Pregnant

A fertility tracker called Glow uses ovulation cycle forecasts and data analytics to advise women on the best times to conceive. This fertility app is for the iPhone, and was created by the co-founder of PayPal. “My wife and I were lucky. We had our children without any issues,” said Max Levchin to Lauren Goode in Max Levchin’s New Plan: […]

9 Health Problems That Prevent Pregnancy

Here are the most common health or medical problems that stop pregnancy, plus tips on how to conceive a baby without having to see a fertility doctor. This information is from The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant by Jean Twenge – it’s the newest, most comprehensive guidebook for pregnancy. “Trying to get pregnant is very emotional and stressful because ultimately […]