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10 Things You Never Knew Male Sex Organs

Here are the things you never knew about a man’s sexual organs, including how fast semen goes. These facts about male sex organs are from sex therapist and author Dr Trina Read.

Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible is Dr Read’s awesome book about intimacy after marriage. For example, here are Dr Read’s thoughts on intimacy versus lovemaking: “Too often people assume that the word ‘intimacy’ has to do solely with sex: saying things like, ‘Let’s get intimate tonight.’ When I appear on some TV shows, the producers ask me to substitute the word ‘intimacy’ for ‘sex’ to make the segment ‘kid friendly.’  Intimacy is in fact a deeply shared connection to another human being. Sex just happens to be an easy segue to get to intimacy. We have intimate moments all the time with people who we are closest to: children, parents, friends, spouse.”

Emotional and physical intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean sexual intimacy, though people may confuse them. To learn more about marriage and sexual intimacy from Dr Read,

And, here are her shocking facts about a man’s body…

10 Things You Never Knew Male Sex Organs

First, here’s why men fall asleep after sex: his brain is flooded with serotonin, a hormone that makes him sleepy. A woman’s brain, on the other hand, is flooded with epinephrine – and it keeps her up all night long!

Semen is speedy. The white stuff leaves a man at roughly the same rate of travel as a city bus, but can reach speeds of 43 miles per hour depending how long since the last time. “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye,” says Dr Read.

Testicles are two different sizes. “The average male’s left testicle isn’t quite as pert as his right one on most men,” says Dr Read. “Although the opposite may be true on a left-handed male.”

The amount of semen varies. This sex therapist says most men shoot approximately one teaspoon to one tablespoon of fluid. And the amount changes: they lose more the first time, and then less thereafter.

The most sensitive parts are here…and here…The glans (or head) and the frenulum, which is the skin just below the head on the underside, are the most sensitive parts of the penis.

Blood flow affects male sex organs. “The cremaster muscle elevates the testicles when a man is aroused or cold due to a change in temperature,” says Dr Read. “The organ itself contains no muscle or bone; it’s made of spongy tissue. Erections occur when blood flows quickly into it and exit veins constrict to keep the blood there.”

Sometimes nothing comes out. A man might have a “dry” orgasm because he recently had one and doesn’t have anything left at the moment. Taoists believe it builds up a man’s male essence and allows him to absorb female essence, which could be part of a healthy male libido. Tantrics recommend this build up as a way to experience intimacy as a path to spiritual ecstasy.

Male libido enhancements leave something to be desired. A man must be turned on in order for libido enhancements to work. They help increase blood flow to the male sex organs, not sexual desire.

male reproductive organs

Things You Never Knew About Male Sex Organs

Kegels work for both women and men. “Kegel exercises are meant for both men and women,” says Dr Read. “Kegel muscles are located around the pubic to tailbone area; they contract involuntarily during physical excitement. Improving your Kegel muscles means stronger, better endings to intimacy.”

Patience is a virtue in your sex life. “The average 65 year old man takes 12 to 24 hours to get it up a second time,” says this sex therapist. “Every man’s refractory period is different, depending on his age.”

Men have a G-spot, too. Think the G-spot is just for women? Think again. “The male G-spot is his prostate gland, which is a walnut-shaped gland that contains the bulk of the liquid.”

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And if you have any thoughts on these shocking facts about male sex organs, please comment below…

Dr Trina Read has a Doctorate from a school in San Francisco, and writes two newspaper columns and manages a sex therapy practice in Alberta, Canada.

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7 thoughts on “10 Things You Never Knew Male Sex Organs”

  1. Thanks for your thoughts on these “shocking facts about male sex organs”! Some aren’t as shocking as others, but they are all interesting.

  2. I find the last comment made by Kathryn about the vulnerablity of the male sex organs an interesting one.

    The information given:

    “…if you squeeze a mans testicles hard enough he will become immediately immobilized and freeze in agony before becoming unconscious in under 8 seconds.”

    “Importantly, it doesn’t matter how big and strong the male attacker is for it to be effective, and most women and girls are more than capable of being successful with this move”

    certainly sounds like a good shocking fact about the male sex organs to add to your list! It also makes a very valuable self-defense tip for women to share amongst ourselves.

    A quick google search reveals that a hard squeeze of the testicles does indeed cause a man to stop abruptly what he is doing, being followed by unconciousness within seconds, as well as a number of women sharing their success stories of how well this technique worked for them.

    There is even a youtube video called “An amazing womans story and an inspiration to all women and girls” which went viral about a young woman telling her story in detail of how she fought off her attacker by squeezing his testicles. The end result was that he ended up in hospital and was jailed for his crimes.

    Let’s hope that none of your women readers ever go through any form of sex attack, but at the same time they can learn and share this extrememly effective self defense move due to a very special male vulnerabilty.

  3. I would have thought that the most sensitive parts on the male sex organs were the testicles rather than parts of the penis. After all, they are probably the best place of all male body parts for a woman to strike in a self defense scenario, although the answer does end with “…are the most sensitive parts of the penis” so it seems to be about the most sensitive parts of the penis rather than the male sex organs as a whole.

    An interesting additional fact about the male sex organs that could be added is taught by my eldest sister Karen, who is a womens self defense instructor. Namely, if you squeeze a mans testicles hard enough he will become immediately immobilized and freeze in agony before becoming unconscious in under 8 seconds.

    For this to be effective it’s best to snatch the testicles and make sure that your fingers are locked around the top of at least one testicle before simultaneously squeezing, twisting and pulling hard – don’t let go!!! This is easiest to do in a sex attack when his testicles are likely to be exposed at some stage leaving him extremely vulnerable. Importantly, it doesn’t matter how big and strong the male attacker is for it to be effective, and most women and girls are more than capable of being successful with this move.

    I find it a very interesting and useful self defense tip for women, and agree with my sister Karen that ALL women should have it in their armory as an extremely effective self defense technique. Many women in recent years have successfully used this technique to defend themselves, and it’s even being referred to as “The NO-FAIL self defense technique for women and girls”.

  4. 24 October 2011.

    Perhaps you or another should write something about this topic.
    I have only found dry medical studies Mass Aging Male Study (?)was about the best.

    No one has every written anything to truly discuss the reality of:
    a)Great discrepancy in male/female sexual biological capability.
    b)The use of “male sexual superiority” to conceal this.
    c)How men feel about the large biological difference in sexual response.
    d)How men hide this truth from themselves.
    e)Conversations with men who are aware and how they deal with or accept this biological difference.
    f)How men feel when they realize their sexual response capability will and does decline from approximately 18 years of age.
    g)How men feel about the fact that they will be noticeably declining in sexual capability when their wives / girlfriends will be becoming more sexually responsive and orgasmic.
    h)How men feel when they realize that they will be having fewer orgasms, their erections will be getting of shorter duration, their erections will be getting softer, their refractory period will be lengthening, etc.
    i)Lessening in testosterone production and ability to use same beginning so early in life.
    j)The certainty that with age,(even young, not 50 yr old) even if health is ok, orgasms will be less frequent, less intense, shorter in duration, longer to achieve, refractory period longer, one orgasm will exhaust him, one erection may even be problematic, etc.

    I get paid to do research. Sexual response patterns and capability was one of my contracts. I showed some of the reports to two female friends who essentially responded that they were very happy they were not men.

    When I have read press reviews, internet opinions and comments, “natural” male sexual decline and or the lessening of their biological ability and or imperative, is simply not addressed, as are not the other concerns of men.

    It seems the tough questions and true reality of the chasm of sexual capability / decline (male to female) are ignored. The only answer given by experts is that the male sexual “decline” is not “true” because the limited sexual capability which overtakes males does not render it (sex) less enjoyable.

    A true natural picture of realistic changes (decline) in sexual response of the male, with both objective and subjective proofs would be the better way to go.

    Kinsey and Masters and Johnson plus The Massachusetts Aging Male Study are only a beginning. The Psychological and Societal import of these biological realities is not examined or admitted.

    Females are not deeply questioned as to their feelings and or thoughts about their potential mates sexual decline vis-a-vis their own sexual increasing potential.

    Joy Behar is the only female on TV who has ever commented, to mu knowledge, in my recollection. One syndicated radio psychologist said “It’s a pity that … (mens’ sexual capabilty declines so early)”.

    I must speak with researchers, psychologists and sexual counsellors to find individual studies and leads and other persons with whom to speak.

    One comment, when she (Psychologist) inquired as to the reason for this particular area of research, I responded that I receive research contracts and that this area of sexual research is not broached. She looked as well and could not find any studies.

    Openess and knowledge are important to understanding the human condition. To reduce male sexual response to Viagra is a great disservice both to males and love and human relationships.

    Any thoughts?

    There are very many psychologists, sex therapists, other researchers, pharmaceutical companies, their on-staff people, who will undoubtedly be able to give you leads and information and opinion.

    Then we will find out if and how important an issue it is.

    Have fun Laurie.


  5. No one talks about male reality. (Approx. Ages).

    1)Greatest orgasmic response. 18 years.
    2)Highest testosterone levels. 18 years.
    3)Most efficient utilization of free testosterone 18 years.
    4)Noticeable age of change in angle of erection. 24 years.
    5)Noticeable change in refractory period. 25 years.
    6)Noticeable change in measurable testosterone. 30 years.
    7)Noticeable change in refractory period with repercussions. 30 years.
    8)Frequency of orgasmic capability 50% of 18 years by age 30.
    9)Age 40. 52% of males have some level of sexual dysfunction.

    If medical professionals told the truth to both men and women about the rapid decline in male sexual orgasmic function (capability) by age 30, can you imagine the psychological effects. Females would be quite depressed as well.

    If males were informed in high school health classes that within 10 to 12 years, they would only be half as orgasmiclly biologically capable by age 30 there would be cataclysmic psychological and societal implications.

    Females would know that while they are multi-orgasmic, their boyfriends would at best be able to come 2 or 3 times. Female satisfaction will be problematic or non-truth would be the sine-qua-non of sexual education.

    No one discuses and prepares males and females for the knowledge that sexual capacity is unequal and from a very early age, (21?)it declines quite rapidly and unequally, and that females should know that 52% of males have sexual difficulty and decline very early in life.

    Such a shame that truth is not told.