Prayers for Women Who Are Trying to Get Pregnant

Is there a “right” way to pray to get pregnant? These prayers for women who are trying to conceive are inspired by Hannah in the Bible. She tried to get pregnant for years, and prayed to God for a baby. If you’re praying to get pregnant, you’ll find hope and faith here – even if your body just isn’t cooperating.

You may also be searching for help on how to pray for healing in your body, or even help with your marriage. So much in your heart, so many prayers for pregnancy and healing! And so few words. These thoughts and prayers for pregnancy will help you stay focused on God’s love, light, and will for your life. You will find a new sense of faith and – more importantly – connection with Jesus Christ.

In the Bible, Hannah’s prayer for pregnancy was answered in 1 Samuel 1. It’s important to know why her prayer for a baby was granted by God. I’ll share the passage of Scripture here and explain what I recently learned about Hannah’s prayer for getting pregnant and having a baby. You’ll find the help and hope you’re looking for – especially if you’ve been trying to conceive a baby for a long time.

You may want to get pregnant more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life. If you’re desperate to have a baby, your prayers may be more about your own wants and needs than accepting God’s will for your life. This can be a dangerous place to be because you’ll be devastated if you don’t get pregnant quickly. And what happens if you pray to get pregnant but you don’t have a baby? This is why it’s important to put God’s loving will for your life ahead of your own yearning to get pregnant.

Blossom Tips A Prayer for Women Who Want to Get Pregnant
Prayers for Women Who Want to Get Pregnant

Below is Hannah’s prayer for pregnancy and a healthy baby boy in 1 Samuel 1. I’ll explain what I learned about praying for a baby from a recent Tim Keller sermon podcast. Then, I’ll share a Centering Prayer for Pregnancy, which I originally posted eight years ago when I was praying for a baby.

Remember that prayer isn’t about getting what you want. Praying – even to get pregnant and have a baby – is about changing your heart and mind to align with God’s will for your life. No matter important it is to have a baby, you’ll have a more joyful and peaceful life if all you want is God’s best for you.

Prayer is about spending time with God so you get to know Him better. Praying for a baby isn’t just about getting pregnant; it’s about taking your relationship with Jesus to a deeper, more personal and healthy level. Praying is about learning how to be stable, secure, and peaceful no matter what happens in your life. 

Hannah’s Prayer for a Pregnancy

On one occasion, Hannah got up after they ate and drank at Shiloh. The priest Eli was sitting on a chair by the doorpost of the Lord’s temple. Deeply hurt, Hannah prayed to the Lord and wept with many tears. Making a vow, she pleaded, “Lord of Armies, if you will take notice of your servant’s affliction, remember and not forget me, and give your servant a son, I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life, and his hair will never be cut.”

While she continued praying in the Lord’s presence, Eli watched her mouth. Hannah was praying silently, and though her lips were moving, her voice could not be heard. Eli thought she was drunk and said to her, “How long are you going to be drunk? Get rid of your wine!”

“No, my lord,” Hannah replied. “I am a woman with a broken heart. I haven’t had any wine or beer; I’ve been pouring out my heart before the Lord. Don’t think of me as a wicked woman; I’ve been praying from the depth of my anguish and resentment.”

Eli responded, “Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant the request you’ve made of him.” “May your servant find favor with you,” she replied. Then Hannah went on her way; she ate and no longer looked despondent.

Why God granted Hannah’s prayer to get pregnant

Look at the parts that I bolded: Hannah didn’t just “give” her baby to God – she vowed to completely and totally set her son apart for a holy life. Then, Hannah became radiant, and she worshipped God — even before her prayers to get pregnant were answered!

Hannah didn’t worship God radiantly and fervently after she got pregnant. She was a woman after God’s own heart before she conceived her baby. She released her grip, she loosened her grasp, she let go of her desperate yearning to get pregnant. She prayed for a baby, but she didn’t make it the center of her life, her heart, and her worship.

Hannah loved God for who He is, not what He could give her.

It wasn’t that Hannah said the right things when she was praying for a baby, or that she recited a centering prayer for pregnancy that convinced God to open her womb! It was that she released her desperate grip to get pregnant. She let go of the neediness, the yearning, the clawing frenetic desire to have a baby.

Worship God for who He is when you pray for a baby

She Blossoms Pregnancy Prayer Praying for a Baby
Praying to Get Pregnant

Praying for a baby can be a beautiful act of worship – if it comes from a heart that is completely submitted to God’s will for your life. When your spirit is open and accepting to whatever God has in store for you, you become free from the desperation that many women feel when they’re depressed because they can’t get pregnant.

It’s good to pray for a baby – God wants us to ask Him for the desires of our hearts! But, if you set your heart, mind and soul on having a baby, then you’re not open to God’s holy and perfect will for your life. Basing your happiness on a child is a mistake. God may still grant your prayer for a pregnancy, but your happiness will always be tied up with your kid. And that, my friend, will eventually break your heart.

“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard.

Allow God to change your heart as you keep praying for a baby. Trust Him. Learn what it means to really, truly be open to whatever He has planned for your life and family. Learn how to worship God for who He is — even if you’re not pregnant. Even if you’ve been saying prayers for a pregnancy for years.

Below is the “centering prayer for pregnancy” that I originally shared eight years ago, when I was praying for a baby. Remember that it’s one way to pray for a baby, but it’s not a miracle prayer that guarantees you’ll get pregnant.

It’s important to trust God to prepare your body for pregnancy, and it’s also important to take care of your health! God gave us doctors, research studies, and brains to help us get and stay healthy. If you’re not taking good care of your body – or if your husband isn’t taking care of his fertility and sperm health – then you are delaying your chances of getting pregnant.

If you’re praying for a baby because you’re coping with fertility issues, you might also add a prayer for healing for your and your husband’s body. Always remember that prayer isn’t about getting the pregnancy you want…it’s about finding the strength, hope, and peace to live with what God allows into your life.

how to pray for a baby

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Centering Prayer for Pregnancy

Centering prayer is an ancient meditative art that involves silencing your heart and mind. Take a deep breath, and allow God’s peace, love, joy and freedom to fill your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to descend upon you, to give you the peace that passes all understanding.

Centering prayer is a way to calm your mind and still your spirit, to instill your body with a sense of peace and health, and to create a heart of acceptance towards what God wills in your life.

These four steps will guide you through a centering prayer for pregnancy. Remember that your goal isn’t just to get pregnant. It’s to get closer to God, and to align your will with His will for you and your family.

1. Choose a sacred word or phrase that symbolizes your prayer for pregnancy

The focus of centering prayer is to consent to God’s presence and action within. Choose a word or phrase that helps you remember that you are consenting to God’s work and power in your life – whether that means getting pregnant or not getting pregnant. For instance, your sacred word could be “Trust” or “Hope” or “God’s will be done” or “Acceptance.” Note that it’s not necessarily “praying for a baby” or “increased fertility” or “conception”! The idea is to be open to what God has in store.

2. Take time to connect with God — not “just” pray for a baby

Where can you pray comfortably for 20 minutes? Try not to pray in a place where you’ll fall asleep or be distracted. Close your eyes and let go of everything happening within you – all your hopes and yearnings and wishes to be pregnant. Your prayer to get pregnant is meant to soothe your mind, heart, and spirit.

When you’re praying for a baby, be prepared for distractions, such as images, feelings, reflections, physical sensations, and unexpected thoughts…and use your sacred word to ease those distractions.

3. Use your sacred word in your pregnancy prayer

Whatever disruptive thoughts or emotions come to you, lay your sacred word over them. For example if you start to feel scared you’ll never get pregnant, repeat “Trust” or “Acceptance” until you feel calm and focused on God. If you keep frantically thinking about getting pregnant or what will happen if you don’t get pregnant, savor your sacred word: “Faith” or “God’s will be done.”

Practice saying these words and phrases at different times during the day. Worshipping God for who He is – not what He gives you – goes far beyond a set time of centering prayer for a pregnancy.

4. Rest in silence after you pray for a baby

Taking two or three minutes to transition from centering prayer to back to your everyday life. This helps set and cement your intimacy with God in your heart, mind, and soul. A huge and exciting benefit of learning how to pray for a baby is that it helps you feel peaceful, hopeful, faithful, and able to accept of whatever God allows into your life.

No prayer to get pregnant will guarantee you’ll conceive a baby, but prayer can may you spiritually, physically, and emotionally stronger to deal with whatever happens.

The purpose of pregnancy prayer is to give you peace, hope, and acceptance – whether or not you get pregnant. Knowing how to pray for a baby is important – and so is knowing when it’s time to get medical advice from fertility specialists. 

Is it taking longer than a year to get pregnant? Read Find Out Why You Can’t Get Pregnant – 4 Fertility Checklists.

Help With Pregnancy Prayers

praying for a baby

In Praying Through Your Pregnancy A Week-by-Week Guide, Jennifer Polimino Carolyn Warren share fresh spiritual insight for pregnancy.

Every chapter reveals what is happening with the baby’s development that week, starting with the very first moment of conception, when God begins the creation of either a boy or a girl.

You’ll learn how the confidence you place in God affects the healthy development of your precious growing baby, and how to reduce your own stress and anxiety by looking to the Lord. Jennifer shares excerpts from her pregnancy journal to encourage women to write their own thoughts and feelings about getting pregnant. Each chapter ends with a Mother’s Prayer and Scriptures for Meditation.

Say your prayers for a baby. Keep learning how to pray to get pregnant. Read books on healthy pregnancies, happy births, and smooth transitions to motherhood. But stay focused on God, who created you and only wants the best for you. No matter how long it takes to get pregnant and have a baby, be grateful for all the blessings God has already poured into your life through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

If you’re not good at saying your prayers, read 5 Ways to Talk to God When You Can’t Pray.


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161 thoughts on “Prayers for Women Who Are Trying to Get Pregnant”

  1. I am a Christian blogger and foster mother, and want to encourage women praying for a baby to pray about fostering children. I wrote these tips for being a foster mom a few months back and have not got much traction on it. I wanted to share it here, on your blog. I know you aren’t a foster parent or mommy blogger but this post on praying for a baby caught my eye.

    If you’re looking for miracle prayers for pregnancy, pray that you can be a light and lifeline to a foster child. When my husband and I realized we would never have kids, we prayed about fostering. We sensed God was calling us to open our homes to foster kids instead of continuing to try to get pregnant. Here’s what I wrote on my blog.

    For us, being a foster parent has been a huge strength. Perhaps because it was something that we both wanted to do, we found it gave us common purpose. It gave us something new to share, and it was something that we both enjoyed, so it was great fun.

    1. Make sure you’re on the same page as a couple. I’ve always wanted to become a foster parent because my best friend growing up was in a foster home. Her foster parents were good but distant. I wanted to give other foster kids the same experience! My husband was reluctant – the thought of loving and losing foster kids was tough for him. We prayed about getting pregnant, and we prayed about fostering. Then we were both ready to take the next step.

    2. Discuss how you’ll handle the possibility of getting pregnant. My husband and I were without a doubt an “infertile couple”, so this wasn’t a consideration for us. But if you’re coping with unexplained infertility, you need to be open to the possibility you could get pregnant. Will this affect your decision to be foster parents? Would you want to be foster parents even if you had your own biological children? Pray about it. You don’t necessarily need to answer this questions right now…just talk them over. Infertile couples aren’t necessarily childless or childfree forever, especially if they believe in miracles from God!

    3. Talk to other foster parents. It’s one of the best tips I can give couples who wonder if they should be foster parents! Find foster parents (infertile couples would be ideal), and ask if you can visit them. Talk to them about the benefits and drawbacks of being foster parents. Ask them to be as honest as possible – but remember that their experience may not be yours! It’s good to get information about fostering children…but it’s also important to remember that your experience as foster parents may be much different.

    4. Become aware of different types of foster parents. We started as respite foster parents who take foster children for a short period of time, to give the children’s foster parents a break. There are also restricted foster parents, who only take children they know or who are related to their family. Regular foster parents care for children of all ages and needs – but they can specify whether they’re able to take special needs kids. We prayed for children we could easily love and handle then just prayed for kids who needed us.

    5. Contact Social Services or a local foster parent organization. Even if you’re still wondering if you should be a foster parent, contact the foster parents organization in your area. You don’t have to commit, but you might find that an orientation or foster parents information session will help you decide what to do! Talk to the social worker or resource worker. Read books about being a foster parent. Pray, pray, and pray some more about pregnancy versus fostering.

    Thank you, Laurie, for letting me share my thoughts on pregnancy prayers and foster families here. I pray that these ideas get woven into the hearts fo the women on your blog who can’t get pregnant.


  2. Thank you for the article. It reminds me trying to get pregnant should not be the center of my life. I’ve got married for two years. I was pregnant last year but I got blighted ovum and it ended up with miscarriage. I have fear in my heart that I’ll experience miscarriage again and sometimes I feel maybe I can never get pregnant. We’ve been praying and trying for over 6 months but still no good result. I feel so depressed and hopeless. I have not thought what His plan for me is and I fear His plan for me is not what I want. But I know He is always good. Maybe it’s time for me to let go of my dream and trust Him and His plan for me. May He help me to love Him more and love my husband more and equip me to be a godly mother in His perfect timing. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen!

  3. Jesus Christ, thank you so much for all You have already given us. Thank you for loving us so much that you were wholly and completely obedient to the Father, even to death on a cross! Father God, thank you for hearing our prayers to get pregnant. Thank you for giving us the ability to create new life, to have babies and families and homes. Thank you for the women here, reading this article, women who are praying to get pregnant and take care of their babies. Holy Spirit, speak for these women. You know their hearts, minds, souls, spirits and bodies…I ask for healing, strength, power, love, peace and joy to fill the very essence of who they are. Whatever Your will is for their lives, Father, I ask that it be done. I also pray for continued hope, faith and surrender as these women pray to get pregnant and enjoy a healthy pregnancy and happy baby. Amen, amen, and amen.

  4. Dear Lord. When i was 18 years old. I asked you to let me become pregnant in my forties. Now i Lord, i am about to be 49 and i know lord all things are possible with you. And God i asked that you continue to bless my womb and my soon to born baby daughter, because i can feel i having a daughter in your name and making. Happy to be a follower of you my Lord. And please note Lord, that i am praying for every soon to mothers like my self. In your name i prayer. Amen Lord.

  5. Im asking for extra prayers from you so my fiance and I will be able to conceive a healthy baby and God may heal our fertility issues!!! In Jesus name,AMEN.

    1. I’m requesting u,pleading u to pray for me n my husband to conceive soon as wev been trying past a year….pray for a healthy conception , and healing to all our issues which has come to our notice n those which hasn’t.. O lord, Jesus Christ saviour of earth..I believe u and your infinite abilities to cure every single fertility and health issue of each and every human being on earth… I pray for peace… a life filled with a complete family which I’ve been longing for since a year..I believe u and all your plans and I pray u bless us with a healthy long living baby who is a gift by u to your children…heal me,my barrenness, my sorrow, irritation,pain and the depression that I enter whenever I look at my periods and the negative tests.. change our situations for wev had enough… bless us see light and happiness in everything…bless my husband so he stays strong n heal him…bless us o lord Jesus son of mother Mary, my holy mother…Amen

  6. Dear Lord I bow down and pray to you today not only asking for forgiveness for my sins but also feeling like I’ve lost my way I would want so bad to be able to walk in faith beside you. I know sometimes I can feel like I only pray when I want things but Lord I thank you everyday for giving me the strength to wake up and go to work school. Lord this past week I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive but I’ve always been a internet reader and sometimes my hope and faith disappear once seeing some of the things online but I know if your hearing my cry’s at night then my prayers will be answered and no matter the outcome I will never give up on you Lord I’m going to stop stressing over it and if the Lord himself grants me a child I will raise my child to walk on his path. Amen

  7. Heavenly father i come b4 u thanking u for everything u hve done in my life and still doing…i kn am ar sinner and hav fall short of your glory but lord i ask for forgiveness father god its been 12 years and my husband and i hve been trying to conceive father and u had seen it fit to bless us ar few months ago with a baby but unfortunately i miscarried father so i com again through ur son jesus christ casking u fot d opportunity to conceive again cuz u kn its our hearts desire but lord its only possible if its ur will bless us father so we could bring a servant of urs into this world….AMEN


    Lord heavenly father,
    Help me to conceive. It is my hearts desire to have a baby
    Knowing that you are in control of my life. I come to you without desperation but with a longing to have a child. I have tried 3 times and lost all my babies. Lord let your will be done in my life. It was scary for me to say that before because what If your will for my life is to not have a baby. What a devastating thought that USE to be. Now i am praying for the peace and joy to handle which ever you choose for me. As it is my hearts desire to conceive. It’s more of a desire to have a relationship with you. Fill me up lord with your spirit and love. That I shall no longer feel empty and less then.

    In Jesus name I pray, Amen

  9. Please pray for me to be pregnant I’ve missed my period and I’m scared to take the test because I don’t want to be disappointed please pray my fears away and to let God’s will be done I’ve been trying to conceive for 8 years now and I’ve been disappointed but this time feels different I truly feel like by prayers have been answered I just need prayer for me and my family thank you all

  10. Dear God I praise your name because you are my sustainable God. You are my helper my saving grace the impossibility specialist the I am that I am. There’s nothing too hard for you to do. Everlasting king of glory may your name be glorified above all names. Amen. I come before you asking for the fruit of the womb. I know you can do all things yes I believe. Grant I n chike the confirmation of conception which I believe you have already made me pregnant by your stripes which was shed on the cross of calvary I was made whole you delivered me through your precious blood. You can do all things yes I believe. Grant that we may confirm our conception through your mighty power. Grant everyone who is awaiting a baby divine conception in Jesus mighty name I pray Amen. My God can do all things yes I believe.

    1. Elizabeth Perrault

      Amen. May the Lord bless you in his almighty trinity name. I know your pain, and I say a pregnancy prayer for you. May God heal you and bless you and your husband.

  11. Dear All,

    Requesting for your prayers for my upcoming pregnancy test on 12th June and that is my wedding day as well. We are childless over 8 years and hope you will pray for us.


  12. Father in the Name of Jesus I pray for every couple trying to conceive that you will remember them the same way that you remembered Sarah, I pray that at the appointed time Father you will be in the midst of their baby making and grant them the honor and precious gift of being parents. Lord we come against any words, curses spoken against any of your children when it comes to child bearing and we thank you Father that you declared us fruitful and that we shall multiply as you intended for married couples. Father in Psalm 113:9 you declared that you will make the barren woman a happy mother of children, Lord we believe in your word that when we speak it back to you it shall not return void! We thank you that you are a gracious and loving God and that you shall grant me and my husband our long awaited babies as well as anyone in this platform trusting you for a miracle baby.In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

  13. GOD in Heaven is giving me a testimony to share and I believe!!!

    Dearest Heavenly FATHER hallowed be THY name, Thy Kingdom come and THY will be done here on earth as it is done up there in Heaven…We come before YOU pleading and asking that YOU will bless me and my husband with children (A beautiful baby girl and a boy) that YOUR name may be glorified through them. We pray that YOU entrust us with YOUR Children in our care that we may learn to dedicate them to YOU and teaching them about YOU…to fear YOU and live to glorify YOUR HOLY name. We believe that YOU are able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all that we human beings can ever imagine. We pray that You bless us with healthy pregnancy and health children. Please cast away all evil spirits that may want to bring hindrance in the Mighty name of our LORD JESUS.

    Dearest LORD of lords, we also pray for all the married couples who also desperately need children, bless them oh LORD for YOUR glory. Like YOUR Servant Jabez, we pray that “Oh LORD in Heaven bless us indeed and enlarge our territory, Through the work of GOD the HOLY SPIRIT, may YOUR hand be always upon us and keep us from evil that it may not harm us…We believe by faith that as YOU answered YOUR servant Jabez YOU have also heard our cry for help in the name of JESUS Our LORD and SAVIOUR for YOU are surely GOD that YOU cant lie, YOU are not even a human being that YOU should repent. We believe that YOU give a command to bless and YOU cannot change it.

    LORD of hosts, we do believe in YOU and YOUR true promises and we pray that YOU help our unbelief. We thank YOU Dearest Heavenly FATHER that YOU have heard our prayers and have blessed us with children for YOUR glory in the name of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST who is coming soon, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!

  14. Dear Heavenly Father. Please grant Ted and I a healthy pregnancy soon. Please have us become pregnant with a little girl by this summer. This is something we both want so badly. I have children from a previous relationship, and he does not have children. He wants a child so bad. Please God, bless us a quick pregnancy with a little Girl! In Jesus name, Amen.

  15. God I have full faith in you that on the 7th May 2017 myself and Trish will be blessed with a positive pregnancy test. I place all my trust in you

  16. Dear loving father. …. firstly I ask pardon of my every sin ….. In the name of jesus heal my womb for my baby .it has been 1 and half years tat I got married but I still don’t have a baby, give us blessing upon me and husband. …I offer u lord in the name of Jesus. listen my prayer father and have mercy on me..give me strength in my poor heart. ……poor me lord in the name of Jesus precious name I pray. Amen praise the Lord… praise the Lord.. .praise the Lord .easther and chumbemo

  17. My name is Eunice, I had a baby girl through centering prayer but she died immediately after birth in May 2016 and I have been trying to conceive for 3 months now. Pls pray for me and my husband. Thank you.

    1. Eunice, my heart goes out to you for your loss, you are in my prayers. I had 2 miscarriages, this morning I discovered that I am pregnant again and it is god in his mercy, hang in there, God is listening and knows your deepest desires. It shall come to pass, I know it will.

  18. I am so stressed out about getting pregnant and having a baby! I have never known this til I left my family, I’m away Mondays-Fridays for about 3-4 months (Possibly more) And it has really done a number on me. I never knew this, but I have been near a lot of young children. And sometimes they didn’t want to leave me, weather I was in school or not. About a few months ago I thought about having a baby, but I have a family who needs me, I want a baby, but I’m scared that my family Would say something like “We think its best if you abort or put the baby up for adoption.”
    First of all its likely they would say that because I’m only a young teenager, but, I have really bad depression (I’m pretty sure) And I’m really good with children. I cook in the kitchen a lot and I bake. I would be able to support my own child right? Its kinda scary thinking about what would happen to my child. I’m not scared of the pain I will go through during contractions/labor but I am scared about:
    *Will my child be premature?
    *Will I have to put him/her up for adoption or abort him/her?
    *Will I have to have a C-section?
    *Will my child be healthy or sickly/Unhealthy?
    *What happens if my child gets sick while growing in my womb?
    *Will my child be able to meet his/her grandparents/aunt/uncle/great aunt and great uncle/ cousins/other family members?
    *What if I’m unable to protect them?

    That’s everything that scares me about having a child, but…A voice in my head says its a good idea, and the other voice is saying “Don’t do it. Its a bad idea.” I think i should do it thought. I thought about it while writing this, and it seems like it might work for these reasons:
    -I’m Christian
    -I’m good with children
    -I can cook/bake food by myself
    -I eat a lot of healthy foods/drinks
    -I’m very kind and I would NEVER think of hurting a child
    -I seem intimidating at first sight, so people don’t go after me a lot.
    -I can work, but I need to find a good job
    -I have played a lot of internet/online games, so I know about internet safety well.
    -I only talk with CERTAIN people (A.k.a people I know)
    -I am always good at things I do, like cleaning, or fixing things.
    -I go to church almost or every Sunday
    -I’m very kind hearted and loving
    -I am good at protecting people
    -I know what to do if my child gets sick or has a fever (Put child in a room-temperature bath not too cold not too hot and put damp cool cloth on forehead) And if he/she gets sick take to the doctor.

    I hope this works, may the Lord be with us!

  19. I know it’s difficult to trust God when you really want to get pregnant and have a baby, but hold onto the fact that He loves you more than anything. He wants you to have a life filled with joy, peace, faith, and beauty.

    Take a deep breath when you’re praying for a baby and trust God to give you what you need when you need it. Know that the Holy Spirit will carry you through whatever it is you will face in your future. Trust that your Father loves you and will do what is best for you and your family.


  20. Wow, I have been reading your comments and found them inspiring and encouraging. I had a miscarriage on the 24th of Nov 2016. I was shattered, because this was the second time and my comforting prayer during this time was”Lord, if you will please take this cup of suffering and hurt away from me” when I realised that the miscarriage was happening my prayer was “not my will but your will be done”. It was difficult and painful but with God, nothing is impossible. I pray for all that are trying to conceive that may the Lord grant youthe grace of conception.

  21. Lord i put my trust in you. I yearn to have and to hold my own baby. married for 6 years and I’m now 40 years old. God of all wisdom please let your plans for my life unfold, look with me with mercy and answer me as i put all my trust in you.

  22. I pray that the God’s will be done in my family before the end of this year. This year shall not pass us by and for all those out there TTC, may His grace shine upon us all in Jesus name.

  23. My daughter Divya has been married for four years now.. and she is still waiting for that precious gift to finally come. Oh Lord we put our trust in you, we believe in your divine providence. Please help us pray for a healthy baby. … Thank you.

  24. Been trusting God for the past two years and 2months now and also praying earnestly for TTC other women,and for my husband to also feel the joy of being a Father and i believe by faith that before the end of this year our most merciful God will answer me and all other TTC women out there,please put me in your prayers thanks.

  25. My prayers are with you, as you keep trying to conceive a baby to add to your family. May you experience peace beyond all understanding, and faith that eases your anxiety. May you trust God to bring you through whatever it is you need to experience, and may you be open to accepting whatever He has for you.

    Know that God loves you, and He created you for a purpose. Trust Him. Have faith that however your life unfolds, He is lovingly working all things together for your good. Take a deep breath, and stay in the presence of the Holy Spirit.


    1. My name is shackeire and i have been with my husband for 8 years now and we are trying to conceive. I have other children outside marriage and so does he . i love him with all off my heart i say this on line and i said let me try something new . we both go to church and believe in god strongly and we are trying to have a baby . we have been trying for years now . and prayer is our only options. Plz pray for us keep our family in prayer we are 31 years off age . a baby would be a blessing at this moment

  26. kaveri rajkumar chetty

    i am a hindu religion i believe in praying to every god its been 1 year 4 months i am not getting pregnant please help me. Im in lots of trouble pls help me

    1. I am sorry to hear you are in trouble. It is such a difficult journey. I love what it says in the Bible in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” God’s word helps me. I pray that you may know God’s comfort and know his love.

  27. I am 41 and my name is angela. I am praying for the fruit of the womb and blessing of my body and uterus to accept this precious gift i have waited my whole life for. I just got married and this is thr most important and inly thing i can focus on. I never wanted anything so bad. Please keep me in ypur thoughts and prayers.

  28. Been married for two years now.. and we’re still waiting for that precious gift to finally come. Oh Lord we put our trust in you, we believe in your divine providence. Please also help us pray for a healthy baby. I’ m 36… Thank you. 🙂

  29. Thank you Devora. Such a powerful prayer. Im yearning for a child. A little one to love and cherish. Someone to call me mummy. I feel blessed…. May Almighty God grant us our heart desire.

  30. Please God bless me and my husband with the fruit of thy womb in Jesus name Amen. Please friends join us in prayer we have been trying for 2 years dr report says I have endometriosis and block tubs we have done 2 Ivf to no success. Please God help us

  31. I want to get try other preggy other chance but I desired to wanna baby girl or twins of one girl /one boy someday .my child Samson Luke Berry was 6 years old hearing and Im deaf single mom at 50 age now . pls give me to get healing ,miracle to my new womb again

  32. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    May you be filled with hope, joy, and faith as you keep praying for your baby! Hold on to God, and ask Him to give you peace and acceptance.

    If you’re healing from a health condition such as endometriosis or infertility – and it’s making it difficult for you to get pregnant – you may want to read my latest article:

    How to Pray a Powerful Prayer for Healing

    Don’t stop believing!

  33. Lord,
    I am praying for all who want a child and are having difficulty. I know you will bless them with what you think is best. I also pray that I may give my husband a child so that he may know the true of of being a father. I also pray that our child will be healthy. I accept your will Jesus.

  34. Lord, thank you for the many blessings you have given us. Thank you for being the Almighty. Thank you for being an Awesome God full of mercy and grace. God, please forgive us of our sins. Help us in our every day life to be the light for you. Help us show all that you are Lord. Help us show them that you still live by living inside us. God we pray that you bless us with a baby. The doctors say that it’s slim but I know God that you can overcome science. Only You can overcome all that’s wrong Lord. We ask that you bless us with a baby this month God. Please bring this joy into our lives and the lives of others with the same struggle. Only You can do that Lord. Thank you for all that you’ve done and all that you’ve promised. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

  35. Lord to you we lift our faith that you may give us the chance to become parents and to finally have our bundle of joy come. My faith is stronger that all my fears and frustrations and I trust on your plan. Thy will be done. Amen

  36. Merciful and Almighty God, I pray for you to bless me with fruit of the womb. Lord you said that we should ask anything in your name, that you will do it for us. I and my Husband has been trying to conceive since September 2013 natural, now I am on my 2 weeks wait through ivf, Lord pls in your mercies, give me a positive pregnancy result with multiple pregnancy, Lord we believe and Trust in you that you have done it for us. Lord bless my Husbands sperm. Merciful Lord, forgive us our sins and bless me with pregnancy this month, so that our joy will be full. Bless also those asking for fruit of the womd Lord. Help us to know and serve you more and more Lord. Glory and Honour will be unto you, while shame will be unto devil and their agents. This I ask through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

  37. Dear friends. My wife has given birth to a baby boy, Jordan, on 16-12-2015.
    I received a promise from God in 1997 and 1998 that I will have a son. Like many in the Bible, I was not able to have children.
    Our church elders prayed for me last year in response to a word of knowledge. My wife was also hospitalized due to blood clots etc. She received 3 pints of blood and soon recovered.
    My wife was experiencing changes in her body and decided to do a pregnancy test.
    We celebrated much at the positive result, and completer ten months of pregnancy. God is faithful to fulfill His promises to you who are praying and expecting a baby. And to those of you who have not received a specific promise from God, just keep on resting in Him. Be encouraged. He is willing to show His kindness. I pray that God will do for you what He has done for us. What a precious gift. Amen

  38. In the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit I pray that you will bless my husband and I with a beautiful baby, Jesus, give my body the strength to be the shelter for a baby. Heal my infertility so that my husband and I can grow our family. In your name Lord Jesus Christ I pray, I love you. Amen

  39. Heavenly Father, I am so confused, Help me find the way. Grant me the serenity and patience to continue to work towards having a baby. Father, I trust in your will and know that you want this for me too. Help me to stay strong, affirm my faith and to understand that with you by my side, I can achieve my dream of having a healthy baby. I ask of this in your name and Jesus’s name, Amen

  40. Dear Lord only i can i ask to grant me and my husband to be our heart desired which is a child we are always dream about and already have our son name which is Hosea Please fullfill our need Lord and forgive our sin in Jesus name i pray Amen.Glory to you Lord

  41. Lord I ask you a big favor can you help us along the way on this journey of trying to conceive my partener n I have been trying for a child for over 8 years. It deeply sadens us that we have not yet been blessed with a child. We promise to be great parents and teach him or her well we love you and hope are prayers are answered soon . in Jesus name amen ❤❤

  42. i really pray to U Lord Jesus Christ bless my womb and my hubby bless him also the desires of our hearts to have a baby hopefully twins a girl and a boy…and grant us the desires of our hearts Lord Jesus we have been praying for a baby for so long have mercy on us Lord..pls do not be blind and deaf to our prayers..hopefully with your mercy,these will all be fulfilled before this year will end…this i ask in Jesus name i pray amen! 🙂

  43. Dear Lord, God i need ur help, please help me in the name of Jesus christ make my dreams comes true my God, i believe i will receive and i believe in you that u wl make my dreams comes true and heal me in Jesus name Amen

  44. Me and my husband have been trying for 7 years. I pray that God helps us conceive. It’s been a long road, please help us. Please hear our prayer.

  45. Thank you for this blog

    Lord you know our desires and we are going to wait for your promises and your blessings. we have been married for a year and four months and we have been trying for a baby but nothing yet. sometimes l cry on my own and l ask myself questions. but l have learn that God’s ways are not ours and neither His thoughts. one day He is going to deliver and l will not move until He blesses us.

  46. Dear Jehovah Jirah

    my husband and i have been married for over a year,he has 2 kids from a previous marriage and so do i,we so long to have one of our own,please Lord i pray that you bless my womb with a baby in JESUS NAME.

  47. Dear Jehovah God,

    In Jesus’ name I humbly ask you to bless my womb and bless my partner’s “sperm.”
    I pray for everyone on this site praying and hoping for a baby. I give you advanced praise for my womb is already filled with your heritage and reward.
    I love you Lord.

  48. This is a prayer my friend prayed for me and husband – sharing it and praying it for everyone in this conversation:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I lift up to you everyone in this thread. You said in your word that children are a gift and reward from you. Lord, we know we do not deserve anything from you, but in your great mercy and great love and grace for us, you have provided for us. We lift up to you desires to have children. Lord, if it is your will, would you be gracious to us all and reward us with (more) children in your perfect time. Praying that the resulting experiences will bring us closer to you and have a vibrant relationship with you.
    In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen!

  49. my husband and I have been married for 3 yrs. he has 2kids from previous relationships and I have an 8yo from a previous relationship. my son wants a sibling, he’s the only child I have living. I had a miscarriage years before God blessed me with him. my husband and I have been praying and asking God to bless our home with another child. especially one that’s not outta wedlock, its ALWAYS been our desire to have a child in marriage. Lord knows we’ve has close calls when I’ve had ALL THE SYSTEMS just to take the test and it be negative. its been hard to deal with LORD KNOWS IT HAS! at times my son will come ask me when will I have another baby? he says mommy I want a brother or sister. he sees the commercials on TV with babies, and the look on his face makes me said and my heartaches. when I see him playing outside alone, and he sits out there looking lonely, it makes me cry. I’m crying now…. I had my fhs or fsh test had the hormonal testing and all is at normal range. I get regular menturals, I’ve even lost weight and still no pregnancy. its a strong desire to have another child, never desired to just have one, two was always good so that they would have each other. I come from a large family and they all have more than one child. I’m reaching another birthday this month 17th, turning 47 and yes that desire is STILL THERE AND STRONGER THAN EVER….I know God is able to do the impossible, my desires are his desires, for the they come from him. my HOPE TRUST FAITH IS IN GOD, TO BRING THIS DESIRE TO MEDIFISTATION…. #NOTHING2HARD4GOD

  50. Dear God feel my pain and dry my tears and bless me and my partner to have a beautiful baby we been trying for years but I still can’t get pregnant I need your help o god please help us in the name of Jesus Christ make our dreams come true god you said that if I believe then I will receive and I believe in you that you will make our dreams come true heal my womb and healmy infertility and heal my partner infertility to I pray amen

  51. I ask for prayer as well, my husband and I have been trying for 6 years and really want to be parents, I pray for peace and strength throughout this journey as it is not easy, and spent thousands on fertility treatments. I pray that all of our prayers will be answered and our hearts filled with joy and that when the time comes that we give him all the glory and share our testimonies with other who need strength May God bless us all and his grace be upon us.

  52. I pray God blesses my husband. and I with a child. I know God will grant us the desires of our heart, and with that being said, I trust Him. Sometimes I doubt, but after reading this website, doubt can be replaced with Trust, acceptance, or something which replaces my thoughts during my darkest hours.

  53. I am a 27yr old mother of 1 (5year old son) and for the past 4/5 years I have been not only praying but pleading for another child. I’ve tried natural/ vitamins/ preseed & prescribed fertility meds. This had been a stressful journey for me to the point it’s all I seem to think about no matter how much I try to stray my mind from it.I can’t stop thinking bout it, especially when everyone around me is pregnant and nothing seems to work for me. I have sisters who both have multiple kids from 4-7 kids. My mother gave birth to 6 & I only have 1. Don’t get me wrong, I thank God so much, because when I thought it was impossible, God showed up and showed out and made it possible. According to my doctors, nothing is wrong with my body, it just hasn’t happened for me. Not looking for pity, just someone to pray for me as I will do for all of you. Along the way I have sometimes gave up hope, but I still TRUST God will deliver!!!! I want you ladies to keep FAITH & continue to pray and know that GOD IS ABLE. He said if you ASK, it shall be given!!! But we have to be PATIENT!!!! I am not completely there because I am constantly praying that God give me patients and put my heart at ease to understand that my time will come again, but when he see fit!!! Don’t focus on this, because you cause yourself to lose faith only because you want it so bad!!! I pray that God bless those with infertility, when the doctor said it is impossible, God can turn that thing around!!!! Believe me when I say this: “If you believe in the father, Know he is REAL, KNOW THAT HE IS STILL IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING MIRACLES HAPPEN. I am here for the same reason as all of you are….But I feel God lead me here to seek what needed to be found, and to give all of you ladies HOPE. Dont get discouraged, because I can promise it’s worth the wait!!! I had my first child at 23, got pregnant 4 days after I turned 23….that’s a long time to feel like it will never happen. But it was worth it!!! And I continue to have FAITH that my tyme is coming again and I will have me a little blessing sooner than I think. You all are in my prayers!!!

  54. I pray everyday to have a baby I just wanna give up at time but imma keep trying in keep praying ….some time I lose my faith god give me the strength to gave my faith back ……

  55. I too ask for prayer for babies (twins preferably!) that I have been praying for for years (infertility and now menopause issues), I KNOW that God can do ALL things, but I pray mostly that I keep focused on my walk with Him, growing in Him and bearing MUCH fruit for Him in ALL ways above the desire for children, and that I will have peace and acceptance whatever His TRUE will is for my life, even if a baby or babies is not part of it. I am praying for all of us who have the God-given desire, and it truly is a God-given desire, to have children, and that we have the peace that passes all understanding whatever God’s TRUE will is in our lives. God Bless Everyone! God cares!

  56. Please pray for me for a kid ; I’ve tried 4 times Iui and up to 20 Hcg injections with lot of tablets; Halopathy,Siddha and Homeopathy also tried.. I m very much depressed and worried morethan 6 years passed..please please pray.. At least god may be gracefull to me for your prayers…pls

  57. Me and my hubby are trying for a baby for past 1 and a half yr. Still we could’nt have a good news about my unborn child. Now my periods have got delayed for 10 days, but i don’t find any pregnancy symptoms, still i’m hoping to have a good news… I trust lord Jesus, that he will surely bless me with a baby very soon. Let your will be done, sweet Jesus.

  58. After losing my 3 baby to a miscarriage last November, I have been trying to conceive again. It has been so hard and j feel like everyone around me is getting pregnant but me! Please god I want the chance to have another baby!

  59. pls im begging you help me to pray ,almost 8 yrs trying to conceive with 2 cycles of iui in fertility specialist but no luck. im so depressed i always prayed give me strength and courage to overcome this situation. thank you so much

  60. I have a almost 3yr old son.
    We want to add a second baby.
    In march I found out I was 7wks Prego and I had pain so I went to the hospital twice they couldn’t find the baby. So i went one more time and they found it in my tube(ectopic) i had to get a shot , 4days later,i had the most terrifying pain unimaginable wouldn’t wish upon no one. My tube rupture wich I had to get surgery and it left me with one last tube. Doctors said it was healthy. I’m hoping and praying i will conceive in the right spot in my uterus. I really want my son to have a sibling. We started trying again after 3months of surgery/metroxaxte shot .
    I pray and wish baby dust to you all.

  61. I have been pregnant 3 times. I lost the first baby at 9 weeks, the second at 11 weeks, 3 days, and thus must recent loss is a chemical pregnancy that I am currently experiencing.
    Devastation is an understatement. However, I believe that God loves me and wants me to be a mother. I cannot give up hope. I have prayed for each of these pregnancies and yet each one was taken from me. I don’t know why, but I still believe in God’s goodness and that he will give me the babies I have prayed so hard for.
    Thank you for writing this post on centering prayer. I need this in my life now so desperately.
    Thoughts and prayers for all of you other mothers out there longing for a baby.

  62. I’ve been trying to conceive for about 7 years now! I will be 30 in June and i so deeply want a child I pray continuously and I have to Trust that God will make me a mother! God’s will be done!!!

  63. People who ask for girls or boys, there are people out there who would give anything to have a baby, even one, pray for a healthy baby, boy, girl, doesn’t matter, my son and daughter in law would love to have a little healthy baby, but hasn’t got one, please pray for him.

  64. I am asking you to join us in our prayers to have a child. My husband and I are working to have our own little bundle of joy for 10 years. Since he is working as a seafarer and only goes home after 9-10 months contract with only 2 months as his longest vacation. We really had a very hard but with God’s help I strongly believe that He will still give us a child in His perfect time. I am now 37 years old and claiming to God that I can still bear a child.

  65. My prayers are for me to trust and accept God’s will. I am divorced with 3 children. I had two of them when I was very young and they are teenagers now and I also have a 4 year old that wants a little brother or sister. I am now in a very loving relationship with the love of my life (I prayed for the Lord to give my heart to the man who deserves it and he has answered that prayer). He has no children and through the course of our relationship we’ve had little discussions about maybe and some day. He’s recently told me he doesn’t want one of his own right at the time my biological clock started going wild! I got baby fever and I got it bad. I’m praying for me to trust what God’s will is for us and our family. I’m also praying for God to speak to my boyfriend’s heart and for him to give the lord his fears and anxiety of being a father. He has told me he thinks he’s not going to be a good father. He is a wonderful man and a great father to my children so I have all faith he would be a wonderful father. My yearning to have a child with him is stronger than I ever thought possible. I feel I am being called to have a child and my faith is being tested to over come this obstacle. Lord I trust that your will is to comfort and guide us to what will be best for us and our family. Amen

  66. please pray for us.. we are couple since 2007 and we are trying to have a baby since then but until now we are unlucky to have it we tried everything we know to help us but i believe in gods will we will have a gift that we are wanting ..please pray for us…

  67. My husband and I have tried for a baby for a long time. Please pray that we will have a beautiful baby. It is tearing us apart.

  68. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    If you’re praying for a baby, I pray for peace. May you rest in God’s arms of peace, joy, comfort, and compassion. May you trust that He will bless you with a family, and may you accept that your timing and His timing may not be the same! I pray that you find practical and emotional ways to trust God, and that your faith surpasses your fears, longings, and wishes for a baby.

    May you find pregnancy prayers that comfort you, bring you wisdom, and reassure you that God loves you and will work everything together for your good.


  69. My first-born is now 2 years old and my husband and I have been trying for a second baby for 1 year. I want a sibling for my elder boy because I am an only child and it is very lonely growing up as one and when I am a grown up, the responsibility of caring for my elderly Mum falls all on me especially after my Dad passed away. It has been very discouraging when friends and colleagues around me who are on their 2nd/ 3rd baby hope get pregnant so quickly while it is taking some time for me. I know I am in not much position to complain because I already have a lovely boy. But I would still boldly ask God to fulfill my heart’s desire in His time for a healthy second baby who would become best friend, buddy, companion and soul mate to his/ her elder brother. Please pray with me. Thank you!

  70. I wish God can answer me bfre june to concieve a baby boy , I’m just 22 years old iv been trying to get pregnant since last year nothing is happening .I pray GOD everyday to bless me buh it seems like my prayers are unheard even my boyfriend is starting to give up us. GOD BLESS ME AND MY MAN THIS 2015 with a baby boy. Even if its a Girl we dnt mind. Pray for us plz

  71. Please pray for me and my fiance,we have been trying for a yr to become pregnant and nothing, I recently found out i have a fibroid in my uterus that could prevent me frm conceiving , this scares me my fiance has no childrn and i want more than anything to give him a child, please pray for us….

  72. My prayer is that you have a healthy baby, a safe delivery, and a strong connection to your child. May you always remember that a baby is a gift from God, whether the baby is a boy or a girl, and may you always treat your baby as you yourself would want to be treated.

    Blessings on you and your family!

  73. God revealed 2me that he will give me a son with dis pregnancy,but 2 different scans is showing that I’m having a baby girl,but I’m still praying that God will surprise me on the day of delivery wit d baby boy he has promised me,pls join me in prayers,cos I knw dere is nothin impossible with God.

  74. I pray for a baby for you. May God bless you with an easy, effortless conception of a child – and with a healthy, happy pregnancy. May you get pregnant quickly. May Father God grant you peace, joy, patience, and faith. I also pray for an open mind and heart, for God’s wisdom and guidance in your life. I pray that you are open to His voice, and that your heart is soft and ready to hear His whispers. Amen.


  75. Please pray for me and my husband. We have been trying for over a year to have a baby. After multiple tests and doctors still nothing. I pray for peace and his will. Thank You

  76. May God’s peace be with you, whether you’ve been praying for a baby for weeks, months, or years. I pray for strength and courage, faith and hope. I also pray for wisdom for all couples trying to get pregnant. Wisdom to seek fertility help when you need it, and wisdom to trust that Abba Father loves you deeply. May your pregnancy wishes come true.


  77. May the Almighty reach out and answer our prayers. He is our God, with him everything is posdible. May His will be done forever and ever. Amen

  78. Father,thank you for haven done that which you promised that none shall be barren among us.I used my wife now as a point of contact that you visit all of us looking forward to hear the cry of a health baby in our homes.Thank you have done it once again..amen.

  79. Dear Emmanuel,

    My prayer for you is that you find God’s peace, patience, love, and compassion. May your faith sustain you as you pray different pregnancy prayers. May you find the right Scripture points and passages — and above all, may your faith grow deeper and wider as you seek God’s will in your life. Trust that He knows what He is doing, and that He works all things together for your good – even if you can’t see it right now.


  80. Thank you for your prayers for a baby, and your sincere desire to reach out to God as you try to get pregnant. May these pregnancy prayers give you peace and hope in your attempts to conceive a child.

  81. Dear god
    I today I pray for all these couples that want to have a baby just like me god h are good and I know u love us just like we love u please God at these time I declare blessing in all these women God u had teach me to be strong to love and respect others to love u everyday and thank u for every minute God hold my hand and don’t lets go Bc I would never let u go thank you God of kindness lord of love

  82. Laurie,

    Shalom Alechem!
    I wanted to share a heart felt out cry to the Father.
    I wanted God’s Daughters to know that I am not asking for just myself.
    If you have a low egg count, you only need one good one.
    Remember, your FSH regularly fluctuates.
    Most importantly, God’s will transcends any test results.
    I pray that God’s will for all of you is to be blessed with a child.

  83. Devorah,

    Thank you for your lovely, heartfelt prayer for a baby. It’s lovely to hear others say this lovely prayer for couples who want to get pregnant. May we lean into God as we hope to get pregnant…may we trust that He knows what we need most of all, and that we accept whatever God allows into our lives.


  84. My Lord, My God, Father…..

    I would like to include all of these grieving hearts that cry out for motherhood.
    Father, you see their grief and hear their thoughts when they see those who are expecting in public.
    You hear their questioning where You place this blessing. Father, You have placed in us as women the desire to give birth and be mothers. I am asking you to commit to the way You’ve created us. They say, prayer does not change You, but it changes us. However, the out cry of Your creation has ALWAYS moved you. All through history, the prayers of Your people have provoked Your intervention. You are God of the impossible. Your are Master of ALL things! You are He who called woman into being, and You are the master surgeon. We stand on who You introduced Yourself to be, we stand on Your desire for relationship, we also stand on Your will for making us whole. Can He who created sight not see? Can He who created created ears not hear? Can He who created the heart not feel? Father, we are your children, and we want to share in Your joy, and understand such a LOVE. Father, many in this world focus on Your compassion, mercy, kindness, and peace. We thank You. However Father, I want to remind Your daughters that You are also a FORCE, A POWER, STRENGTH, PIERCING LIGHT, FIRE, AND GLORY. YOUR VOICE CALLED THE UNIVERSE INTO BEING. HOWEVER, YOU USED YOUR HANDS TO CREATE YOUR DAUGHTERS, AND BLEW LIFE INTO EACH ONE OF US! You CALLED all that surrounds us into being, but You used Your hands, Your, breath, Your Spirit, Your personal touch to create us. All that You used to create us are tools that represent Your STRENGTH, POWER, FORCE, AND GLORY. You hold the power of ALL existence in Your hand, but those same hands gave attention to every detail of our bodies. Your breath and Your Spirit created our minds and souls. Father, I cry out to You! Allow your Daughters to come to thy hand that created them, and commune thy Spirit with theirs. For they are Your creation, commit to the desire they inherited from You. I call You boldly, but fear You greatly. Let this not be religion, but relationship. Father, with our finite understanding, and questions of the Divine, we cry out with our hearts, and commune with our spirits. We know we are unworthy, so we stand on Your grace. We know we grow weary, so we stand on Your strength. We know you have the answers, so we stand on Your wisdom. Father, You have and always will intervene on behalf of man. Your intervention is obvious in our history of war and peace, oppression and freedom, disease and advance in modern medicine. These are all great big things, and we are grateful. Father, we know that in the midst of all the great things You do, You still encourage the random acts of kindness, hidden acts of righteousness, and the unexpected peace that surpasses all understanding. We acknowledge You willingness to intercede, we ask You for it. If we claim that You are God of the impossible, we will commit to it. Prepare us to be worthy of Your blessing, guide us to the path that we must take, quiet our spirits to hear You, and let us know that You are with us every step of this journey. We cannot claim that You are God of the impossible, and then believe that THIS is impossible.

  85. Dear God,

    May the men and women who have shared their prayers for getting pregnant be blessed with a baby! May You be with them as they trust You and have faith in You. Please give them the desires of their hearts, and be with them as they journey towards the blessing of pregnancy.

  86. Thank you for sharing your prayers to get pregnant here. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers, that God will bless you in ways you can’t even imagine.

    Pray for peace, pray for your baby, pray for acceptance, pray for strength, and pray for God’s will to be done.

  87. Lord God… every day every hour i praying to you that i pregant please listen to my prayer LORD. im not getting younger (37) i believe in you and in miracle…I will serve You forever more till I die.
    In Jesus Almighty Name I Pray. Amen

  88. I yearn for a baby so bad. My hearts desire is to become a mother. I pray to God Lord Jesus for the gift of a baby for me and all others who are struggling to conceive. I have been married for 2years and many keep on dreaming that I had a baby-I pray that God fulfils what HE Alone has revealed. I Thank You Lord Jesus for this gift. Amen I shall worship and praise You all the days of my life. May my child be the covenant between You and I that I will serve You forever more till I die.
    In Jesus Almighty Name I Pray. Amen

  89. Please keep me in yall prayers I’m trying to conceive. Hope I can soon git a doctor appointment next week hoping for the best. If I have to have surgery please god let me come out with a great outcome. And have the money to do it. I really want a child I’m not getting any younger (33) . Thanks god and have a great night. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this god bless

  90. My thoughts and prayers are with you, as you take steps towards adding a baby to your family! May God hold you and sustain you, and carry you as you move towards your dreams.



  92. Warren and Andrea

    My husband and I have been together for 11 years and married for almost three years. We have been trying to have a baby for almost two years. We have always prayed for it, but recently we have been praying together and sharing the experience. Thank you for this article, and for each of your responses. It is nice to know there are others out there feeling the same way. When you think about trying to have a baby you never imagine the heartache of negative results. However we have made the decision to be happy with one another and would only be more blessed with a child. Please keep us in your prayers, we have felt very positive lately.

  93. I will keep you in my prayers. Every night, I pray for couples who want to get pregnant…and I will continue to ask God to rain blessings on you and your spouse.

  94. Dear God.

    The Doctor Says I Can’t Have Anymore Children Because My Tubes Are Tied. I Don’t Believe Them. I Am Trusting God. Please Bless Me And My Fiancee With Another Child. In Jesus Name I Pray.


  95. I am 30 years old and going to 31 this year. My husband and I been together for 5 years but till now we don’t have a baby. We keep on trying and praying to have, please kindly include us to your prayers and do will do that as well. I know every woman and man dream to become a parents. In Jesus name. Amen!

  96. Dear Anne,

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Trust God, that the family you’re meant to have is waiting for you…be patient, and stay active in your attempts to get pregnant.


  97. Hi everyone my name is Anne and I am 26 years old, got married at 18 and been trying without success to have a child. I don’t care if it;s a boy or girl as long as he or she is healthy. Please pray for me.

    I also wanted to say that I hope you all have children. I know how hard the waiting is and how frustrated one can become. I know no matter what happens I just have to have faith and yes at times that is so difficult but I am trying. I just wanted to say that its o.k. to get sad but the thing is to remember that no matter what we are never alone we just have to keep trying and going. I hope you all get your wish of children and families. God Bless You All.

  98. I would like to be honest before God. This is very disturbing. God is the creator of everything. He listens to our prayer and he does answer. Hannah was blessed with a child. Read about Piety, Persistence, Penitence, and Prayer (Luke 18:1-14)
    If we really trust HIM and pray like a child he will respond.
    Mark 6:4-5 says HE could not perform more miracles because of people’s unbelief. Which means the Almighty cannot do…..even if he desires to….. do miracles if we don’t have faith.
    In conclusion, God is the same yesterday today and for ever. But our FAITH and our EARNEST PRAYER ACCORDING TO GOD’S WILL can determine the result of the prayer.
    Just because someone’s prayer is not answered he or she cannot judge God’s response to others prayer.
    May God bless the reader with a beautiful child. Amen!!!

  99. It’s Mother’s Day today!

    I pray for every man and woman who wants a baby, that their prayers will be answered. Blessings and peace.

  100. We are married for the last 4 years and no baby till now. We have been trying for the past two years but no results. Doctors say that we are normal and no medicine is required. A feeling of fear and isolation is coming into our minds all the time. But i still believe if God has not given us a child there is reason for it and he will give us the gift of child when the right time comes. Please pray for us so that we remain emotionally strong and always trust in God.

  101. Thank you for sharing your prayers here! I will pray for you every night, that everyone here is blessed with a quick, easy pregnancy and healthy baby.


  102. cherwen dejaresco

    Hi….Please help me to pray to get pregnant. I want to have a baby and we are married for about 3 years.Please help me..

  103. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for six years now. We recently have been seeing a fertility specialist. We have done one IUI with no luck. My husband has a sperm count which goes up and down, the doctor has recomended him taking the Proxeed supplement which he is doing going on the second month now. He also has low motility and morphology. The fertility treatments are already getting so expensive, we may have to stop real soon. The doctor has recomended that we I take injections of HMG to bring on ovulation, followed by another IUI. IVF is totally out of the question because of the expense.

    I am praying to have a baby, and praying for all women who are TTC!


  104. I prayed a prayer on Feb 19, 2013, For God to Bless myself and all the others mothers and fathers, longing for children of their own. Today April 18, 2013 I am 10 weeks pregnant. We have such an Awesome God, All the Glory is to him.

    May God Bless each and every person on this forum, longing for healthy children. God is always on time. Blessings everyone.

  105. hi, i am married for 10 years .we tried medicines my husband has low sperms count but i am still hoping that i will have a baby.please pray for me. i am 47

  106. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers for your future pregnancies and babies! I will keep you in my prayers, and wish you all blessings as you conceive your children.

  107. thank you god for the children that you are going to bless me and my husband with also for all the women and men who are also praying for a special blessing we thank you God…

  108. Hi, I just wanted to say I am so glad to have found this website. This is my first time leaving a comment about my struggle with getting pregnant. I am 43 years old and I have been trying to conceive for 4 years. I did get pregnant but I miscarried. Ever since then I have been trying to get pregnant. I sometimes think God is not listening to my cries, my pleading but then I came across to something Laurie said: “sometimes I even wonder if He is saving me from something I can’t handle, such as a baby with disabilities or a disease”. This resonated so much with me. Now I believe this to be true for me. Although I sometimes have a glimmer of hope, but now I know there is a reason.
    I accept God. I accept…

  109. Dear Lord,
    Please Bless myself and all the women, men and, couples on this Site to be able to conceive and be parents. We give all the Glory to you God. God you are a good God. With you God all things are possible. Amen

  110. Thank you for sharing your prayers here. May God grant you the desires of your heart, and bless you with a baby.

    And if He does not, may He be with you as you move forward into a different journey – one that you did not expect!

  111. Dear Lord,

    Please Lord bless my husband and I with our first children. We believe that in You ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.To you all the glory.We thank you in addvance for the blessings that will be given unto us.

    in Jesus name I pray,


  112. hi my name is Christina.. my husband Saimoni of 12 years together this year in march cannot conceive a child causes from my husband fertility test.. he cannot become a father… we so desperate to become parents for the 1st time in our lives this year to completed our family…we both 40 dis year and love to become mum and dad…. please pray for us to conceive a healthy baby to join in our family on earth … thanking you
    .. xoxo …

  113. God please bless me with a healthy baby girl or boy. It does not matter to me as long as the baby is healthy. I trust you God.

  114. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I come to you tonight holding my belly in my hand asking you to please bless me with twins. I believe in your word and know that you tell us to ask and it shall be given. I am patiently waiting on your blessing that I may carry twins. I have never desired something so much in my life and I know with you all things are possible. Please bless my husband and myself with the ability to become parents. Thank you for all of your grace and mercy you have shewn upon us.

  115. Thank you Lord!
    I’ve read all your comments above & it really inspires me. God is good all the time. Let’s keep on praying for each other. We’re on the same boat. One thing is for sure, God is in control =) we just have to wait and trust Him more.

  116. Dear God please bless me with an miracle Pregnancy and a health pregnancy .In the name of the father God ,the Blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit .Amen

  117. I am praying for all the women here who want to get pregnant.

    May God bless you with a healthy baby boy or girl, and may your pregnancy be safe, happy, and healthy. May you trust God to guide you in the right direction, and to build your family in love, peace, and joy.

  118. Hi, in 2012, I had an emergency c section 3months preterm and my baby died after 4 days, I want to have another baby but getting pregnant b4 took 5 years, please pray that I will have a healthy baby this year, thank you

  119. My husband and I have been trying for a year and a half to have a baby. I’ve gotten pregnant twice, but miscarried. I pray for God to bless us with a healthy pregnancy and baby. I pray for you all who are trying to conceive as well. God bless.

  120. I am praying for all the women who are trying to get pregnant. I know how difficult it is to keep trying, and waiting for God to bring a baby blessing!

    Be patient, says the Lord, for I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and give you hope.

  121. I have only been married for over a year now and i know you may think its too soon to worry but i have been with my now husband for 10 years before we got married and in the last five years I have not been on contraceptives so its really hard thinking that maybe it’ll be another 5 years without a baby.
    I am praying to God to bless us because even family starts putting pressure, ofcause they dont know anything and well it hurts.

    I do hope that sometime soon i will fall pregnant!

  122. I have been using 2months injection since 2010 until now I can’t fall pregnant. I’m married have a 3 year old boy but now me and my husband want a second baby we always pray but sometimes to me it feels like God is not listening am so frustrated cauz I realy want the baby. At the end of the day I always tel myself that everything God planned it and it will happen when the time is right

  123. my name is anee and my husband name is pavan and he is Hindu we both got married two years back but till now we not getting children so pls pray for us to get a baby soon other wise with my husband i am having problem.

  124. I am 30 and not married but I am ready to get married and have a family my boyfriend us 23 and in college I am going to continue to prey that Jesus will hear my prayer and God will bless me to get married and have a baby starting today I will meditate more, eat right, and focus on what I’m really asking Jesus for. I lost a child already and have one tube but I still trust Jesus will hear me. I lost hope at one time because of my lost and the lost of one of my tubes my FAITH and HOPE has gotten stronger and I will conceive Gods will be done, Thanks for all the support prey for me and my family,

  125. Hi my name is Tracie me and my husband has been trying for 10 years still no luck so I’m leaving it to god and I pray everyday that he give me a son or daughter I would really like to feel what it is like to hold my baby in my arms so I just pray to god that he soon will give me a baby.

  126. Me and my wife are struggling to fall pregnant now for 5 years. We are leaving it completely within God’s hands, but still no answer. I know it is not right to say, but it feels if He is not listening or hearing our prayers. Why give a married couple the dream of becoming parents, but not give them the child? Anyone went through the same and eventually found success? Did you ever receive confirmation from Him that you will receive children and it then happened?

  127. To answer Charmaine:
    YES it is more than OK to ask God for a son! God tells us in Psalm 37:4 ” Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” You should pray for a son before conception! I even pray for what I want my baby to look like and what kind of personalities I want them to have. I am actually praying for twins!!

    “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us. And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” 1 John 5:14-15

  128. Hi Ladies,
    My husband and I have been trying now for 20 months. I am trusting God to blessing me with children! It is very hard for us to keep praying everyday and not getting pregnant and wonder if God is even listening! But we cannot understand why God doesnt answer our prayers when we want them! We do not know the will of God for our lives. But I do believe that God wants everyone to have children as it is written in Genesis 1:28 and 3:16.

    I am reading a great book called, “Supernatural Childbirth” by Jackie Mize. She and her husband were told she could never have children…and by prayer and trust in God, she now has four children! This is an amazing book filled with bible verses of what God says about having children and even talks about miscarriages and what God says about that. I highly recommend this book.

  129. We have been trying to conceive for past 2 years. Failure as always..Never pregnant..Have always prayed each and every day, every passing temple or every insight of god, or even if I think of god in the day, I never missed praying.. Very scared to go even toilet close to my cycle so that I do not have to face the same thing again
    Getting the feeling these months that “Is god listening to me’ ??

    Always every minute praying..Still nothing happened ?

  130. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for your thoughts on praying for a baby! I’m glad to hear from you.

    We haven’t tried this pregnancy prayer or centering prayer per se, but we’ve been praying to get pregnant for about five years now. Nothing yet…but I think I can accept not having my own children.


  131. I have been praying that i be pregnant but i been saying it wrong its suppose 2 be fertility so god bless me 2 be more fer so i can have more kids and my hubby fin be 8 years i haven’t got pregnant but wit the faith i would be pregnant before my 8years and my hope luv u god amd other ppl keep on praying

  132. Dear Infertile Woman,

    My heart goes out to you; I know how hard it is to want a baby, and to trust God and know He wants best for you, but not get pregnant!

    What helps me is believing that God is doing the best for me. He is giving me a good life — even if that doesn’t include getting pregnant and having children. Sometimes I even wonder if He is saving me from something I can’t handle, such as a baby with disabilities or a disease.

    Also, I don’t believe God necessarily answers our prayers in the order He receives them! He’s not a robot, or one of those ticket machines that tells you when it’s your turn! How can human beings possibly know how and why God answers prayer?

    I hope you keep your sense of trust, faith, and love for God even if your pregnancy prayers aren’t answered the way you wish.

    Blessings and God’s love,

  133. I also believe in praying for a baby. I have been praying for a baby for a long time and I don’t know if God answer to my prayer is yes or no. Somewhere I read on a spiritual website that if his answer is yes, he will answer your prayer in the same order that you prayed and so far some of my prayers have come to pass, but I am not pregnant yet, so maybe his answer is yes, but not right now. I am not sure how long it will take for me to get pregnant, but I know that I will never give up on God. I know I will eventually get old and at that point I would not want another child, but whatever God will is for me, I know that he knows best. I just hope that he gives me the strength to get through being infertile.

  134. I have to add that we’ve been praying for a baby for about four years now, and we haven’t gotten pregnant. It’s disappointing, but we always said we were open to whatever God wants for us. And we are! But we’re still sad about not getting pregnant.

  135. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Alison,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Both meditation and prayer are proven to decrease stress, promote relaxation, and improve health — so they should help with getting pregnant! That, and lots of healthy sperm and healthy eggs 🙂


  136. Whether you are religious or not, I believe praying for pregnancy can help. Why? It helps you to relax. Scientific studies have shown that stress decreases chances of conceiving, so it’s well worth the try!