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One Type of Ovulation Calculator for Pregnancy – The Ovacue Fertility Monitor

An ovulation calculator for pregnancy, such as the Ovacue Fertility Monitor, helps you get pregnant by predicting your most fertile days.

Here’s how this ovulation predictor or fertility monitor works…

“OvaCue is one of the most advanced fertility monitors available, yet it is very simple to use,” says the folks at Fairhaven Health. “Best of all, unlike messy urine-based tests, OvaCue uses saliva to predict ovulation – up to seven days in advance! Simply place a sensor on your tongue for 5 seconds and Ovacue will record your fertility for the day. For added convenience, with the push of a button OvaCue can display in English, Spanish or Chinese.”

Predicting your ovulation and most fertile days is especially important if you’re having trouble getting pregnant. The sperm may be missing the egg…and the Ovacue Fertility Monitor will help you time intercourse so the sperm and the egg meet at the exact right time.

Here’s how this fertility monitor calculates ovulation…

Ovulation Calculator for Pregnancy – Ovacue Fertility Monitor

This fertility monitor measures changes to electrolyte levels in your saliva, which are impacted by the hormone estrogen. This method of predicting ovulation is over 98% accurate and is FDA approved.

Ovacue is the only fertility monitor that uses this saliva-based technology. It requires no additional purchases, such as sensors or sticks that are required for other fertility monitors.

Predict Ovulation With a “Spit Test”

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is a saliva-based electronic monitor. It’s a hand-held monitor with a color screen and a spoon-sized oral sensor. The OvaCue uses the patented Electrolyte Method™ to predict your fertile times of the month and calculate ovulation up to seven days in advance. This increases your pregnancy chances, and helps you figure out the best time to get pregnant.

Throughout your menstrual cycle, the electrolyte levels in your saliva fluctuate as the hormone levels in your body change. To use this fertility monitor, you’ll place the oral sensor on your tongue to measure the electrolyte levels in your saliva (the “spit test”). The OvaCue stores the information gathered from these oral readings and tracks the changes in electrolyte levels.

Then, this fertility monitor analyzes your information to precisely define your most fertile days – it calculates your ovulation, which tells you the best days to get pregnant. The OvaCue also has a vaginal sensor that detects the shift in hormones that coincides with ovulation (especially the shift from estrogen to progesterone). The information gathered from the vaginal sensor allows the OvaCue to confirm the date that ovulation occurred.

Seven Days’ Notice of Ovulation

The Ovacue Fertility Monitor detects the hormone changes that coincide with the selection of the dominant follicle that releases the egg at ovulation. Research shows that the selection of the dominant follicle occurs approximately 5-7 days before ovulation. Once the monitor detects that the dominant follicle has been selected, it will predict ovulation for 5-7 days in the future. The monitor displays your fertile window by coloring in the calendar with various shades of blue, indicating low to high fertility.

Confirmation That You Ovulated

Using your hormone information from the vaginal sensor (sold separately), the OvaCue can tell when you have more progesterone than estrogen. Then, it tells you that you ovulated (if you did).

It only takes a few seconds to use the OvaCue fertility monitor. You simply place the oral sensor on your tongue for a few seconds, and the monitor will measure and record your electrolyte reading. Once you’re done taking the reading, wash the oral sensor with water and mild soap. Then it’s ready for the next day.

Many women find the Ovacue Fertility Monitor to be convenient to use in that no urine testing is required and there are no test sticks to purchase on a monthly basis. The monitor is small enough to be carried in a purse, and comes with a carrying case.

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