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Online Fertility Help

Finding help for fertility problems on the internet is easy, efficient, and fast. Here’s how to protect your health while benefiting from online fertility help.

One of the things that makes me uncomfortable with this blog – Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility – is that so many people ask me for medical advice and fertility help. I’m not a doctor – I’m just a writer who can’t have kids, so I blog about infertility. I’m not qualified to give fertility advice, yet readers seem so eager to trust me to tell them what foods to eat to improve fertility, how to cope with period problems, and even how to improve their sperm count.

I believe getting online help for fertility is possible, and can be extremely effective! But you have to protect yourself so you don’t damage your health. Check with your doctor before taking any sort of fertility supplement – even the most natural ones. This is especially important if you’re on prescription medication.

The benefits of getting online support for infertility issues

Joining an online infertility support group or fertility forum can give you hope, help you learn practical tips for getting pregnant, and ease your feelings of isolation. You’ll find people who understand exactly how you feel because they’re going through the same thing. You’ll learn what questions to ask your doctor, and you may even discover new research or important health tips.

But, it’s important to find the right fertility help on the internet! And you need to remember that what works to help one couple get pregnant (fertilaid, acupuncture for endometriosis, yoga for fertility, etc) won’t work for everyone.

Be cautious when getting fertility help online

Don’t just jump into the first group you find – and don’t just blindly trust the first online fertility expert who seems to know what he or she is doing.  Be extra careful when you get advice about fertility supplements, medications, or natural herbs.

If you’re part of an online fertility support group or forum, make sure there is a moderator. She can give you an objective perspective and help you troubleshoot problems. Ideally, an online fertility support group should be facilitated by a psychologist, counselor, or fertility expert who is consistent, positive, and helpful.

Beware of disguised fertility advertisements on forums or blogs

Sometimes people with fertility products or services to sell will make comments or share their stories on discussion forums, hoping to attract potential (unsuspecting) customers. Buying products and services online can be a helpful and effective way to deal with infertility issues – but it’s important not to be impulsive when making a purchase!

Even if a product or service for fertility looks promising – even if it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee – do not buy it immediately. Instead, research the product online. Ask other participants in other online fertility help groups or forums for feedback.

Discuss all medical or psychological advice with your fertility doctor

Always – ALWAYS – consult your doctor before trying any type of fertility supplement.

One of the purposes of searching for online fertility help is to get immediate, fast support for getting pregnant. But, it’s important not to fall into the trap of thinking that what works for one patient of a fertility doctor will work for you. If a possible treatment for infertility or supplement for getting pregnant looks appealing, talk to your doctor first. Remember that different types and causes of infertility require different types of treatments.

The best way to get online fertility help is to explore different groups, forums, and blogs — and even different types of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Take everything you read with a grain of salt until you confirm it with your doctor or a trusted health website.

If you’re part of a fertility website, blog, or group, I welcome your comments below! If you don’t have a fertility doctor yet, read How to Know When You Need to Find a Fertility Doctor.

“Hope is the word which God has written on the brow of every man.” – Victor Hugo.

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