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No Money for Fertility Treatments? Cupcakes for Infertility

You’re not alone if you have no money for fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). A Canadian couple is fundraising for fertility treatments with Cupcakes for Infertility!

They’re not just asking for money for IVF; they’re selling cupcakes at a Fredericton flea market to raise money for their IVF treatments.

“I want to be a mother. It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do,” says Melissa Arbeau, who has already undergone one intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment, which has a 7% success rate and costs $2,000. “And the only thing that’s stopping me is money.”

Here’s why they’re turning to fertility treatments to have a baby, and what some reactions are…

Fundraising to Raise Money for Fertility Treatments

Matthew and Melissa Arbeau have been married for almost six years (just like me and my husband, Bruce!). They’ve been trying to conceive their first child for over five years, and haven’t been successful (us, too).

Last year, they were told severe male factor infertility is the reason they can’t have children naturally (also like us! Weird). They tried intra uterine insemination (IUI), like we did. We tried six times; they tried once. When we got a second opinion, our new fertility doctor said we should’ve only tried IUI two or three times.

We know why our sperm is MIA…but Matthew’s infertility is unexplained.

Like many couples coping with infertility, the only way the Arbeaus will have children is through fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization. But the cost of infertility treatments is staggering, and stops many, many couples from pursuing their dream of having a baby together.

Cupcakes for Infertility – for In Vitro Fertilization

So, they decided to raise money for treatments instead of passively accepting their diagnosis and “fate.”

Melissa says people will often pass judgement on her, saying that if they can’t afford the $7,000 for in vitro fertilization – which has a 65% success rate, according to some fertility clinics – then they can’t afford to have a child.

But she calls that rubbish.

“We’d be great parents,” she said. “We can afford to have a family. It’s just unless you’re rich and just have $7,000 laying around … it’s heartbreaking when it’s the only thing stopping you from having a baby.”

If she gets pregnant, she says, she’ll continue to make cupcakes for infertility and will donate every $1,000 she can raise toward another family that’s in need of fertility treatments.

Melissa also wants to bring the stigma of infertility out into the open — which I respect and admire.

“I’ve made a whole community of friends, and we’re doing the same thing,” she says. “And they all say the same thing – that no one talks about it. People don’t put themselves in our shoes. When you want something so bad and you can’t have it, it’s heartache, and your heart is empty and it won’t ever be full until that child comes into your life.”

My three cents about Cupcakes for Infertility

1) Sell something online – or ask for donations – to increase your fundraising dollars. For instance, this article about raising and saving money for fertility treatments can be read by people all over the world. If they can’t buy cupcakes in Fredericton, how can they help you?

Read books like Fundraising Online: Using the Internet to Raise Serious Money for Your Nonprofit Organization to learn how to raise money quickly and successfully.

2) Offer a running total of how much money you’ve raised. I’m curious how much you need for the in vitro fertilization treatments, and I bet others are too. Make your Cupcakes for Infertility updates as professional as possible, so people take you seriously.

3) Remember that having children is a wondrous blessing and miracle, but you can be happy even if you don’t have kids. I think the “my heart is empty and won’t ever be full unless I have children” mentality can stop both men and women from living and enjoying life to the fullest – no matter what happens. Kids or no kids!

What do you think of selling cupcakes, or fundraising to raise and save money for fertility treatments? Comments welcome below…

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To learn more about the Arbeaus, go to Cupcakes for Infertility.

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7 thoughts on “No Money for Fertility Treatments? Cupcakes for Infertility”

  1. This is a great and creative plan to raise money for infertility treatments. You’re not only giving people something in exchange for their money but you’re bringing awareness to infertility. This may not be for someone who is private. However, the benefits may outweigh privacy concerns for some. People can be very judgmental or otherwise insensitive to people who are trying to conceive. There isn’t a single person who has a right to tell someone else that their persuit of what will make them happy whatever that may be is not important.

  2. How about taking out a loan? If the child is worth the cost of a new car then investigate borrowing money. People go into debt all the time for luxury items. This public funding is annoying. Yes, you want to be parents but you risk losing your privacy, having people take too much interest in the ‘child’ they ‘helped’. Adoption is a good option. Investigate foster kids. They need loving homes.

  3. We are going though a similar situation – no money for fertility treatments – and hope you find what you are looking for. Know that your not alone and people are cruel but let God judge them.

  4. Dear Beautiful Spirit,

    My heart goes out to you – it sounds like having a baby is one of your lifelong dreams! I hope your plea finds the right people, and that you’re able to raise money for fertility treatments.

    At the same time, I encourage you to think about what other things might make your life meaningful. Is getting pregnant and having children the only way to be happy in life?

  5. Hi … ALL ,I’m going through so much right now But . I feel like it’s my destiny to have a baby and i wont ever give up.I had a miscarriage a few years ago and it left scars in my body and i had surgery to get my tubes fixed ,My body looked like someone poured glue into ,Thats what my doctor told me,And boy was i scared ,nervous,sad, words can’t even describe what i was thinking, I had a myomectomy back in 2007 and i guess the surgery didn’t go so well so , I was in soo much pain afterwards ,I never want to feel like that again.I had another myomectomy in 2009 , I tried again to get pregnant a few months after and nothing Happened ,I’m still going to a Fertility doctor Now And i Really need help My cards are maxed out from buying medicines and Herbs and Acupunture to increase my chances of Becoming Pregnant , My Insurance wont cover it .I really need help because it is very costly and I can’t do this without help!. I just wish there was a easier way,This is One of my Dreams in Life To just Have A baby ! Because ,Everyone wants Kids ,Life is to Short,I want to Raise atleast 20,000 , I Need Funding Badly right now , . please Donate.

  6. Thanks, Nicole! I’m glad you like this idea; I, too, think it’s a great way to raise money for infertility treatments.

    If I wanted to try in vitro fertilization, I might ask the fertility centre if they would trade treatments for blogging! But I don’t think my blog is big enough to be of interest to a fertility doctor.

    My advice to you is not to think too much about the future. Just focus on getting pregnant right now, and not what you might do if none of your frozen embryos “takes.” Be positive, and send thoughts of pregnancy to the universe!

    Best wishes; I hope you come back and tell me when you are preggers 🙂


  7. I think this idea is awesome. My husband and I have been going through IVF and it is very costly. We have gone through IVF twice and we just had our first Frozen Embryo transfer about 2 weeks ago. We still got a negative Pregnancy test. We have 5 more frozen embryos for future use but every-time one is unthawed it will cost us $650.00. I am grateful that I have so many chances to become a mom but I am already thinking about the future if all 5 embryos don”t implant will we will do another IVF cycle? My husband says that we won’t be able to afford another cycle so I am trying to think of ideas for fundraising. I was thinking of having and In-vitro party kind of like a stag and doe with food and prizes. Any other ideas that I may able to consider would be wonderful! I love what this couple did to raise money of their fertility treatments and I think more people considering IVF and can’t afford it should do their own fundraising too!