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2 Inexpensive Male Fertility Tests You Can Do at Home

These home male fertility tests are easy and discreet to do at home, and can help you figure out if you’re dealing with sperm problems or male infertility. However, a fertility test for men does not provide in-depth sperm analysis or diagnose infertility. Only a urologist or fertility specialist can do that.

male fertility tests you can do at homeOne of the most popular types of home tests for sperm count and motility is the SpermCheck Fertility by Fairhaven Health. It’s only $40, and can help you figure out what’s going on with your male fertility.

Why take a male fertility test at home? For two reasons: 1) To avoid the awkwardness or embarrassment of doing a sperm test at the doctor’s office or lab; and 2) to give you an idea of how strong and numerous your sperm are.

Low sperm count is one of the main reasons for a couple not conceiving, and it’s important to find out about it as soon as possible.

Male Fertility Tests You Can Do at Home

If you take a fertility test at home, I encourage you to also make an appointment to see your doctor. I know it’s embarrassing, but the only one who can diagnose fertility problems and help you get pregnant is a medical doctor.

SpermCheck Fertility

Here are two at-home sperm test kits to consider: PreConceive Plus (formerlyFertilMarq) and the Micra Sperm Test.

The SpermCheck Fertility sperm test (shown above) tests for two types of male fertility problems. It can confirm the presence or absence of sperm (the absence of sperm is azoospermia – and it represents a bit of an obstacle to getting pregnant!). And, this home male fertility test also gives an indication of sperm concentration and count (Oligospermia). It can help you determine if sperm count is too low – especially if you know how to analyze sperm count.

This home fertility test includes a system that stains the cells in a sperm sample. They turn a certain color. The intensity or shade of the color result will, when compared with a control template on the test, tell you if your sperm sample falls below the 20 million sperm per/mL level.

Micra Sperm Male Fertility Test

Micra Sperm Male Fertility TestThe Micra Sperm Test – At Home Test for Sperm Count and Motility is another male fertility test you can do at home, but it’s currently unavailable on Amazon. This test comes with a microscope system that contains a visual “grid” or “field” system built into the lens. When you view your semen sample, you’ll be able to compare your result with interpretive guidelines/images provided.

This test also allows you to determine if you have sperm, and if your sperm counts are low or normal. But this test doesn’t just give you a yes/no color response; it gives you a more in-depth look – and it allows you to test for sperm motility (asthenospermia) as well.

Remember that these fertility tests or semen analysis kits don’t provide a “diagnosis” of male infertility. And they may not explain why you can’t get pregnant! Rather, they’re tools to help you figure out if you have obvious male fertility problems.

How Common is Male Infertility?

If you’re having problems getting pregnant, don’t assume the woman is having a fertility issue! About half of all infertility cases may be attributable to men’s general health and sperm health. Many male fertility problems can be treated by eating the right foods (some foods increase sperm count), making health changes, and taking the right vitamin supplements, or undergoing certain medical procedures.

Male Fertility Tests You Can Do at Home

Male Fertility Tests You Can Do at Home

The best way to find out if low sperm count is the cause of your inability to get pregnant is to take a sperm test! Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed; it’s a normal fertility test that millions of men undergo every year.

Home male fertility tests may not be as reliable as a doctor’s analysis, but they can break the ice and get you started on the road to pregnancy. No matter what the results of the male fertility test, I encourage you to see your doctor if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year.

If you’re not interested in male fertility tests you can do at home, read 5 Signs You Should See a Fertility Doctor. An at-home test is a good start, but if you are having problems such as low sperm count, you will eventually need to see a urologist or fertility specialist in person.

I welcome your thoughts on male fertility tests you can do at home below. I can’t offer medical advice or counseling, but it might be helpful for you to share your experience.

If you suspect you’re dealing with male infertility, read 5 Ways to Overcome Fertility Problems.

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20 thoughts on “2 Inexpensive Male Fertility Tests You Can Do at Home”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    The best way to find answers if you have questions about male fertility tests you can do at home or semen analysis is to see a urologist in person. Getting answers on the internet won’t help, because the information is too general. You need to see a doctor in person to get the help you need with male fertility.

  2. i have married from one year on Dr advise we make my test there is some issue in my semen test of active motile is 20% an Slagish Motile 20% both should 50% .
    Please suggest me.

  3. Thank you for your suggestion to look into Gift Fertility Center. The specialists there probably have all sorts of male fertility tests for both at-home and in clinic work!

  4. Dr Mani from Gift Fertility Centre is one of the best Doctor for infertility problems and to do surrogacy procedures. IVF, IUI, ICSI procedures is effectively doing by Dr Mani and Dr Anita Mani. Both male and female infertility tests are conducted.

  5. I can’t offer health advice, and I encourage you to talk to a urologist or male fertility doctor in person. It’s important to get checked out in person by a health practitioner, and get medical advice that is specific to your body. The internet is a great place to get general information about topics such as male fertility tests you can do at home, but it is no substitute for in-person medical advice.


  6. Madam,
    i’ve some infection as a result doctor say my sperm carry some germs. my body also has low immunity. this also a cause of that issue. Doctors don’t advise to rectify this. please advise me.

  7. I’m sorry I missed your comment, Hussain, but I can’t give medical advice! I’m not a doctor — you need to talk to a doctor in person after you take a male fertility test, so you can get good medical advice. I know it’s embarrassing…but trust me, fertility doctors have seen it all. you won’t be talking about anything new or embarrassing for him or her.

  8. Dear
    Last day i have visit my doctor for the seman analyses test(fertility).
    but i not able to erect my tool. i musturbate but my pines not erect so i quite the lab. its very embaresing for me .
    even i spend very satisfactry life with my wife. but i could understand why its happened to me.
    so plz tell me what i do to perform my fertality test .

  9. Thanks for this information. I actually came on your site after finding an article about communication tips at work but I noticed you had this infertility section which was pretty handy because my husband and I are having some issues trying to get pregnant. We’ve been looking into some at home sperm testing kits as the first thing to test out, so I will have him check this page out and look at some of the products you provided.

  10. Dear Peace,

    My husband has azoospermia, too. We didn’t find a medical solution; his lack of sperm is genetically caused and has no cure. We did try a naturopathic doctor who prescribed a “male fertility tea” and acupuncture. My husband really enjoyed the acupuncture, didn’t like the tea, and still has no sperm.

    The only thing I can suggest is going to a naturopathic doctor and seeing what he or she recommends. Also, try another male fertility test in three months — sometimes a man’s sperm count chances over time.


  11. Hello sir, please i need to know if there is any medical solution for cases of azospermia. Kindly send reply to my mail box please! May God bless you whit more wisdom. Thanks!!!

  12. I thought you might be interested in this:

    Groundbreaking male infertility test could ‘bring hope to millions’

    A groundbreaking new test for male infertility, which will save time, money and heartache for couples around the world, has been developed at Queen’s University Belfast.

    The medical breakthrough, known as the SpermComet, has resulted from more than a decade’s research by Professor Sheena Lewis, who leads the Reproductive Medicine research group at Queen’s.

    The SpermComet provides unique information that no other test offers. By measuring damaged DNA in individual sperm, it can predict the success of infertility treatments and fast-track couples to the treatment most likely to succeed, leading to significantly reduced waiting times and improved chances of conception.

    Professor Lewis said: “One in six couples has difficulty in having a family. In 40 per cent of cases, the problems are related to the man.

    “Until now, there have been few accurate ways of measuring a man’s fertility. Traditionally, the diagnosis of male infertility has relied on semen analysis. This provides the basic information on which fertility specialists base their initial diagnosis. However, its clinical value in predicting male fertility or success with infertility treatment is limited, particularly if the semen analysis results are normal.

    “The SpermComet test is so called because it looks just like a comet in the sky. The head of the ‘Comet’ is undamaged DNA and the tail is damaged DNA. From the tail of the ‘Comet’ we can measure exactly the amount of damaged DNA in each individual sperm. Good quality sperm DNA is closely associated with getting pregnant and having a healthy baby, and the SpermComet Test is the most sensitive test available for sperm DNA testing.”

    Professor Lewis, in partnership with Queen’s venture spinout company, QUBIS, has now set up a new company to market the test, which is already available through a number of fertility clinics in Glasgow, Dublin and Galway.

    QUBIS Chief Executive Panos Lioulias said: “As the number of infertile couples across Europe continues to increase by around five per cent each year, the need for such a test has never been greater. The SpermComet is the most sensitive test available to help clinics tailor treatment specifically to the man’s needs, bringing hope to millions of couples across the globe.”

    Professor Sheena Lewis has been at the forefront of research in male fertility for the past 20 years. She has led the reproductive research team in Queen’s University Belfast since 1995. She is Chair-Elect of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s Andrology special interest group, the treasurer of the British Andrology Society, member of the executive committee of the British Fertility Society and past Vice-Chair of the Irish Fertility Society.

    Further details can be found at http://www.lewisfertilitytesting.com.
    Infertility treatment news : 12 June 2011

  13. Also – remember that while male fertility tests can give you some clues about infertility, they’re not a diagnosis of anything! The only way to find out about male infertility is to see your doctor or urologist in person.