6 Causes of Spotty Periods and Irregular Monthly Cycles

Here are the most common causes of spotty periods, ranging from prescription medications to BMI. Knowing what causes an irregular menstrual cycle is the first step to regulating your menses. The smoother and more predictable your periods are, the happier you’ll be!

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These reasons for skipped and spotty periods include ways to regulate your menstrual cycle. If your period hasn’t shown up for months and you’re not pregnant, or if you’re experiencing irregular or odd-colored spotty periods (such as brown discharge), you need to talk to your family doctor or a gynecologist. And remember: getting your period is normal, natural, and healthy. Even though it can be a pain in the patootie!

What Causes Spotty Periods?

Here are six things that cause spotty periods, plus a few tips for regulating your menstrual cycle…

1. Allergy medications

“One of the most common skipped-period scenarios results from a popular treatment for allergic reactions,” writes Dr Rebecca Booth in The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…at Any Age (it’s a book about how magical menstruation can be!). Oral steroids such as prednisone can suppress allergic reactions by suppressing the immune system – and result in a skipped period. Dr Booth advises avoiding system-wide steroids whenever possible. If you’re taking prescription drugs, remember that medications can cause irregular or spotty periods.

2. Low body fat or low weight disrupts women’s hormones

If your body fat is below 15% of your body weight or blood leptin levels are below normal, then you’ll lose the hormones that contribute to regular periods. Losing those hormones also leads to hair loss, dry skin, bone loss, and other health problems. To regulate your period, find and stay at your healthy weight. And, make sure you eat foods that make your period regular.

3. Lack of progesterone can cause spotty periods – but so can too much

Progesterone deficiency supposedly causes PMS, chronic fatigue, breast pain, low libido, etc – but it’s not always the case! That is, low progesterone may not cause those health problems for women.

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“While low-dose supplementation of progesterone in the appropriate part of the cycle is safe, the challenge is not to overdo it,” says Dr Booth. Too much progesterone can cause irregular or no periods.

4. Environmental toxins can unbalance your hormones

Environmental endocrine disruptors can disrupt your hormone balance, which disrupts your period. To regulate your periods, minimize your exposure to heavy metals (for instance, only eat tuna once a week – and avoid it altogether if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive a baby).

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5. Smoking can cause skipped menstrual cycles

If you smoke cigarettes, be warned that it hastens menopause and weakens your menstrual cycle! Cigarette toxins affect your ovaries and circulatory system, and secondhand smoke increases the risk of heart disease and some cancers. Women who smoke enter menopause two years earlier than those who don’t smoke. To regulate your period, quit smoking.

6. Drinking alcohol affects ovulation and fertility levels

Another cause of irregular periods is drinking more than five alcoholic drinks a week; it reduces ovulation and female fertility levels). Polyphenols in red wine may have health benefits – but small amounts are best. “If you want to get pregnant, it’s best to leave alcohol out of your diet altogether,” writes Dr Booth.

What causes Spotty Periods
Spotty Periods

If your period was always regular but has recently become irregular, you need to talk to your doctor. Many other health factors can affect menstrual cycles, such as fibroids, cysts, polyps, etc. The only way to find out what’s going on is to visit your physician in person.

“In man, the shedding of blood is always associated with injury, disease, or death,” said Dr Estelle Ramey. “Only the female half of humanity was seen to have the magical ability to bleed profusely and still rise phoenix-like each month from the gore.” I wonder what she would say about the causes of spotty periods? 🙂

For more tips, read How to Get a Normal Monthly Period.

If you have any thoughts on these causes of spotty periods, please comment below! But please don’t ask me for medical advice – you need to visit a gynecologist or family doctor in person to get help with spotty or skipped periods.


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