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6 Causes of Spotty Periods and Irregular Monthly Cycles

Here are the most common causes of spotty periods, ranging from prescription medications to BMI. Knowing what causes an irregular menstrual cycle is the first step to regulating your menses. The smoother and more predictable your periods are, the happier you’ll be!

If you tend to spot, consider the Softcups 12 Hour Feminine Protection. They’re a lovely, non-instrusive way to stay fresh and clean – especially if you have irregular periods.

These reasons for skipped and spotty periods include ways to regulate your menstrual cycle. If your period hasn’t shown up for months and you’re not pregnant, or if you’re experiencing irregular or odd-colored spotty periods (such as brown discharge), you need to talk to your family doctor or a gynecologist. And remember: getting your period is normal, natural, and healthy. Even though it can be a pain in the patootie!

What Causes Spotty Periods?

Here are six things that cause spotty periods, plus a few tips for regulating your menstrual cycle…

1. Allergy medications

“One of the most common skipped-period scenarios results from a popular treatment for allergic reactions,” writes Dr Rebecca Booth in The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…at Any Age (it’s a book about how magical menstruation can be!). Oral steroids such as prednisone can suppress allergic reactions by suppressing the immune system – and result in a skipped period. Dr Booth advises avoiding system-wide steroids whenever possible. If you’re taking prescription drugs, remember that medications can cause irregular or spotty periods.

2. Low body fat or low weight disrupts women’s hormones

If your body fat is below 15% of your body weight or blood leptin levels are below normal, then you’ll lose the hormones that contribute to regular periods. Losing those hormones also leads to hair loss, dry skin, bone loss, and other health problems. To regulate your period, find and stay at your healthy weight. And, make sure you eat foods that make your period regular.

3. Lack of progesterone can cause spotty periods – but so can too much

Progesterone deficiency supposedly causes PMS, chronic fatigue, breast pain, low libido, etc – but it’s not always the case! That is, low progesterone may not cause those health problems for women.

“While low-dose supplementation of progesterone in the appropriate part of the cycle is safe, the challenge is not to overdo it,” says Dr Booth. Too much progesterone can cause irregular or no periods.

4. Environmental toxins can unbalance your hormones

Environmental endocrine disruptors can disrupt your hormone balance, which disrupts your period. To regulate your periods, minimize your exposure to heavy metals (for instance, only eat tuna once a week – and avoid it altogether if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive a baby).

6 Causes of Spotty Periods Lydia Pinkham Tablets are for women with problem periods. These tablets contain natural medicinal herbs, and promote general well-being and health. Read the reviews on Amazon – I haven’t tried these tablets, but the comments are very positive.

If you’re really struggling to regulate your cycle, you might want to try the Yogi Woman’s Moon Cycle – Herbal Tea Supplement.

5. Smoking can cause skipped menstrual cycles

If you smoke cigarettes, be warned that it hastens menopause and weakens your menstrual cycle! Cigarette toxins affect your ovaries and circulatory system, and secondhand smoke increases the risk of heart disease and some cancers. Women who smoke enter menopause two years earlier than those who don’t smoke. To regulate your period, quit smoking.

6. Drinking alcohol affects ovulation and fertility levels

Another cause of irregular periods is drinking more than five alcoholic drinks a week; it reduces ovulation and female fertility levels). Polyphenols in red wine may have health benefits – but small amounts are best. “If you want to get pregnant, it’s best to leave alcohol out of your diet altogether,” writes Dr Booth.

What causes Spotty Periods

Spotty Periods

If your period was always regular but has recently become irregular, you need to talk to your doctor. Many other health factors can affect menstrual cycles, such as fibroids, cysts, polyps, etc. The only way to find out what’s going on is to visit your physician in person.

“In man, the shedding of blood is always associated with injury, disease, or death,” said Dr Estelle Ramey. “Only the female half of humanity was seen to have the magical ability to bleed profusely and still rise phoenix-like each month from the gore.” I wonder what she would say about the causes of spotty periods? 🙂

For more tips, read How to Get a Normal Monthly Period.

If you have any thoughts on these causes of spotty periods, please comment below! But please don’t ask me for medical advice – you need to visit a gynecologist or family doctor in person to get help with spotty or skipped periods.


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143 thoughts on “6 Causes of Spotty Periods and Irregular Monthly Cycles”

  1. Dear Farah,

    I’m not sure why you are periods are spotty, but I do know that your regular monthly cycles are normal for teenagers. I also know it’s scary – it feels scary when your periods change and they don’t feel normal! It’s a weird feeling, especially since it doesn’t seem like you can do anything to control your periods.

    Have you been to a gynecologist before? It sounds like you don’t want to go see the doctor about your spotty and irregular periods. The best way to find out what’s happening with your menstrual cycle may be to see the gynecologist… What’s holding you back?

  2. Hi. I’m 15 years old. I got my first period when 13 and since then I’ve been getting regular and normal periods for 6-7 days with the usual cramps. But since a few months, I’ve been getting a brown discharge and a very light coloured blood on my panty and lasts for about 7-8 days. There’s no need to wear a pad too. I’m pretty scared. My mom said it’s normal as I’m a teen. I don’t wanna go to a gynaecologist. Please do help me out.

  3. The best way to find out why your period is spotty or irregular is to talk to a gynecologist, and get an in-person physical exam. Girls and women often have irregular menstrual cycles, especially if they’re in their early teens, so there’s often not much to worry about! But if you have a feeling something is wrong, it might be worth a visit to the gynecologist for a checkup.

  4. for the past three periods I have been spotting and bleeding very lightly it’s almost like I’m not bleeding at all I have had sex but that was six months ago I don’t think I’m pregnant but iv never gone and ruled that out I ask my mom and she said it was normal but I just don’t kno what to do can someone give me any answers please.

  5. Hi I am 22 years old . Last month I had a late period and this time within 10 days I started having brown spotting for more than two weeks and now when I am near my period date, I think I have started getting cramps but no sign of period. Please can someone tell me what is the problem that I am facing and how to resolve it l.

  6. my case is different please. I noticed whenever i am scared, emotional i see blood stains even though i am not on my period. what’s the problem please

  7. Yes, Chas, I think you should go to the doctor or gynecologist if your spotting and brown discharge lasts for longer than a month or two. All womens’ cycles vary from time to time (even from month to month, sometimes!). A few “different” types of periods aren’t unusual for most women…but if this spotting and discharge is unusual for you, then it may be an indication that something is awry with your body.

    There are many causes of spotty periods and irregular menstrual cycles, and you may need to get your body tested to see what’s causing your spotting and discharge. That said, however, I personally wouldn’t go see a gynecologist unless something seemed really different or wrong with my body.

    What do you think – should you go see a doctor?

  8. Hey my name is jennifer I’m 27 yearz old …I usually get my period for 5 dayz every month on time ..but 4 the month of august it,was late & then wen it did come it was very light ,brownish & kinda on & off…wat could this mean..?….
    P.s. pleaze help me..!

    1. I’m having the same problem! My periods are always on time and last 5-7 days but I barely had one this month and have just been spotting and also have a lot of brown discharge! Also I am breaking out like crazy! Even worse than normal! Should I go to the doctor or what?

  9. If the gynecologist says the reason for your spotty periods is urinary cancer, didn’t he or she do a test to check for it?

  10. hi..
    I’ve 1 problem…. I’m facing this problem 1st time…. my period time was irregular it means last 3 months i didn’t get period…
    i consoled a gynecologist.. they said it may be a urinary cancer or something they saying i’m still virgin..this cancer and all make us to worry wt u think it may be or not…

  11. Why are your periods spotty and irregular? Unfortunately I don’t have the answers you need. To regulate your period and stop spotting, you need to get examined in person by a gynecologist.

    Be careful about seeking personal medical advice from strangers on the internet! They’ve never examined you, and don’t know your genetics, body, or history. You need to see a doctor in person, and ask her or him to help you get a normal monthly period.

    I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, and wish you all good health.


  12. Hi my name is zoie an I’m 14 years old and my period for the last 2 months has been coming late and I have no clue why because I am an althlete and I eat healthy. I do take a prescription for acne do you think that the meds are causing it ? Please help me figure this out so I have peace on my mind.

  13. hii, i am 25 years old and having the irregular mensuration. i never drink alcohol or eat non-veg. i consult the gynocologist. she said for exercise but i still face the problem. she had given me some iron pills. but still this problem arise . please reply me…

  14. Hi
    I have not seen my periods for almost 2 years,I AM A BIT CONFUSED, I went to a doctor to do an ultrasound and nothing was wrong everything seems normal.I am worried what i should do now,Is this normal, and i have gained alot of weight since then.

  15. Hey iam 16 years old
    And i first got my period at age 10, since then my period has never been regular. I have it every 6 months
    And iam a virgin. And i always get a discharge cor liquid wich get annoying cause sometimes the odor is bad. Should i take birth control to regulate it? And should i use vagisal?

  16. Hi there.
    I’m asin from Nepal.when my baby was 7 months, I had my period back .Then
    Next period was about 4 days late and now its 10 days late already it’s not coming.I took
    Some medicines(CTZ) for skin allergy.Is it b’cos of that…? Pls help I’m sooo worried. I’m not
    Taking any pills or any birth control medication jus using condoms.

  17. I have irregular periods twice a year and the regular cycle extends to 50 days, i face this problem during cold weather most of the time, my weight is normal but i still dont know how to make my cycles regular… kindly help.

  18. Hey,

    Im Janet. Havent had my menstrual period for over I year now. Yes! I have talked to Doctor about the Norplant that I had 1 year ago and he told me the Monthly Period might or might not. He told me its a side effect for a Norplant. What worries me is whether Im safe with staying without periods for long and I took a Norplant of 3 years and I have 2 years to go. Please advice. Thanks.

  19. ok well my problem is that ive been spotting/bleeding for 15 days (today being the 15th day) straight…and my concern is that i have regular periods and today should be the day that i finish my regular period for this month. Im just worried that it could be something wrong. I was first spotting brown and then to pink and then red and back to brown ect. I took two preg. tests and both came out negative. So can i still be preg. or am i having a miscarriage or something. i just need some information. If someone can please help me. About 3 weeks ago i went to the gyno for a pap and everything was normal. So idk? just need some answers. Thanks so much.

  20. HI There Doc.
    Nice to See something here. I m here to ask about somethings. I have been facing the problem of not getting pregnant since 6 years. I have tried each and everything for infertility problems even I have done IVF. I have gotten tired of all these stuff. My doctors say that I m all fit and I have no problem but in the last a gynea told me that my Uterus opening is kind of opposite mean Tilted Uterus and u will have to make intercourse from the back side with the head down and hips up. I tried that no but no use. I tried a different partner for about a year coz i was thing that my partner might have some problem but that also doesnt work for me.
    but these days i was suffering from irregular periods coz my peiod was going to come from 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5, days before from the last date of period. But this time my last period date was 11-11-2011 and my recent period today almost on 10-12-2011 and i was expecting it on 5,6,7. But last night i have eaten fish too much now my mind says i was getting pregnant but due to fish i have gotten a period again. and the blood looks like fresh unusually coz before i have seen blood in dark black or else but this time it looks fresh. I have also seen bigger blood clots. so please tell me what are all these things please suggest me something to do. i m suffering mentally.
    hope to hear from u soon.

  21. hai dear,
    my name is sweety,I’m 22 yrs old.. sometimes I get the periods with brown discharge and the very next 20 days get the normal periods.. it is happening like that for sometimes.. so plz say me whether there is any health problem in me?? plz give me the advice about the food habbits..

  22. hello!

    I’m also having an irregular menstruation, it’s almost 4 months! (I,m virgin, I’m not pregnant!) I’m very scared… Is there going to me something bad? and sometimes when I’m having a menstruation its only takes me i think 1 week is that good.. and guys please help me i don’t know what I’m going to do… please help me to my problem… give me some advice or what I’m supposed to eat or something… PLEASE HELP ME!

  23. I went to the doctor and they gave me a pill to regulate my period a month ago. Now i get my period every other week. What do i do to regulate my period again so its just once a month?

  24. hi i am shiree from india i had dermoid ovarian cysts(both) opt. in 2005 iwas taking contraceptive pills for i year then i used to get my periods once in 3 months(jan apr july2007) but after marriage in oct2007 my periods stopped completely may be b’cos of stress n tension now lh fsh levels r so high docs say the bodys condition is like post menopause stage can u help regularise my periods n increase my size of ovaries which r now 1.1mm each

  25. Dear Misty,

    The best way to find out the cause of your irregular menstrual cycles is to get an in person medical exam from a doctor or gynecologist. Some women have irregular periods all the time – it’s normal for them! Other women have health issues that cause irregular periods.

    To find out if it’s normal for your body to skip or have spotty periods, you need to get examined by a doctor. It may be just the way your body is, but it’s always good to find out for sure, by getting a pap test or gynecological exam.


  26. Dear Priya,

    I don’t know anything about that medication, or if it will cause harmful side effects in the future. What did your doctor tell you about it, other than it will help with an irregular menstrual cycle?


  27. hi im 34 iand i was thingking why my period is to little every 2nd month? ang after that month its normal again can you help me?

  28. HI DEAR,
    Doctor has told me that my monthly menses will start only after takin medicine name “REGISTRON” is this right way to consume this medicine every month .
    and now from last 6 months i take homeopathic treatment but even then no progress comes again i have to take medicine for proper monthly circle
    so tell me is this right that i take medice on regular basis and is this not make any serious problem in future

  29. Dear Priya,

    I’m sorry, but I can’t give personal medical advice, such as telling you how to fix spotty periods or skipped menstrual cycles! I really am sorry that the doctors haven’t been able to help you.

    Have you tried talking to a naturopathic physician? Sometimes naturopaths can help balance a woman’s hormones in ways a traditional doctor or gynecologist can’t…it’s worth a try, I think!

    I wish you all the best, and hope you’re able to find the help you need. Please be careful about seeking personal medical advice on the internet — only an in-person examination can give you a correct diagnosis and the right help.


  30. Hi, all i am unmarried suffering from irregular mensuration from starting of periond till now they are going irregular i take many treatment from many doctors but still it has not going on track even my reports are right and my schedule is firstly going office and then giving tutions and i get free approx at 8:00pm plz give me some suggestion to sought out this and also tell me is this problem effect me after future .

  31. Hi Cami and Darla,

    I really wish I could tell you how you can cope with spotty periods and irregular discharge, but I can’t! You need to visit a gynecologist or doctor in person.

    If you’ve already visited a gynecologist or doctor and your periods are still spotty and irregular, then you need to get a second opinion or visit a naturopathic doctor.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t give personal medical health advice. This article about causes of spotty periods and skipped periods is for general purposes, and I can’t offer individual health tips.


  32. Hi! I’m 23 years old and I’ve been trying to conceive for about a year and a half. It’s so difficult! I use to be on the pill from 18-21 years old. A few months after being off the pill I got pregnant immediately but after 2 months, I had a miscarriage. For a year my period has been very regular but this last month I’ve had my period twice! I had my regular period from August 14-18 and then I started spotting from August 27-30. Today I’ve had some brownish discharge with foul odor! Can you help me understand what might be happening to my body! Me and my husband really want a baby; what can I do?
    Thank you

  33. Hi,im 19yrs old,im not a virgin or anything but lately ive missed my period in a way. for about 3 months now its been spotty,not like a lot of spots but 3-4 drops and then its gone. i was wondering what may b the cause of this,and i took a test it came out negative. please help,thanks.

  34. Dear Vanessa,

    I’m sorry to hear about the tragedies you’ve faced, and how depressing and frustrating your irregular menstrual cycles are. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better!

    Are you taking iron supplements? I was SO tired and drained for about two months; when the doc did blood work, we discovered my iron was way, way down. The supplements cost me $3.50 at the pharmacy, and only took a week to kick in. It’s amazing what that one mineral can do – how much effect it has on our moods and energy levels. And if your periods are really long, then you may be losing more iron than you think.

    Have you talked to a naturopathic physician? They use herbal supplements and things like acupuncture to regulate and balance hormones, which can help your periods get regular. I know it’s hard to take the step of researching and making an appointment with yet another doctor – especially not a gynecologist! – but they REALLY help some women.

    Another option is getting a second opinion, from a different gynecologist.

    Doctors make mistakes, overlook possible reasons it’s taking so long to get pregnant, and fail to see the obvious. Doctors, like us, have brains that can only hold so much information and they only have so much time to learn about all the new health research. Further, they’re affected by their own lives, health, and problems. This is why it’s so important to get a second opinion, and to get multiple health tests done!

    I hope this helps, and wish you all good health.


  35. Hello. So I am 23 years old and I’ve had irregular periods since I was a junior in high school..at first I thought it had to do with weight gain..and it might still be..but I’ve been getting worse and worse throughout the years. I first started being irregular by having no period for maximum of six months, then got it for maximum 7 days, then 6 months no period again. That lasted until 2 years ago. I then started to have my period nonstop for maximum of 3 months! (and I was veeeerrry moody). I eventually went to the doctor and since I had been thru a lot during that time (I lost my aunt due to breast cancer then a couple months after I lost my best friend in a car accident)..she had said that it could have possibly been the stress that was causing the sudden change..she had scheduled me for blood work and sum kind of pelvic ultrasound to see wut was going on..but I never went due to loss of insurance. And that was 2 yrs ago..I still get my cycle maximum 3 months..off about a week to a month..then back on again for 3 months..I could really use sum advice. I dnt have insurance n afraid of wut it might cost since I don’t have much money. This really has taken a toll on me physically and emotionally..I can’t take it anymore..I’m always tired and out of energy..I’ve lost friends due to this depression I’m in and I can’t keep living like this..crying myself to sleep..sumone please help? God bless.

  36. Dear Caitlin,

    The only way to tell if your irregular menstrual cycle is connected to possible infertility is to figure out the cause of your unpredictable periods. Yes, sometimes spotty or heavy periods are related to not being able to get pregnant…but not always!

    Your best bet is to find a gynecologist you can trust. You have to shop around for the right doctor, just like you have to shop around for anything else!

    I hope you find the right doctor – let me know how it goes!


  37. I first started my cycles about 8 years ago, but they have NEVER been regular, and the amount of blood loss has always been huge, leading to various doctors calling me a liar. I go for 5-6 months or longer with no period, no cramping, nothing, except mood swings, always around the first, and acne breakouts, which I know are signs of the cycle and all that. But very rarely do I bleed. My last period was about four months ago, and the longest period I have had lasted (yes, I’m telling the truth) three months, varying between light and heavy blood flow. Could these problems cause or be signs of infertility?

  38. Stephanie ~ I don’t know if the spotting was a sign of your period, but I’m glad you’re walking and getting some exercise! One of the best things you can do for your body (and your menstrual cycle) is to get and stay healthy….and exercise really helps. If your periods don’t become more regular, you might want to get a second opinion with a different doctor. Or, try a naturopathic physician. They often help regulate cycles without prescribing medications.

    Kelsey ~ Your period is affected by stress and having alot on your mind. And, not getting a regular period is stressful in itself! I think your mom is right, that it can be normal to have spotty, irregular periods. But I also know that periods can be a sign of a woman’s overall health and wellness. If you can’t see a doctor on your own, I suggest waiting until September and talking to the school nurse. Or, go to a free clinic that has doctors that can help. Chances are, you’re just going through a lighter menstrual cycle right now…but if you’re spotting for too long, it’s good to get it checked out.

    Sathia ~ Sometimes spotting happens – it’s part of getting menstrual cycles for most women. Women spot for different reasons, and I don’t know why you are spotting. If it doesn’t go away or if you’re worried, I think you should talk to a doctor or gynecologist. Mostly, spotting is normal. But if you’re worried about it, it’s good to get checked by a doctor!

    Libby ~ There may be a connection between your allergic reaction and your shorter period, since stress and hormones and general health affects our menstrual cycles. But, if I was you, I wouldn’t worry about going to a doctor this soon. If my period was still abnormal next month, I might go to the doctor…but I wouldn’t stress about it yet. Don’t forget your birth control pills or whatever form of contraception you use!

    Blessings to all,

  39. Hi all. I started my period 5 days ago and yesterday I had a huge strawberry smoothie. I’ve obviously had an allergic reaction to the strawberries as I have broke out all over in a red, itchy rash. Had no idea I was allergic to strawberries till today. I eat them regularly, but not in huge amounts like in a smoothie. I’ve also completely stopped my period which lasts at least 7 days. Is the reaction to blame? Don’t have insurance and I’m sexually active, have had no need to think I’m pregnant before… just need an opinion if a doc is needed.

  40. hi , i am a virgin my period has stopped two weeks ago and till now i am still getting dark spotting or sometimes little blood … can any one tell me what that is ??? and what should i do ?

  41. Hey,
    My name is Kelsey and I was wondering if you can help me, I’m 15 years old and started my period when I was 11, it was pretty regular from that point on, but the last time that I have had my period was June 11th and so it has skipped 8 weeks, my mom says it’s normal for a girl like me, but then I have been reading about all of these things that recommend that I see a doctor because it’s so late I have not had sex so I’m still a virgin, but why is it doing this cause I’m not gonna go see a doctor what do you think?

  42. Hello.
    (Ive always had irregular periods-Like skipping a month or two or getting them different weeks every month
    ) Okay so back in back in january of this year, i went to the doctor (because i Hadn’t had my period since october of 2010)and being that im not sexually active and the took some tests everything was fine, they then prescribed me some pills to make me have my period. But a week after i went to the doctors (without taking the pills) i had my period (i was actually happy about that) i went back to the doctor and they said “great” and i asked what happens if i dont get my period in 3 months she said to take the pills then 3 months later i got my period again. (without the pills) then in June i started my period on the 1st it lasted 10 days but it was very very light. Then on the 13th it started again but this time it was very heavy. It lasted till the 1st of July, and now its july 12th and i went to the bathroom to notice a tiny bit of light blood. I am overweight, but recently started walking a little bit and i drink a lot of water, occasional pop. I eat healthy though. Does this mean im starting my period again, even though i just had my period for basically a whole month? Hopefully this time its regular 5 days, what do you think?

  43. Dear *,

    I think it’s time to see a doctor or gynecologist! Some women and girls have spotty periods and irregular menstrual cycles, but if you haven’t had your period in a few months…there may be something else going on.

    Many things cause us to have irregular menstrual cycles, such as stress, low body weight, obesity, unbalanced hormones, STDs, or problems with our “female plumbing.”

    My friend, the only way to find out what’s going on with your body is to see a doctor. It’s not possible for me to say over the internet what your body is doing. Can you or your parents make an appointment fairly soon?

    Let me know how it goes…


  44. Hi Badet,

    I don’t know what the cure is, because I don’t know what the problem is. If you have spotty periods or abnormal cycles, you need to talk to a doctor in person. Getting medical advice on the internet could do more harm than good!

    Talk to a doctor, and let me know what he or she says.


  45. Hi,

    My period had been delayed for 1 week already, but my I am experiencing the PMS, and when I have sex with my partner, there’s blood, which apparently is my menstruation which is not yet flowing out. This happens to me almost every month. How can i cure this?

  46. Dear Marilyn,

    Yes, you should definitely consult a doctor! The best way to get medical advice is to get tested in person. Your menstrual cycle may be connected to your weight loss, but it seems like a severe and unexpected consequence of losing 20 pounds (congratulations on the weight loss, by the way 🙂 ).

    Please get a test in person. Your doctor can help you balance your hormones, which will create regular periods.

    Let me know how it goes!


  47. dear laurie,
    Hi!!! i am 24 yrs old and i have been obese since a child. i used to weigh 185 lbs in January 2011 but now i weigh 162 pounds[lost some weight in 5 months]…since march i’ve been having periods for an average of 15 days each month…its stressful…is this because of my weight loss???? if so wat should i do… i dont wanna take any medicines,,,is it ok if I jus allow my body to go through the natural way? is my body gettin ready for changing because of my weight loss or should i consult a doctor??

  48. Dear Confused ~ I have no idea what to say about how your medications are affecting your periods! But, I suspect there is a connection between spotty or irregular periods and prescription medications. The more balanced your hormones are, the more regular your periods will be. I wish I could be more helpful, but your best bet is to get professional medical advice from a doctor who can examine you in person.

    Dear Karen ~ Well, if you got your period after having sex, then you’re probably not pregnant (but it has happened that way for some women). Sore breasts, dizziness, and headaches are also PMS symptoms, and can accompany your period. If you’re scared that you’re pregnant, go get a pregnancy test and give it a pee! Also, stop having unprotected sex! The pull out method is NOT a reliable method of birth control, my friend.


  49. Hello, im Karen. And ive always had a regular period that always last 4 or 5 days. My boyfriend and i for the past month have had unprotected sex each time, using the pull out method. although this month my ” period ” came very weird. I had extremely light spotting for a day. then 3 days later, my ” period ”came, and only lasted 2 days. The next day in the afternoon, a light spotting came. I have been feeling somewhat pregnant. Like having sore breasts, dizziness, having headaches. What can be the cause of this . . please help :/

  50. Well … for starters, I’m 43 years old . Change or not?

    I’ve had my period three times in the past 40 days (always was regular). All three times, it has began scantly for the first few days with purplish spotting/stringy, then became regular after that.

    However, due to numerous medical conditions … could any of these can be the culprits: 100 mg Zoloft, 6 mg Klonopin, 10 mg Doxepin, 5 mg Xyzal, 180 mg Allegra, Atrovent, Pro-air, 2 mg Chantix and 10 to 20 mg of Lorecet (doc switched me to that from Percocet in past month) … all of this PER DAY. Not to mention the *extreme* stress of which I’ve been under as of late (and lack of sleep – 100 mg of Trazodone as needed).

    Taking all of the above into consideration … what is your opinion?

  51. Hi Morgan,

    Usually ovulation discharge is a clear or sort of white color, like an egg white. But if you’re taking iron supplements (make sure you take them with food! it’s easier for your stomach to digest), it may affect your discharge.

    The beauty and the frustration with our menstrual cycles is that they’re so mysterious. That is, what’s normal one month may grow to be abnormal the next. Some months I get cramps and headaches, and other months I’m barely aware I’m getting my period.

    All that to say that episodes of unusual bleeding or spotty — and discoloration — are normal for most women. I wouldn’t worry about it if it happens once in awhile.

    But, if happens again next month, you might want to call your family doc or a nurses phone line. In Canada, most of our provinces have nurses on call 24 hours. We can call for free medical and health advice! If you’re not in Canada, you could do an internet search for HealthLink BC. The nurses can help you figure out if your spotting is normal or not.

    You may also find How to Get a Normal Monthly Period helpful.

    I hope this helps!

    All good things,

  52. So, I’m an irregular-regular, I can never predict the exact days of my period but they are pretty consistent ranging from 22-30 days, so I usually never worry to much about it.
    However, I had my period 10 days ago and now I am bleeding (extremely small amounts, brown colored) again, without cramps.
    I always have extreme back pain during the first couple of days in my regular period and so I know that this is NOT a period. …In fact, this should be the time for my ovulation.
    I have been taking a small iron supplement for a couple of weeks now and was wondering, if maybe this unusual bleeding has to do with that?
    I’m not on the pill and I get enough physical exercise.

    Any thoughts? 🙂

  53. Hello Victoria and Brooke,

    The first thing to remember is that our periods are unpredictable and weird. Unpredictable periods are normal, and so is some discharge, spotting, cramping, and other fun stuff.

    The second thing to remember is that you need to talk to a doctor to get the best medical advice. Do not trust the internet to tell you what’s going on with your body!

    Victoria ~ Sometimes stress, weight gain/loss, food, and lack of sleep can cause our periods to be irregular and unpredictable. Also, unbalanced hormones can wreak havoc with our periods and cause irregular menstrual cycles. I encourage you to see a gynecologist for a physical exam. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Chances are your cycle is just wonky right now – sometimes that happens. But it may be good to get checked out, just to be sure.

    Brooke ~ I know you saw a doctor already. Your body may need time to adjust to the pill. Or, the dose you’re taking may be too low or too high. You might give it a month to regulate itself…if that seems too long to wait, you might get a second opinion from a gynecologist or another family doctor.

    I wrote this article with both of you in mind:

    How to Get a Normal Monthly Period

    I hope this helps!


  54. hi, so I have a question… I have always had irregular periods. I got it when I was in the eighth grade. I’m now 20. I could go months without getting it. Then go a couple months with it then again months without. I haven’t had my period sense January. I’ve been to the doctors & they put me on birthcontrol to help regulate it. I just started it today. I’ve had test done for thiroid & stuff like that, all came back negative. I have been spotting for about two weeks now. Nothing heavy enough to where I have to were a tampon or anything but my doctor told me he doesn’t know & that he’s not gunna worry about it; that was a week ago. I’m worried about it. Two weeks of spotting doesn’t sound normal to me & idk what to do. & sometimes its brown & sometimes its deep red. Just wondering if you could help? I’m not having cramps or anything so ik its not my period? Idk HELP PLEASE! 🙁

  55. Hi I’m 22& I’m a little concerned about my period for the last 3 months my period has been irregular january i had it the18 february came didn’t get it at all march came got it on the 7 april came got it on the 16 may is here and haven’t gotten it n today is the 21 my brest are hurting like I’m going to start n i been havin alot of discharge! I’m just a little bit concerned because they haven’t been around the same time for the past months can u let me knw what can be happening please thank you

  56. Hi Noname,

    Sometimes white discharge is normal – it’s often a sign of ovulation, which means you could get pregnant if you’re sexually active. Ovulation discharge is often like an egg white – it’s totally normal.

    Irregular periods are also normal for many women, especially girls who just started menstruating. Some women always have irregular periods, while others’ menstrual cycles get more regular as they get older.

    I encourage you to talk to a school nurse, your mom, or a free nurses hotline (which most provinces and some states have). I can’t help you over the internet — you need to talk to someone in person, to make sure what you’re experiencing is normal! It sounds normal — but you need to talk to someone in person to be sure.

    Let me know how it goes!


  57. Hi, i’m 13 and i don’t have my period for the 2 months but this march i got my period on the 14th and got another on the last week of march this april i don’t have but i have this white discharge until now… please help

  58. Hi Lady,

    Sometimes our periods are irregular for reasons we wouldn’t think of: stress, hormones, medications, herbal supplements. It’s normal for your period to be early or late – even when you’re usually very regular!

    So, yes, your period could be late because you’re stressed. Some women even skip periods sometimes.

    If you’re getting bad cramps and are concerned, I encourage you to see a doctor or naturopathic physician.


  59. Hi I am 20 years old I’m still a virgin. I have my period last month on 26 and this month I haven’t got it, it’s the 29 already I been getting craps to.. Is it because I been stressing??? Thanks!

  60. Hi Desdemona,

    I don’t know if you can get an infection from that, but I encourage you to see your doctor. Some discharge is normal, especially if you’re ovulating. And some woman have more discharge than others.

    Go see your doctor, or call a health line. Some states and provinces have free phone lines, where you can call and talk to a nurse without having to see a doctor.

    I hope this helps, and that things clear up soon!

    All good things,

  61. Hi
    In February my boyfriend and I fooled around when I was having my period (and wearing my pad) .After that I missed my March period and have not yet gotten my April period and suddenly my vaginal discharge became very regular ,almost daily. which has never happened before.
    Please help cause I’m getting freaked out if I have an infection or something

  62. Hi Allie,

    Try not to freak out — you’re just starting your menstrual cycle, which means that things may be a bit “hit and miss.” Your hormones are all over the place, and that affects how regular your periods are. So, your periods may not be reliable! That’s normal.

    Also, some women ALWAYS have irregular periods no matter what they do. Other women always have regular periods, or spotty periods, or heavy or light periods…there is no “normal” period.

    And you don’t know what your normal periods are like yet, because you just started menstruating!

    So, try to relax. Your period will show up again, and your hormones will sort themselves out.

    If you experience pain or if you still feel scared, please talk to your mom, a counselor at school, or even a doctor. The more information you get and the more you talk about it, the better you may feel.

    I hope this helps!


  63. Hi I’m Allie I’m 12 almost thirteen and I know this is soon but I’m freekin out because I haven’t gotten my 2 nd period and I was supposed to get it almost 2 weeks ago I know it’s stupid but I’m still getting used to it!! So I’m still alittle scared

    Pleas help and sorry for the bother!

  64. Hi Breanna,

    It’s impossible to say what could be causing your abdominal pain and irregular periods without actually testing you! I could pull anything out of the air — because really, it could be anything.

    But that doesn’t mean it’s serious. It could just be normal hormonal changes, or your body adjusting to your new exercise routine.

    Have you gone to a doctor? That’s the absolute best way to figure out the source of spotty periods, irregular menstrual cycles, etc.

    And the sooner you figure out the cause, the less long-term harm to your fertility! So, get thee to a doctor, my friend.


  65. I’m 27 and I have always been irregular. For the past two years I’ve been fairly regular, but this month I’ve only had spotting for about three days and I have no idea why. I have never had this before and it worries me.
    No I’m NOT pregnant, I know this for a fact, I was more worried about a hormonal imbalance or some kind of infection. I don’t want to become infertile. My lower abdominal area hurts a little bit from time to time but I have been doing a lot of sit ups lately so I think it may be that. But I don’t know why my period is so irregular this month. Last month was perfectly normal. What could cause such a sudden unusual change?

  66. Hello Sandy,

    An irregular menstrual cycle isn’t necessarily a sign of infertility, but it can make it more difficult to get pregnant.

    I encourage you to go see a doctor or gynecologist, and get checked out! There are ways to balance your hormones and make your period more regular, but first you need to figure out WHY your periods are irregular. And only a doctor or medical health professional can help you do that.

    Talk to a doctor, and let me know how it goes!


  67. hi,i have been experiencing irregular periods and i am scared.sometimes i don’t have my period for up to six months,sometimes it could be less or more! a few years back it was always regular at least every 8 weeks but for about 3years now it stopped being regular..the last time i saw my period was about 6months ago..what does this mean?is this a sign of infertility?

  68. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hello Nicole,

    Sometimes our menstrual cycles are out of whack because of stress, unbalanced hormones, the tides, or even who we’re living with (women who live together tend to have their periods at about the same time each month).

    I wouldn’t worry about one weird period episode. Our bodies are strange and wonderful, and unpredictable! But if you notice strange occurrences with your period over 2-3 months, then I encourage you to talk to your doctor.

    Your periods will change over the years — they never seem to stay the same!


  69. Hi.

    I’m 25 (turning 26 on Dec. 31st), and a virgin.

    My periods have always been regular, but on Dec. 13th-20th, I had my period (it’s was on time). Then on the 24th, I started bleeding (not heavy though). It was a mix of red/brown blood. I’m not having the symptoms of bloating, cramping, etc. But I did have a headache the day it started…

    As stated before, I’m a virgin and my periods are regular so I’ve never taken birth control pills and this is the first time this has happened.

    Could it be hormonal imbalance?
    Old blood? (I did use a tampon on the first day of my last period and I was laying down the majority of time I had my period, so maybe not all of the flow came out?)
    Or something else?

  70. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Sanju ~ to get help with your irregular periods, you really need to talk to a doctor directly. There could be many reasons for your spotting and brown color, and I can’t guess as to what they might be. Your family physician or even a gynecologist needs to help you weith that.

    Hi Stephanie ~ are there any free clinics for women in your area? Some places offer checkups at no charge, but it depends where you live. I suggest calling your local women’s help line for information on free or low-cost physician visits. Asking for advice online like this can be detrimental for your health, because if you don’t know why your periods have stopped, then you could take someone’s advice here — and it could make the problem worse.

    Seeing a doctor in person really is the most important thing you can do to get your menstrual cycle regular again! And, the old standard health advice always applies: get regular exercise (but don’t exercise excessively), eat a healthy diet, get the sleep your body needs, and deal with stress in healthy ways. And, if you’re taking prescription medication, find out if it affects your hormones (which affects your menstrual cycles!).


  71. I’m 20 years old and I haven’t had my period in several months, I believe the last one was in December. I have always been irregular but for a while it seemed like they were coming regularly. Then 2 weeks ago I started having a brownish discharge and now I’m just spotting a little bit, the thing that concerns me is ever since I started spotting my stomach has been cramping, its in the area above my belly button. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I don’t have the money for a doctor visit and I’m really scared something is wrong with me. Has anyone had a similar experience and some advice?

  72. My periods are regular. but inbetween the periods, exactly on 11th/12th day light spotting starts in brown color and existes for 5 days and then stops… without taking these days in acount, my regular periods fall every 30 days gap in betweeen. why is this happening. please help me.

  73. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Dear Anjali,

    If you haven’t had a period for two months, then you might consider taking a pregancy test! If there’s no way you could be pregnant, then you need to make an appointment with your family doctor. I don’t know why your period hasn’t come, but a doctor can do some tests and blood work, and figure out if you have hormone or other problems….

    I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful — you really need to talk to your doctor. An irregular menstrual cycle or spotty period could be due to prescription medications, stress, hormones, pregnancy….and a doctor will help you figure it out…


  74. i am not getting periods. last time i had on 1 jan 2010 . n it is march now. m little worried . how can i get . help me out please

  75. i have not been getting my period for over five months now , the last time i had it was october 😮 what can i do to help get my period again? does having to eat too many chocolates in one day have to do with anything ? or eatingg a big breakfast then skipping lunch because you are not hungry have to do with not getting my period?

  76. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi J — you’ve answered your own question! If you’re anemic, then you don’t have enough iron in your body to support regular periods. To make your period regular, you need to figure out the cause of the anemia (low body weight? blood loss from another health issue?), and treat that. And, you need to take iron pills or eat iron-rich foods to boost your iron levels. Both these suggestions require a visit to the doctor, I think. Some pharmacies won’t sell iron pills without a doctor’s prescription (depending on where you live). So, get thee to a doctor and get your anemia treated….

    Hi Charm — I think you asked the same question above, as Kelly. I answered you on Feb 18!

    Hi Pat — Well, it’s hard to say if your irregular menstrual cycles are normal or not because I know nothing about your body or lifestyle! Your best bet is to talk to a doctor in person, or even your school nurse. But, I do know that when girls first start getting their periods, their cycles are VERY irregular. Your periods are a few months apart, which is certainly irregular….but not necessarily something to be worried about. If I were you, I’d run it by my doctor or school nurse — or even my mom (because menstrual cycle irregularities can run in families). Don’t panic about it, because it could be totally normal. But, don’t ignore it, either.

    Blessings to all!


  77. I am 14 and i just got my period april 12 2009. after that i got it july 26 and then after that i got it november 10. and i have not gotten it since. is that normal

  78. Hi, I also was late for my period a few days, and have taken the Parsley tea which does work. I am wondering if my period will be regualar next month? I don’t know why my period was late this month, but I did get a blood and urine test and both came back negative. I think maybe the stress of thinking I was pregnant could have made me late, but ever since I found out I wasn’t I have been more relaxed ofcourse not completely because I was waiting for my period. I just want to know if I will be getting my period every month now without forcing it. I drank three cups of Parsley tea, it had 2 teaspoons of Parsley flakes, and I wasn’t taking any medications, and still am not. Can you help me?

  79. I’m almost 19 and my periods have never been regular. I have anemia and sometimes my periods will skip 2-3 months or just be a few weeks late and start up in the first few days of the following month. What could be causing this and what is a safe way to regulating my periods? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  80. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Kelly,

    I agree with you, that worrying about your friends can unbalance your hormones and cause your period to be late or spotty. I don’t know how much of an effect Parsley tea would have — it depends on how much you drank, how strong it was, and what other medications (if any) you’re taking. Herbal remedies can be surprisingly potent, and they can react badly with prescription medications, which is why it’s important to talk to a certified naturopath before taking herbal treatments for anything.

    For many women, an effective way to regulate your periods is to eat foods that are known to balance hormones. Here are a couple articles that offer natural, harmless ways to regulate you period:

    5 Foods That Make Your Menstrual Cycle Regular

    8 Natural Ways to Regulate Your Period

    If you try some of these tips and they don’t work after a month, I encourage you to talk to your doctor in person — or a naturopathic doctor. Every woman is different, with different health issues and lifestyles…and the best thing to do is get information that’s specific to you from a certified health practitioner.

    I hope those articles help, and that your menstrual cycle regulates itself soon!


  81. I have always been regular, Including in December. I was due to start the week of the Haiti earthquake Jan 12th.

    I had all the pms symptoms, but the day of the earthquake I was so frightened because i have friends there, that I was not able to hear from. I worried about them for 2 weeks or so.

    I was 1 week late. so I drank Parsley tea because I heard it can get things started. which is did. but I am wondering if forcing it to start with the tea messed up my cycle because a week and 1/2 ago, i started spotting brown, sometimes red. then back to brown. more than ever in the past. the last couple days it seems like it wants to start but it goes away. then comes back later on.

    Is there anything I can do to regulate this? I am thinking the worry about my friends caused my hormones to go unbalanced. I would like to get things started but I do not want to try and force it this month if it’s the parsley tea that messed things up.

  82. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Marie and Leena,

    Believe it or not, I have the same suggestion for both of you — even though you have the exact opposite problem with your periods!

    It’s not very creative advice, but I can’t give medical information to you….so all I can say is make an appointment with your family doctor or a even a gynecologist.

    Marie, it’s totally normal to skip periods sometimes, but you’ve missed two in a row. That’s not so normal. If you’re not pregnant, then you may be exercising too much?? I don’t know — that’s why you need to talk to a doctor about your period. Or, talk to your mom or a female health teacher — someone you trust.

    Leena, make sure you’re getting lots of iron! If your period is this heavy, you’re probably losing a ton of iron. Eat foods high in iron, and consider taking an iron supplement. And, go see your doctor — something may have gone wrong with the IUD removal.

    I hope you both start getting regular periods soon!

    Best wishes,


  84. Hi, could you help me?

    I’m 13 and got my period 2 years ago. It’s never been regular and some months i skip my period all together. I don’t drink/smoke and i don’t understand why it’s not regular. The last time i got my period was on January 2 and it hasn’t come yet.

    Please help,

  85. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Maddi,

    It sounds like your periods aren’t quite “irregular” yet…those dates are pretty close to being right on! That said, I don’t know if your next period will be on the 23rd — I think many women’s periods jump around a little. Some are exactly spot on (28 days, or 21 days, etc)…but others range a bit more.

    I think you need to go with the flow, as it were 🙂 Your periods sound pretty regular to me, and I don’t think you need to worry if they’re a day or so apart every month. It sure is nice to have them predictable, but they probably won’t be….and it’s best just to accept that you won’t get your period at the same time every month.

    I hope this helps a little….


  86. Hey,
    I kinda need your help!
    Okay so the last three months my period has been a little weird. I’m fourteen so I’d understand why me period wouldn’t be regular yet.
    But in October my period was on the 20th.
    In November it was on the 21st.
    In December it was on the 22nd.
    So it’s January now, will my period be on the 23rd?
    I wa just noticing because I’m seeing a pattern.

    Please help, thank you!

  87. Laurie,

    Thanks for the peace of mind! I keep praying that my period will come, but so far it hasn’t 🙁

    My boyfriend keeps pushing me to take a pregnancy test, so I know that if my period doesn’t come within the next few days it’s inevitable that I will have to take it.
    I don’t want to take it..maybe I’m in denial..eeee I’m really nervous.

    Thanks for the comforting words, and I will keep you updated!


  88. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Dear Anonymous,

    It is very possible that your body is still regulating itself, which is causing a missed period. It’s a big change to be on the pill for a couple of years, and then go off of it. Your body is still adjusting.

    And — get this — my period is over 2 weeks late! I’m not on birth control, and everything else in my life is normal. My point is that sometimes we miss our periods, or they’re late, simply because our bodies aren’t perfect.

    If your period hasn’t arrived in the next couple of weeks, I suggest you take the bull by the horns and get a pregnancy test. If you ARE pregnant, you need to know about it as soon as possible, so you can figure out what to do.

    Let me know what happens, okay? I hope the “crimson tide” comes for you soon!


  89. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Meli,

    Our bodies — and our menstrual cycles — definitely change as we age. Many women have irregular periods in their teens, and more regular ones as they reach their early 20s. Other women, however, always have irregular periods no matter what…and still others are like clockwork from day one!

    However, it’s impossible for me to say why your periods are now irregular. Even if I was a gynecologist with a gazillion years of experience, I wouldn’t be able to give you a diagnosis like that over the internet. To find out what could be going on with your cycle, you need to talk to your doctor in person.

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful, and I hope you’re able to get to the root of your irregular cycles soon!


  90. Hi,

    I got my period when I was 12 years old and have had irregular periods since. I am currently 24 and about two years ago went on Yaz birth control to regulate it.
    I went off the birth control 4 months ago because i saw a commercial on TV that about Yaz that scared me.

    For the past 3 months I got my period exactly like clockwork on the 7th of each month. This month, the 4th month, it is the 19th and I still didn’t get it! I am super nervous and am terrified that I may be pregnant, even though that may be slightly impossible. I know that my periods used to be irregular but I never missed a month despite their irregularity.

    Please tell me that the reason I didn’t get my period yet is because the pill is still in my system! I need peace of mind and refuse to take a pregnancy test.


  91. I am 5’5 and 116 lbs. I think my BMI is normal but my bodyfat is 13 %. I am 35 years old and lately my periods have become irregular. I have 2 kids ages 4 and 8. I haven’t lost weight so could this irregularity be because I am getting older?

  92. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen


    I totally understand about not wanting to go on the birth control pill; I didn’t like being on it either. And, I’m also a married Christian woman! 🙂

    Of course I can’t give you any medical advice, but I do suggest you read my article about regulating your periods naturally (see link in my comment above). Natural herbs like blue or black cohosh may help — and so can acupuncture. You may want to consider consulting a naturopath for remedies for irregular periods…you may be lucky enough to find the right solution quicker than you think.

    I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, and hope the above article gives you some things to try (or at least learn more about!).


  93. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Tracy,

    Yes — I, too, saw the research that indicates that low-fat dairy products can affect fertility levels. Incorporating a little fat into your diet may help regulate your period. I’m not a doctor, so I’m obviously not giving medical advice, but I do know that balanced hormones are good for ovulation and fertility. And, the stuff they do to dairy products to make it low fat may affect the proteins, which in turn affects our hormones.

    Here’s my answer to your question:

    Tips for Eating a Full-Fat Dairy Diet Without Gaining Weight

    You might also find this article helpful:

    8 Natural Ways to Regulate Your Period

    I encourage you to try different things, including talking to your doctor! Other things might be going on, and getting a physical checkup might help you figure out the best way to regulate your menstrual cycle.


  94. I am a 29 year old mother of 3 and was always like clock work. Had my period every 28 days. No questions. If i was a day late.. i KNEW i was pregnant.
    Now the past few years (since our youngest was born) i havent been able to get it regular. the dr has put me on meds to START it, Meds to STOP it, i have gone months without it and i now i have it lasting for about 2 weeks!
    I dont smoke, drink or do anything like that. I was diagnosed around the same time all this started with Fibromyalgia.
    Being a married Christian woman, i REALLY dont want to go back on Birth Control pills. REALLY. but i am getting frustrated with the irregularness of it all. (and i think i am becoming annemic)
    any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    God bless

  95. Hi Laurie,
    I’ve read that low-fat dairy products actually increase infertility risks while full-fat dairy products reduce them. Like Jen, my period has stopped for a few months now mostly because I exercised too much and ate a poor diet early last yr. i have reduced my workouts and eating right now. but my period isnt back yet so i’m wondering if consuming low-fat dairy could be one of the causes. i have a healthy BMI range and my body fat % is in the healthy range as well. could incorporating a little full-fat dairy into my daily diet be help restore my menstruation? if so, how do i do that without gaining weight/fat? thanks in advance.

  96. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Chris,

    No, I don’t think that can make your periods less regular….make sure you use protection, though. You’re too young to get pregnant!

    Also, make sure you’re ready to go further. Sometimes we do things we’re not ready for, and regret it later. It’s better to wait too long than to get physically involved too soon.

    Take care,

  97. Thank you very much and while I’m asking unless I get pregnant is there any reason my periods could be irregular if we go farther such as oral or regular sex?

  98. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Chris,

    I think it’s highly unlikely that your periods could be affected by your boyfriend’s use of his fingers. However, if you had an orgasm, then maybe the changes in your uterus affected your menstrual cycle. Or, your hymen may have changed or been broken, which might affect your periods. A third possibility is that your body is just changing on its own (and it will keep changing on its own!). Perhaps these changes in your period would have happened anyway — and it’s just a coincidence that it coincides with fooling around with your boyfriend.

    But, as I said, I don’t think the simple use of fingers can change your period or cycle.

    If your periods are really different than before, or if they’re painful, then I suggest talking to your doctor.

    All best,

  99. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Catalina,

    I don’t know about Fertile Aid for you, and can’t tell you if you should take it.

    If I were you, I’d try as many natural ways to regulate my period as possible. Not just food, but things like acupuncture, a solid regular sleep schedule, exercises to decrease stress, etc — those all help to regulate our hormones and thus make periods regular.

    And I’d talk to my doctor — or even get a second opinion. Some birth control pills are wonderful in regulating periods, and the amount of estrogen in them can be very low. It just depends on the woman and the cause of the irregular periods. Sometimes, women need to try different types of birth control pills until they find what works for them.

    Good luck, and talk to your doctor! He or she is the best person to give you medical advice.


  100. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen


    I’m glad your BMI is in the healthy range! Try eating those foods that increase estrogen, and think about decreasing the amount of exercise you do.

    Also, consider seeing another doctor for a second opinion. A different doctor may ask different questions, which may help you figure out why you’re not getting your period.


  101. Hi Laurie,
    I’m 16 years old and weigh around 110 and am around 5 2. I have been dating this boy for a while and we started messing around a little. I had never been with someone who used his fingers before but we started engaging in such acts since then my periods have been heavy and later than usual… Could this be because I started messing around, and will it go away?

  102. Hi I was wondering if Fertile aid is actually a good pill to take for women to help fertility? I have not had my period for 4 months and don’t know why. My Dr. put me on Provera which bought my period on for 2 days, but have not had a regular period since. Should I get back on birth control to regulate my cycle? Thanks!

  103. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    PS — Jen, if my comment was sent to your email address and the link was messed up, here’s the link that works:

    What Foods Increase Estrogen?

  104. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Jen,

    Yes, too much exercise can definitely make your period irregular — and even stop it. So can having a too-high or too-low body weight. I’ve also read that teenagers sometimes have irregular periods for the first few years that they’re menstruating; some womens’ periods don’t even out or become regular until they’re in the 20’s.

    Regarding foods that increase estrogen levels — I found a good article on Livestrong. Here’s the link:

    What Foods Increase Estrogen?

    I encourage you to figure out a healthy body weight for your height. You can do an online search for “Body Mass Index” calculator, which will calculate your body mass index.

    I hope this helps, and that your period comes back soon! You may also want to consider talking to a different doctor, for a second opinion on the birth control pills.

    Take care,

  105. I havent had my period in 8 months.. and I have been to the doctors and she said that my estrogen level is too low.. and she suggested me to take birth control.. what is another way for me to regulate my period again? are there foods to increase my estrogen level?

    is it possible that my period has stopped because i am exercising too much?

  106. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Leah,

    I love your name — I’ve always wished my name was Leah 🙂 And, I agree about fertility pills; I don’t like taking them either.

    The irregular periods can make it more difficult to get pregnant, but luckily there are several things you can do to regular your cycle! Here are two links to articles I’ve written about regulating your period:

    8 Natural Ways to Regulate Your Period

    5 Foods That Make Your Menstrual Cycle Regular

    Also, acupuncture is supposed to balance the body’s hormones, which can lead to a more regular cycle. Many acupuncturists specialize in fertility issues — I’d call one just to ask what’s involved, how much it costs, and what the chances are that acupuncture will get your period more regular.

    Finally, when you are trying to get pregnant, I suggest you use an ovulation predictor kit. Those indicator sticks and strips can tell you almost exactly when you’re ovulating, which means that having irregular periods may not be as big a problem as you think.

    How Ovulation Predictor Kits Work

    Good luck — and I’m glad you’re trying to stay more healthy this time around. I bet you’ll be pregnant this summer before you know it!


  107. How can I regulate my periods??

    I have always been very regular and could always count on my periods being exactly 28 days apart. This past year though, they have been all over the place ranging from 24 to 32 days in between each and then with spotting in between for the last three months. My OBGYN did a sonogram and everything looked ok. I have also had a normal pap in the last month. My concern is that I would like to try getting pregnant this coming summer and am worried that my irregular cycles may make that a problem. My OBGYN did say that he would like to see my cycle more of a one to two day difference (27,28/28,29etc.) that what they are now but he did not give me any ideas on how to do that. Since I am wanting to get pregnant soon–birth control pills are not the answer. I had to take fertility pills to get pregnant the first time and do not want to do that again. I hated the way I felt when taking them.

    How can I regulate my periods??

    Since my last pregnancy I have found that I have gluten and milk protein allergies so now I eat a gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine free diet. I take 5,000IU Vit D, a Multi Vit, Calcium and VitC supplements daily. I also work out three to four days a week at the gym. I am not overweight or underweight – I fall in the normal weight range for my height—I am 5ft 6in and 130lb.

    I am trying very hard to be MORE HEALTHY THIS TIME AROUND WHEN TRYING TO GET PREGNANT hoping it will help—-Just worried about the irregular periods.

  108. Dear Crystal,
    What a tumultuous 7 years you have had in your journey of fertility. First and foremost, losing weight when you are significantly over-weight will only increase your fertility, not decrease it. Only women who suffer from anorexia or who are severely under-weight are at risk for diminishing their hormonal reserves.

    It is always best to see patients in person so we can get the whole picture. It sounds as if you are getting bits and pieces of the picture from different physicians. I would recommend seeing a reproductive endocrinologist and an acupuncturist and herbalist that specializes in fertility and get their professional opinion in person.

    Have you ever been tested for poly cystic ovarian syndrome PCOS? A lot of your symptomlogy mimics that pattern and it is often over-looked. Ask your doctor to test you.

    Weight loss is probably a critical component to your fertility success. There are many programs that are viable and some that are detrimental. I consult with patients over the phone throughout the nation for weight loss with considerable success by: modifying diet, altering food choices and adding in nutrients that stimulate weight loss and curb cravings. You want a program that is based on whole foods, not processed foods with food colorings and artificial sweeteners.

    Your concerns are complex and need a multi-dimensional approach to achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy but I have confidence that in time you will be with child again.

    Good luck!
    Kristen Burris, L.Ac., M.S.T.O.M., Dip. Ac.

  109. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Crystal,

    I’ve notified Kristen Burris about your question, and asked her to give us her thoughts. She specializes in infertility, male and female health, and acupuncture, and is better able to speak to irregular periods and weight loss than I could.

    But, I do know that overweight women have a harder time getting pregnant — most doctors advise weight loss to improve chances of pregnancy. I don’t think weight loss would make your periods more irregular. In fact, just the opposite may happen! You may become more regular because your body will be healthier and more balanced if you’re at a healthy weight. I think your weight can also affect your thyroid, which can in turn affect your chances of getting pregnant.

    Let’s see what Kristen says — but give her a few days to respond, as she may be less available because of the holiday season!


  110. Dear Laurie,
    I am turning 29 in January and can feel my biological clock ticking. My husband and I have been trying to concieve for the past 7 years after the birth of our seconds son. We did have a miscariage 3 years ago but have had no progress since. I have had irregular periods since I was 11 when I began menstrating-by age 17 I was missing my period for 6-9 months at a time. I had tests ran and was fine.When I was 21 I began menstrating regularly after loosing 70 pounds and concieved my son. After he was born my menstral cycles became irregular again. At 25 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and two years later I started menstrating again and I concieved my second pregnancy which ended the first trimester in a miscarriage. A few months later I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and put on metformin which is suposed to regulate my menstral cycle but hasn’t. In August my Doctor put me on progesterone to get things moving and it worked. I had a regular cycle of 28 days but it only lasted for 3 months. This month I was late for my period by 2 weeks-had spotting for 1 week-nothing for another-spotting for 1 week and now I am not sure what to try next. I am overweight significantly and am wondering if i should diet. I am concerned that dieting and loosing a good amount of weight might make my periods even more infrequent?

  111. Hi Bonnie,

    Not getting your period for six months goes beyond “just” having irregular periods, I think. That may be amenorrhea — a total absence of menstruation. Irregular periods are when you get your period every month (mostly), but it comes at totally different times and at different flows (heavy one month, light the next). I’m not saying you have amenorrhea…I’m just saying that irregular periods aren’t often about not getting your period at all!

    Yes, I’ve also read that periods do become more regular as we get older. In fact, it’s very common to have irregular periods for the first 2-3 years after getting your period for the first time. As we age, our bodies change and commonly give us more regular cycles.

    Irregular periods in teens and even older women are caused by stress, hormone changes, low body weight (not enough fat!), or extreme physical activity/athleticism.

    I encourage you to talk to your doctor about your periods. It may be embarrassing and awkward — but remember that this is their JOB, just like it’s your teacher’s job to talk about homework and your parent’s job to make sure you’re taken care of. Doctors deal with periods all day long, and won’t think your questions, experience, or body is weird.

    If you can’t talk to your doctor, then talk to a woman in person (an aunt, big sister, mom, or someone you trust). You could also call a healthline — I don’t know if one exists in your area, but many communities have health info lines that are “manned” by nurses who can answer all sorts of questions.

    I hope this helps, and that you’re able to get the info you need from in-person help!

    Take care,

  112. Hi Laurie,

    I am 15 now about to be 16 and i started getting my period at 12 years old. sometimes i get heavy periods when i am on holiday, but these past few months, my period have been very irregular and very light. sometimes it has taken over 6 months for me to get one. will it regulate as i get older? in some cases, i have read that it may only do so in your early 20s.

  113. thanks laurie!! u really help me a lot…
    now i know what to do…^^
    thank you very much…
    i hope u can help loads of people n give them answers n knowledge to know themselves better….may God bless u!!!


  114. Hi Lily,

    Weight definitely affects our menstrual cycle. Both underweight and overweight experience irregular periods — or sometimes no period at all.

    You don’t sound excessively overweight! But, the best way to find out if your weight is affecting your period is to talk to your doctor. Another possibility is to change your eating and exercise habits to lose weight…even a loss of 10 or 15 pounds might affect your hormones and menstrual cycle.

    If you’d like some articles on weight loss, I’d be happy to post the links here! I lost 25 pounds since I got married, because I’m learning my husband’s healthy eating habits. I wrote all about it, and would be happy to share what worked for me 🙂

    Take care,

  115. Hi Amorine,

    I did some research and yes, thyroid medication can affect your period. In fact, thyroid medicine is a common cause of irregular periods and unusual menstrual flow! Talk to your doctor about taking a different type of medication or reducing your dosage…but don’t mess around with your prescription without your doctor’s knowledge.

    Though nobody can say for sure when your periods will be normal and regular, I do think that time changes our menstrual cycles. So, I think your periods could be normal when you’re 19 or 20…but of course nobody can guarantee that for you. I’m afraid to say that some women struggle with irregular periods their whole life.

    I don’t think irregular periods are a sign of infertility — though they can be. The only way to know for sure about infertility is to get tested by a doctor. There’s no point in getting scared or upset about not being able to get pregnant until you know for sure if it’s true! And, you won’t know until you get a fertility test.

    I hope this helps a little — and I hope your periods get regular!


  116. Hi Laurie,
    i read all ur article and i’m really impressed and helped me to have lot of knowledge on it. But my problem is, i am 71 kgs and my height is 5.4inches. Does this affect irregular periods? i am getting my periods at 1.5 or more than 2months sometimes. please advise

  117. Thanks laurie for the information…i really appreciate that…i really dunno what to do…
    i still have question….
    how about the thyroid medicine? is it really can effects my period process??
    and do you mean that my periods can be normal when i’m 19 or 20?
    does it means that i’m infertill if i have irregular period?

    i’m looking forward for the answers…thanks Laurie!

  118. Hi Amorine,

    I have two suggestions for you:

    1) Go to a new doctor. I think it’s a good idea to get a second opinion, especially for something that’s so important! Having a regular period will make you feel healthier and more balance.

    2) Try natural ways of regulating your period. In the “Related Articles” list at the end, there are a couple different articles about natural ways to have regular periods and foods that balance your hormones and regulate your periods. I suggest considering those ideas.

    And finally, remember that periods change as we age. In fact, periods change from month to month! Maybe 18 years old isn’t your magic number…but maybe 19 is, or 20. I don’t know — and I think it’s hard for doctors to predict that as well (though it’s still worth getting a second opinion).

    I hope this helps a little…I hope you’re able to get a second opinion.

    Take care,

  119. hi, i want to know more information about my period….i have irregular period…doctor said that everything will be alrite after i’m 18th and i’m very worried cause i’m 18plus now….i’m still consuming tyroid medicine but only in very very low doses…. i want to be a normal woman just like others…what should i do???

  120. Hi. After I had my baby I got an IUD. With it I had no periods at all. We decided to have another baby so I got it taken out. Ever since then my periods are completely irregular. I had a complete hormone blood work done and there was nothing that was off. Why are my periods so crazy? I am now on the pill to try to help get them regulated but I desperetly want to be pregnant again. Thanks!

  121. I have irregular periods, because they come sometimes more than once a month ( I am 23 years old never married) and well it lasts up to a week, and it doesn’t come on the same date. I have no idea what could be causing this but I have had it normally coming once each month sometimes, then it comes back to being irregular, meaning it comes more often like twice a month. I need more infor please.

  122. Hi! I have a high prolaction level so I do not get my period and the doctor has put me on provera or cabergoline in the past to induce it. I would prefer a more natural way to reduce my prolaction to induce my period. I have an empty sella that causes my prolaction increase in my pituatary. Thanks!

  123. Thanks, Dr Ramirez, for answering these questions!

    Irregular periods can be corrected — it just takes time to figure out what’s causing the irregularity. Talking to your doctor really is the best way — and asking him or her to about what tests might be good to take.


  124. Hi Ana and Solonge,

    I’d like to weigh in first on Ana’s situation. LauriePK is correct in that your doctor needs to investigate things a little to find out the cause. The treatment will then be tailored to the cause. Irregular menstrual cycles are NOT normal and should not be treated symptomatically i.e. just correct the cycles. We can do this with various hormone treatments such as birth control pills, progesterone, and certainly with some “natural” remendies as suggested. However, this does not solve the problem and there could be long term consequences to the abnormal hormonal environment.

    In reponse to Solonge, menstrual cycles have a margin that is considered within normal limints. That is plus or minus 7 days. They can be one week out of range. We still would consider this normal. Certainly if your cycles are highly unpredictable, it can affect your fertility in that it usually means there is some type of hormonal abnormality causing the irregularity. This hormonal abnormality will have an affect on ovulation and implantation of the egg so it needs to be corrected.

    Edward J. Ramirez, M.D., FACOG
    Executive Medical Director
    The Fertility and Gynecology Center
    Monterey Bay IVF Program

  125. My cycle is irregular it can be 21 days, 26, sometimes 27, or even 30..
    Is this a sign of something? how to deal with especially that I’m trying to conceive? Any tests you recommend?

  126. Here’s an article called “How Your Period Affects Your Libido and Mood.”

    And later this week, I’d be happy to write a different one about periods and menstruation, here on Quips & Tips. I’ll post the link here when I do!


  127. Hi Ana,

    Thanks for being here, and motivating me to write another article about regulating your period! Without you, this wouldn’t exist…..

    This article is called 5 Foods That Make Your Menstrual Cycle Regular — it’s amazing how much what you eat affects your period! I didn’t realize how bad white foods and how important omega 3 fatty acids are.

    A couple weeks ago, I started taking an omega 3 fatty acid every day. I’d written an article on brain health for Health magazine, and the docs told me how important omega 3 fatty acids are for your brain….but I had no idea they can affect your period, too!

    Anyway, here’s the article link:

    I hope it helps, Ana.

    Best wishes,

  128. Hey Ms. Laurie, can you please write Part 2 on Things that cause irregular periods and share more ways to regulate our periods for me and other women that need your help? Thanks for the info you share with us.

  129. Ana, the way to treat your irregular periods depends on the cause of your irregular periods! What exactly is driving your hormones to be unbalanced? If your doctor can’t narrow it down more specifically — such as a thyroid problem — then you might want to consider seeing another doctor.

    In the meantime, read my article: 8 Natural Ways to Regulate Your Period

    If you do try any of the natural herbal remedies, I suggest trying one at a time. That is, don’t mix black cohosh with wild yam root.

    I hope this helps a little! Good luck.


  130. I have irregular periods. I used to take pills, but I stopped. It’s been 4 months and I have not had a period. I don’t want to start the pills again. The doctor told me it was my hormones, and they cause me to have acne too. I don’t know what to do. ?