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How Increasing Blood Flow Improves Fertility

blood flow improve fertility

Different methods of improving fertility work for different people. I recently discovered that increasing blood flow is a holistic approach to fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

When I think back to when we were trying to get pregnant, I remember how acupuncture was supposed to open our stagnated liver qi. Our flow was blocked; acupuncture was meant to open the blockages and release the energy.

Acupuncture didn’t work to improve our fertility or get us pregnant, but it works for many couples with unexplained infertility. If you’re having trouble conceiving, read Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy – Natural Treatments. It explains how and why acupuncture works.

And, here are a few insights on how blood flow can improve fertility and help create a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Tips from a Naturopathic Doctor

These tips are from Dr. Ian Wahl, the founder and director of Wahls of Wellness. His website is incredibly comprehensive and easy to navigate – and he’s been successfully helping couples with fertility problems for years.

“I use a holistic approach,” observes Dr. Wahl, “when dealing with issues related to fertility. That works in various ways, including informing patients about how treatments are structured and how they work. It also means providing them with useful tips. One thing that I emphasize is the need for men and women to eat nutritionally balanced meals. The food that we use to fuel our body is extremely important in insuring our internal systems are functioning at peak levels.”

Dr. Wahl says that food and nutrition is essential when you’re trying to get pregnant!

Other tips for improving fertility:

  • Get proper exercise and sleep
  • Maintain your body’s internal systems through natural treatments such as acupuncture
  • Find treatments and activities that help increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure
  • Eat nutritionally balanced meals and healthy snacks

“Overall, patients want to ensure that they create the best environment possible for conception,” says Dr. Wahl. “Once a woman is pregnant, there are various tips that can help increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and baby.”

For more tips on food and getting pregnant, read 5 Best Foods to Increase Fertility for Men and Women.

How Increasing Blood Flow Improves Fertility and Pregnancy

This is interesting – I had no idea that increasing blood flow was so important to fertility and pregnancy!

“Once a woman is pregnant one of the most important and positive things that she can do is to promote blood flow,” says Dr. Wahl. “This is important for many reasons. First, increased blood flow helps to carry much-needed nutrients through the mother’s body to the developing child. When combined with proper nutrition, this creates a steady flow of essential life and health sustaining substances. Also, blood circulation is the primary manner in which the various regions of body get much needed oxygen.”

Increasing blood flow doesn’t just help with a healthy pregnancy, it can improve fertility. Dr. Wahl didn’t directly say this in his statements, but I firmly believe that blood flow is part of healthy conception.

This doctor also says that increased oxygen levels help to ensure good health. Blood also takes away unneeded waste materials, “which means a cleaner and healthier environment for the development of your child.”

Doesn’t it make sense that good blood flow will also contribute to a healthier environment for getting pregnant? If you have any thoughts on improving your fertility, please comment below!

For more tips on improving your fertility, read 6 Supplements to Boost Fertility and Help You Conceive.

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Source of Dr. Wahl’s comments: Wahls of Wellness in Arlington Heights Offers Fertility Health Tips.

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3 thoughts on “How Increasing Blood Flow Improves Fertility”

  1. I too have poor blood flow and low fertility I am trying acupuncture and maya massage healthy eating and restorative yoga but it doesn’t seem to be improving I was considering purchasing an infrared belt ?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Victory. Yes – there are many things that can reduce fertility. The most important thing is to get examined in person by a doctor, to see if there are health issues that are affecting your ability to get pregnant.

    Blood flow and circulation are extremely important things to consider when you’re trying to conceive! Good blood flow is an indication of good health.

  3. I agree with you Ms. Laurie. I also believe that there are also habits that we need to put it behind us to improve fertility like avoiding alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, and stress that has been linked to many sexual problems.