In Vitro Fertilization Process – Increase IVF Success Rates

The in vitro fertilization process is a fertility treatment with no guarantees of getting pregnant, but you can increase IVF success rates! These fertility tips will help couples trying to get pregnant via in vitro fertilization.

We tried IUI (intra-uterine insemination, where the sperm is deposited in the cervix) – but it didn’t take…even after six cycles! Discouraging. So, now we’re moving on to IVF, and below are the tips for in vitro fertilization that I’ve gathered so far.

For more in-depth info on this fertility treatment, read The Couple’s Guide to In Vitro Fertilization: Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Your Chances of Success by Liza Charlesworth.

Here are tips for a successful IVF fertility treatment…

In Vitro Fertilization Process – Increase IVF Success Rates

If you don’t know about IVF, read What is In Vitro Fertilization?

Arm yourself with info, but don’t get alarmed. Our IVF doctor gave us a sheath of info and consent forms, and some of it revolves around the possible hazards of the egg retrieval and implantation surgeries. They list the possible problems (infection, intestinal punctures) and say “this is not to alarm or scare you!” One tip for in vitro fertilization is to get all the info you can…but don’t let it freak you out.

Talk to couples who’ve tried IVF. When you get first-hand experiences, you’ll have more info than you ever wanted! To connect with other couples coping with infertility, ask your fertility specialist if they know of any support groups in nearby hospitals or communities. If you’re brave enough, you can ask your friends and family…and find blogs or websites like Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility. The more you learn about the in vitro fertilization process, the better.

Read fertility books. Current books about IVF, donor sperm, IUI, and natural treatments for infertility are great ways to learn about the procedure. The more you read books about getting pregnant, the more comfortable you’ll feel — which is why these tips for in vitro fertilization are so important.

Read Fertility Plus’ article called IVF Hints. I didn’t agree with the tip, “don’t talk to your partner about his role, as this causes stress” part, but I think it depends on each couple. Everyone copes with infertility differently! If stress leads to performance anxiety, then by all means keep him calm…but if he’s not involved in the sperm donor process, then talk as much as you need to! Do what you think is right, to increase IVF success rates.

Do a mock IVF transfer? This is one of the tips for in vitro fertilization suggested by Fertility Plus, but I don’t think we’ll do it. It may be good in theory, but I suspect it’ll cost more time, money, and energy than I can spare. A mock IVF transfer can give the fertility specialist an idea of the depth of your uterus, so when the real time comes, they’re ready.

Be prepared for anything. I’m prepared for pain, discomfort, mood swings, and the fact that this IVF could lead to pregnancy…or another disappointment. I’m prepared for things I can’t even fathom right now! I’m ready for anything. Some couples like to know their chances of getting pregnant with in vitro fertilization, while others don’t.

Plan something fun for after the embryo transfer! Some fertility specialists say to relax right after the egg and sperm are placed, while other say it’s not scientifically proven that increases the success of in vitro fertilization. My tip for a successful IVF is to rent a few of your favorite or new DVDs, make popcorn, snuggle up with your sweetie, and take a day or two off! Give yourself something enjoyable to look forward to.

Plan something fun for after the pregnancy test. If my in vitro fertilization isn’t successful, I’m getting laser eye surgery. Having 20/20 or better vision isn’t as good as a baby, but at least it’s something to look forward to!

If you’re trying this fertility treatment, read The Pros and Cons of In Vitro Fertilization.

If you have any thoughts on the in vitro fertilization process, or how to increase IVF success rates, I welcome you below…

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