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How to Predict Your Fertile Window and Get Pregnant

Here’s an easy-to-remember way to predict when your “fertile window” is, plus tips for increasing your chances of getting pregnant. Knowing when your fertile window is will naturally increase your pregnancy chances.

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Predict Your Fertile Window

Basically, your fertile window is the most likely time you’ll get pregnant. If you have sex during your fertile window, then your chances of pregnancy increase dramatically. The fertile window is the three days leading up to ovulation, plus the day you actually ovulate.

The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test will tell you when your fertile window is and how to predict the best time to get pregnant. It’s a quick, easy way to know when you’re ovulating. Why is an ovulation predictor kit important to women who are trying to get pregnant? Because everyone’s fertile window is different, and it can be difficult to know exactly when you’re most fertile. A predictor kit’s job is to tell you when your body is ready to conceive a baby.

Is your menstrual cycle regular? Some women have shorter menstrual and ovulatory cycles, and some have longer. The timing of your window of fertility and ovulation depends on the length of your cycle. If your periods aren’t regular, then it’ll be more difficult to predict when your fertile window is. If you get your period every 28 days on average, then the best chance of conceiving is between days 11 and 14. But if your periods are closer together, such as 24 days, then your cycle is shorter. Your fertile window is between days 7 and 10. If your menstrual and ovulation cycle is longer – such as 35 days between periods – then your chances of pregnancy are increased between days 18 and 21.

Predicting your fertile window can get complicated, which is why fertility doctors recommend an ovulation predictor kit.

His Sperm and Your Fertile Window

I recently found some interesting information about how a man’s sperm affects a woman’s chances of pregnancy – and how “open” her fertile window is. Be prepared, though…it’s not exactly good news.

Male infertility is increasing. “Over the years, we have observed that the male fertility problems which were way less compared to female fertility issues are becoming equal with the female fertility issues,” says Dr Vasan S.S., of Manipal Ankur Andrology and Reproductive Services. “Now, the current ratio of infertility is exactly the opposite, indicating structural alterations happening inside the testes.”

According to this fertility doctor, the number of unhealthy or defective sperms in men is increasing. This leads to miscarriages and unhealthy babies. Dr Vasan says men are producing the same amount of sperm as they were before, but the quality isn’t as good. If you don’t know how healthy your partner’s sperm is, read Male Fertility Tests You Can Do at Home.

How to Predict Your Fertile Window

SpermCheck for Men

An easy way to test sperm at home is wtih the SpermCheck for Male Fertility.

Common sperm problems are low sperm count, morphology abnormalities and low motility of sperm. Sperm production can be a problem, leading to decrease in the count or motility. Very rarely, the shape of sperm can also be the reason for problems getting and staying pregnant. So, whether or not you know what your fertile window is, you may not get pregnant if your partner’s sperm is unhealthy or damaged.

How to make his sperm ready for your fertile window. Just as important as knowing how to predict your fertile window is making sure your partner’s sperm is healthy and happy. The fertility doctor in the article I read about increasing fertility rates said the current lifestyle is making men develop diabetes and hypertension, which lead to infertility.

Prescription medications for controlling blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction, leading to infertility or problems getting pregnant. Psychological stress because of work or other problems can decrease how often you have sex, and also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

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“How to Predict Your Fertile Window” image via Pixabay, CC License

If you want to get pregnant, you need to know how to predict your fertile window. But, you also need to make sure you and your partner are emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy!

My prayer for couples who want to get pregnant is that they know when their fertility window is. May their ovulation and eggs be smooth and easy, their sperm healthy, the fertilization of the egg flawless, and the pregnancy perfect. May the childbirth be light, and the family complete.

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I welcome your thoughts on how to predict your fertile window below. I can’t offer health or medical advice, but sometimes it helps just to write down your experiences.

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